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  1. No one was arguing about his political spectrum. Who cares what his politics are? Yall labeled this libertarian idealogy. That's bananas.
  2. I'm out of here this board just got crazy creepy. No wonder joe Biden gonna be yall candidate.
  3. Libertarianism= pedophilia Wowwwwwwwwwww that's as insane as anything as I've heard from any if you. You can get mad all you want too bro. But that's crazy,
  4. @Jpowors ^^ I rest my case
  5. Theres not a both sides make great points here.
  6. Either you didnt read the article and assumed it was trans article or you read it and said yeah totally normal stuff happening here making college students argue for pedophilia.
  7. You literally said nope this is just normal libertarianism. Bro the article is about a university of texas professor making his students write papers on lowering the age of consent and learning from ancient cultures like the Greeks that a relationship between an adult ie a 40 year old man and a child ie a 13 year old girl can be healthy in the right situations. You defended that as libertarianism. Congratulations.
  8. Yeah was this about gay or trans rights or was this about Pedophiles? I mean wow bruh. You just defended pedophiles. That's crazy.
  9. Nothing these guys above were just defending pedophilia as normal libertarianism. Not sure what else can be said on a board full of Epsteins.
  10. Link to where I mentioned the left? I'll wait
  11. I fully expected pushback.... however I did not forsee yall all being on Jeffrey Epstein defenders. Goodness.
  12. Who said anything about gay= pedophile?? Dude made his class write a paper on whyb40 year old dudes should be able to sleep with 14 year old girls and boys. Bruh what?
  13. Opening the doors to sexual deviance and mental illness needs no political side. Its simply normalizing this nonsense.