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  1. He still dont realize it's been their tactic since his election hoping there was something actually impeachable and its gone to far to just say ok there wasnt. Now they just have to keep repeating it until something does happen and even then they have to have enough tangible evidence to pull the trigger because the loss of an impeachment at this point would be so crippling to 2020 dems might lose the house.
  2. So it's an eternal boogy man and no matter what is always an immediate threat even when it's actually statistically not even in the top 90% of issues you'll ever actually face in life as a threat.
  3. Dunno most states dont keep a record for us to be able to know
  4. Oh look bigotry at its best I'm white therefore I must have said black person.
  5. See how you failed to use it correctly again. It's almost like you are illiterate or willfully stupid
  6. As terrible as mass shootings are, On a numeric scale those incidents dont even rate in 1% compared to other crime numbers. You are more likely to be killed by an angry relative with a hammer than be involved in a mass shooting by a white supremacist.
  7. Know a lot of white supremacists? Lol
  8. To the average American of any color white supremacy is nothing on an actual threat scale. You're more likely to be mugged, robbed or killed than ever actually meeting a white supremacist in person.
  9. I don't think shes denying its existence. Shes saying in the grand scheme of things white supremacist are not a big threat in 2019. In fact their numbers are marginal compared to any other time in American history.
  10. And again you are saying things im not and attributing them to me
  11. Mine are unfortunately 100% on the trump train.
  12. And just like that you made an argument I didnt make and attributed it to me. I think theres a term for that. Im just disgusted thst every time a black conservative speaks they must be uncle Tom's, uncle ruckus, etc.. it just can't be they believe what they are saying and have conservative principles. Nope they are sellouts. Its sickening.
  13. Auntie ruckus? For real? This is the kinda drivel I fully expect from liberals. Anyone black who isnt liberal is an Uncle Tom or uncle Ruckus or now auntie ruckus. Go on tell us more about your hate for black conservatives.
  14. Ok, because neither of us hold your only 2 pattern lol