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  1. Really? So Pittsburgh, Dallas, Miami, Oakland, Frisco, Denver all these teams won the SB because they were throwing the ball and not because they could run the ball? Listen, you've got to be able to do both but you're ability to throw typically feeds off of your ability to run the ball and keep defenses off balance. All the SB teams that I recall with maybe a few exceptions won because they could run the ball and control the clock keeping the other teams offense off the field and keeping their defense on the field.
  2. Granted Mularkey is a ground and pound OC. That's his philosophy, Norv Turner is a wide open QB oriented OC just ask Aikmen. He sucks as a head coach. Is he better than Mularkey? Probably not really arguing that but their offense is a lot of shock and awe and it's pretty and flashy and exciting. So was Glanviles Run and Shoot. Didn't do to well when the games counted though (Playoffs). You win by running the ball and stopping the run. Period. It's cliche and it's old school but it's still true. Mularkey knows this and our offense is dependent on play action. Jenkins isn't an excuse, it's reality and his play has shown it. Having said that, if they can resign him for less I say do it because he's a heck of a blocker.
  3. I'm not arguing that we need to get someone to replace him. I think we need to get someone in here to be the heir apparent and I thought it was Snelling. We'll see and I agree they will not go to Quizz as a solution atleast not now and I see him as more of a third down back and special purpose back anyway.
  4. I saw good riddance to Anderson. Nice guy but a complete bust as a player. Last of the old regime.
  5. There's a few names out there not sure if I'd take any of them over Snelling.
  6. Once again Vince Youngs stoopidity shows. They will be hearing that all season for good and bad. It's hard to argue that the Eagles haven't done everything they could to try and win a superbowl. They certainly do look frigtening on paper however, Vicks still got to complete passes and they've still got to play the games. We'll see how it shakes out.
  7. Well I'm not going to toss Turner under the bus just yet. I do wonder about him sometimes especially in year two when he came in out of shape and over weight. He did have off season groin surgery so perhaps that was part of his problem with the burst that we saw in year one that suddenly disappeared? Let's hope he can come back full force because we've invested in him and I think it's clear that he is who the Falcons are going to place the load on. I hope we can get Snelling back too. Let's hope that things don't work out with the Giants.
  8. Well I'm not sure I agree with that. I think Turner can be a work horse back. I think our biggest problem last year was our inability to stretch defenses and therefore they were able to load the box up. So I think we saw production drop off in the running game. I think it will be different now. Having said that I love Snelling but it seems he may be a Giant this season.
  9. Snelling is meeting with the Giants now as we speak. He flew up last night.
  10. Well you sort of need someone to throw to on first down. Someone other than Roddy I mean. We lacked weapons on offense. Yes, we had Roddy and Gonzo but we were seriously lacking outside of those two. Jenkins never was a number 2 he's always been a possesion receiver at best and HD83 clearly wasn't ready to come back at full strength. Turner showed that he's strictly a running back and cannot catch the ball out of the back field. I think we've at least addressed one of those problems with Julio, now he might not make a huge impact this season as a rookie but I think he will long term. Need to address the backfield. Turner is a steam roller but he needs someone to help.
  11. Yeah most likely we'll see both a lot this season. I don't see us going out and signing a FA O-lineman.
  12. Harvey's gone, saw that coming. I figured they'd resign Blalock and that Dahl would be gone now who do you think will fill in for him? Will it be Garrett Reynolds or Mike Johnson?
  13. I'm not sure HD83 is forgotten either. I mean he came on made a pretty big splash and then got hurt. Not much you can do about that. I like HD83 and I hope he can come in and return to that glimpse that we saw of him. I don't hold last season against him because he was coming off of a major injury. If he can come back this season and play well I think you're right we could have a very potent offense indeed however, it all begins with the running game for the Falcons and it ends there too. If we don't re-sign Snelling or get someone in here to help Turner it won't matter if HD83 is on the field or not. Our offense runs off of play action. Concerning Edwards: I think it will be the other way around. Abe will likely command all the attention which could leave Edwards 1 on 1 with the RT and he could put up some numbers. Abe will get his too.
  14. So long Norwood. Good luck wherever you end up. I like this pick. Not too familiar with this kid but he seems like he'll potentially be a good complement to Turner and Snelling.
  15. I agree we will not be changing. Even without Kroy, Sidbury and Abe, Anderson is only about 285-290, Jerry is in the 290's, Babs is around 285, Peters is probably one of the larger linemen at 305-310. We just don't have the bulk in my opinion we're really too light for 4-3. I think that's why teams like the Patriots have been able to just man handle our d-line in the past. Clearly Smitty and Gorder go for the slimmer, more athletic and speedier defensive linemen.
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