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  1. Any word on Eric Saubert??? Haven’t heard a thing.
  2. I understand ur guys concerns but I think a lot of what he was asked to do this year wasn't really what he would do here. In 2015 he was asked to penatrate more and get upfield so u really see that great first step more in his 2015 tape. In 2016 under a new coaching staff they really had him freeing up other guys and I think that's something that evaluators and our FO is very aware of. And I mean we aren't picking in the top 10, every player is going to have things he needs to me more consistent with where u are picking where we are. I have 100% faith that DQ would bring out the best in him like he did with D Bo and Keanu and even Poole last year.
  3. I actually saw a live mock today on espn where McShay and another guy commented that 17 was too high for the analysts who picked Harris and He could of traded back to the "20's" and got Harris and picks. So maybe he they know something we don't. Here's the espn live draft from earlier today.
  4. I've been a fan of Charles Harris for a little bit only bc I felt he was a "DQ" player to a T. Super confident, hard working guy along with his physical attributes "on tape". I think ppl get too caught up in the numbers but the kid would be nice across from Beasley. Charles Harris is a supremely confident guy who believes in his abilities and I love tht about the player. From the video it seems like he didn't really go through the "Combine specific training" that a majority of the players go through. He might of got a dose of reality at the combine about how much training players do specifically for those drills. By listening to this video it sounds like Shane ray and Markus Golden might of gave him some tips for his pro day. The explosive guy I see on tape was more on par with his pro day workout. Anyways here's the video In this next video Skip ahead to 0:45. I can't help but think about how much DQ is prob loving how intense Harris is for his pro day yelling "That's Me." He looks explosive and has some good hands and is very fluid in LB drills, that kind of surprised me a little bit. would u guys really be THAT upset if DQ has identified him as the perfect fit for the Brootherhood? Idk seems like he would fit right in in the ATL.
  5. If we go FS I think justin Evans is the pick. Checks all of DQs boxes.
  6. Let's be honest guys our defense is not 1 or 2 players away from, anything. The numbers speak for themselves, our front 7 yes SEVEN was Wildy unproductive last year. I'm going to keep it short but I think we need 2 edge rushers 2 LBs a TE and a FS. 6 players. With ~33 million I think we can realistically sign 1. Derrick Morgan (DE) 2. Brian Orakpo(DE) if it's not pricey, Jason worlids (DE) 3. Arthur moats (OLB) 4. Malcolm Smith (OLB) 5. Bruce carter (MLB) 6. Jordan Cameron (TE) 7. Ron Parker (FS) Idk about you guys but I would be just fine with this in DAN Quinn's system All young players with possibly their best football ahead of them. 48 hours until FA starts and the boards R freaking out bc their aren't more RUMORS out involving us. Be patient guys!!!
  7. I don't find that odd. A LOT of teams work out higher ranked prospects to get a better feel for the lower round prospects, makes it a littler easier to identify a "gem" in later rounds if you work out a 4-7th round WR then work out some 1-3 round WR to compare.
  8. If we double dip at TE I would love Grimble in the 6th/7th