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  1. She gets better and better
  2. She would destroy trump. It's probably going to be gabbard or trump victory
  3. To this conservative voter who would vote for her over trump.
  4. Among dems under 40 Bernie Among dems over 40 Biden Most electable among dems Warren Most electable in a general Gabbard
  5. You should not worry about who is electable among dems and think who is electable in the general.
  6. Beto is a major disappointment candidate. His cheap points at the debate destroyed his chances at the nomination. Booker is meh. Not exciting Harris has a history problem. As in her her history sleeping her way up and imprisoning innocent people and laughing about it. Buttigieg is not even relevant in discussion.
  7. Yang's a single issue candidate. Universal basic income. Anyone not on that list is irrelevant.
  8. The Best dem candidate and only one who can pull military and moderate conservatives away from Trump.
  9. Just cut the dem field down already Biden Warren Sanders Gabbard
  10. You think Trumbo started executive orders?
  11. To be honest I don't pay attention to the lower courts so I can't argue one way or the other.
  12. That's the catchphrase to every group lol
  13. Blocking the nomination of 1 justice that had already been set as a precedent but I agree was stupid. Is not the same as adding a bunch of liberal justices because you're a 5 year old who lost his toy