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  1. I just reviewed the practice footage of Mcgregor. He had better hope that was for show to throw may weather off. His footwork was terrible His balance was off His defensive position is terrible His stance is too wide He is fighting like Rocky, charging in with his head exposed. He's not keeping his gloves up He looked uncomfortable changing stances and when he did he went off balance His punches didn't have snaps, His poor defensive position leaves his body exposed. For me, someone learning the basics of boxing shouldn't have these bad habits already.
  2. Did you just bring up an irrelevant past conversation for no reason @Billy Ocean can you help me out?
  3. Calvinist like Lol Calvinism makes my head spin from the hoops it has to try and jump through to make it self appear true and the disingenuous picture of Jesus that it paints, However, I understand Genesis to be a historical account, but I don't believe the Genealogies to be a complete set, nor do they need to be for their purpose is to reveal Jesus' legal lineage as member of the tribe of Judah, Descendant of David, and ancestor of Abraham. 14 generations divided perfectly was to represent the lineage, not to give Jesus's full family history from Adam-Jesus, which is where Ussher and a those who want to fight the 6000 year battle die on that hill for no reason. the entire battle is a silly fight to be had. You will never know the exact age of a maturely created earth, with maturely created plants, with maturely created people and that confounds those who see science as their end all be all idol. But on the same token we also do not have evidence of the 6000 year magic number that Ussher made up. The reason is because it is wholly irrelevant to the purpose and message of the Bible.
  4. Evangelical Atheism at its best. Darwin 28:20 Go into all the world and attack the faith of all religious believers, teaching them to be darwinist in all things whatsoever your godless heathen teacher has told you. And Lo be a disrespectful prick always.
  5. Theres some crazy disrespect for Christians going on in here..seriously wow. Y'all should be ashamed.
  6. Probably a lot of guys, but again..... Mayweather has never fought anyone truly dangerous at their prime. May weather is Mason Dixon from Rocky Balboa. May weather has the advantage based purely off of experience and expertise in the field. But every fighter knows a big hitter is dangerous because he doesn't have to cut you thousand times to end the fight, he only needs to hit you once just right. McGregor will not be as technically solid as Mayweather... ever. But Mayweather is now 40 and McGregor is only 28. McGregor's threat is his punching power. The danger of big hitters is not that they are Technically skilled in the sweet science. its that 1 punch can change the whole fight or even end the fight if not protected against, regardless of who you are. Tyson is the perfect example. Tyson did not have to come dance around the ring with you in his prime. He just needed to hit you once or twice on the temple. After that those legs turn to jelly and you don't know if you are in Las Vegas or NY. Go watch several of Tyson's early fights. A person could dance around him for 4 rounds and he patiently waited. Every hit counted and shook the the awareness and consciousness out of his opponents. McGregor isn't going to try and land the most hits to go to decision. If he is smart is going to try and knock him out with every hit.
  7. http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/06/15/email-republican-claudia-tenney-one-down-216-go-after-scalise-shooting GOP Rep. Gets Chilling Email After Scalise Shooting: 'One Down, 216 to Go' A freshman House lawmaker received a chilling email following the Wednesday morning attack on Republican members of Congress. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) received an email stating "one down, 216 to go..." after House Majority Steve Scalise (R-LA) was critically wounded.
  8. Here is my two cents. · The Gloves are going to be an adjustment for McGregor. While that may seem trivial, in fights of this magnitude and ability of the fighters. The thickness and weight of the gloves matter tremendously if you’ve never used them. · The Stance is going to be an adjustment for McGregor, different footwork, body movements, and many more rounds than he is accustomed too. Hitting Power: McGregor Speed: Mayweather Age: McGregor Stamina: Mayweather Chin: McGregor Footwork: Mayweather Reach: McGregor Weight: Wash Height: Wash Experience: Mayweather Conclusion: This fight should be better and closer than people think. Keys to a Connor Victory: Connor is going to have to come into the ring and be patient and decisive. He is going to have to be landing those big shots accurately, often, and early without getting drawn into traps by the experienced veteran. He is going to have to be prepared to go the distance from a stamina standpoint if he can’t connect early. If he can land a few big shots early and rattle Mayweather and avoid the traps. This will be a good night for McGregor. Keys to a Floyd Victory: Stay away from those heavy blows. He needs to utilize his speed and agility and run the gas out of his younger, stronger, inexperienced opponent. Mayweather has a successful history of gassing opponents with his lightning in and out style. If he can keep McGregor off balance and avoid taking those big shots early it will be a good night for Floyd Mayweather
  9. this poor guy is super triggered. I can only image that he is crying in his tin foil hat while eating ice cream, and yelling at the monitor that he is ignoring me cause I am apparently a russian drone, designed to assault him on the internet.
  10. oh man how awesome would it be to not get Hilary, and at the same time Trump get impeached so we don't have to suffer through 4 years of either of the dolts.
  11. this poor fellow over here like.
  12. I really couldn't care less about Breitbart. You really suck at this discussion thing. if everything you say is going to be BUT RUSSIA then you are just going to sound like whatever bad disease you contracted that is now effecting your brain.