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  1. Any word on Eric Saubert??? Haven’t heard a thing.
  2. I understand ur guys concerns but I think a lot of what he was asked to do this year wasn't really what he would do here. In 2015 he was asked to penatrate more and get upfield so u really see that great first step more in his 2015 tape. In 2016 under a new coaching staff they really had him freeing up other guys and I think that's something that evaluators and our FO is very aware of. And I mean we aren't picking in the top 10, every player is going to have things he needs to me more consistent with where u are picking where we are. I have 100% faith that DQ would bring out the be
  3. I actually saw a live mock today on espn where McShay and another guy commented that 17 was too high for the analysts who picked Harris and He could of traded back to the "20's" and got Harris and picks. So maybe he they know something we don't. Here's the espn live draft from earlier today. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2017/story/_/id/19241424/2017-nfl-nation-mock-draft-cleveland-browns-get-myles-garrett-texas-aggies-mitchell-trubisky-north-carolina-tar-heels
  4. I've been a fan of Charles Harris for a little bit only bc I felt he was a "DQ" player to a T. Super confident, hard working guy along with his physical attributes "on tape". I think ppl get too caught up in the numbers but the kid would be nice across from Beasley. Charles Harris is a supremely confident guy who believes in his abilities and I love tht about the player. From the video it seems like he didn't really go through the "Combine specific training" that a majority of the players go through. He might of got a dose of reality at the combine about how much training players do speci
  5. If we go FS I think justin Evans is the pick. Checks all of DQs boxes.
  6. I think no news of him having another meeting with another team or leaving ATL is good news? We found out around noon that DQ called him and that he was going to be heading to ATL before this time yesterday. So I would think no news is good news.
  7. Well you already know now they are going to send some extra people at Mack and see how he is, if he's fine (which I think he will be come Sunday) advantage FALCONS freeing up more ONE ON ONES for our playmakers . Check mate DQ wins lol.
  8. Well mike mcdaniel currently is an offense assistant which is another word for offensive quality control. so his job is to look ahead and scout defenses, prepare the cut ups for teams we will be going against and pretty much start the game planning for our opponents a week early. With that said I'm sure hes more responsible for finding teams weeknesses then u think. I couldn't think of a more qualified person to become our OC if we want to keep the same system. He helped design our playbook a while ago, I think he might come in and surprise some ppl next year who are expecting our o
  9. Rehab team usually means that ur not playing but getting ready for the next few weeks. Usually banged up players who are going to play get limited practices in And I think there is a good chance Adams sits, rewatched the game and he did come back in but could barely put any weight on it, I'm sure it swelled up pretty bad.
  10. Yea I don't see how he would go from this offense and team to Jed York and the 49ers. 9ers are at least 2 years away from even being competitive.
  11. Looking like Broncos HC job is officially filled. Rams and bills as well. Chances he takes 49ers job?
  12. Annnnnd that's why we drafted hooper. Put the gun down.
  13. This guy is very fundamentally sound. Moves very well. He just needs to get used to the speed of the game but I think he can push to start over Chester. I bet come week 4 he's getting snaps.
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