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  1. As stupid as I think veganism is. If someone is a vegan you shouldn't be able to false advertise to them. The burger was definitely marketed to vegans then cooked then in hamburger greese like oh well. It's horrible.
  2. In a nation where we are trying to be more organic. The impossible whopper arrived made entirely of processed material.
  3. Rise of the skywalker kinda ruined Anikans story though. The chosen one, goes evil, then brings. Balance to the force by destroying the sith. Except he didnt he didnt destroy the sith, he didnt bring balance to the force. Return of the jedi was Vader not luke.
  4. Just watched first episode. So far so good
  5. Might have something to do with the current nonstop Trump content and nonstop hostile behavior of some indivuals.
  6. What does this even mean? Anywhere public is everyone's right to be.
  7. The idea this is anti semantic is total nonsense. This is anti socialism and anti globalism. Nont sure hown you think that's anti semitic unless you think all jewish people are globalist socialist. Simply pointing out individuals like George Soros as the monsters they are isnt anti semitic. This video is spot on. Spot on 100% Socialism has been integrated into our society by americas enemies targeting the youth first until they have raised a generation or 2 of communist lite indivuals trained to hate America, her values, her constitutional rights, and everything it's ever stood for so that they can destroy it from within and make it into another failed socialist state of the world. A socialist has no business ever being elected to any office because they do not work to uphold the constitution only to distort it, desparage it, and ultimately destroy it
  8. Im not a Republican. Im a conservative on alot of issues but would be considered liberal on others.
  9. I think it will either be 1. Sanders/Warren combo 2. Gabbard/Surprise combi Or a guaranteed Trump reelection
  10. Gabbard can easily flip some center leaning trump voters from 2016 Warren and Sanders are going to need big democratic turnout
  11. If we want to be even more honest Sanders- should be Warren- likely will be Gabbard- Dark horse. Imo best option.
  12. Debate 3 needs to be Sanders Warren Booker Gabbard Yang Biden Is so meh. Harris has hit her ceiling and will fall from here Castro not impressed The others are running for pride or who knows what at this point.
  13. I moved outside city limits so I don't have to deal with neighbors or hoas. My closest neighbor is 2 acres away lol.
  14. He fell so far down the ladder for this he'll be working in the trump cabinet soon
  15. Star wars logic. If you don't actually see them die they aren't actually dead.
  16. I'm not sure why anyone would want too. It's about as thankless of job as there is and we have plenty of crazy people to make it harder lol.
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