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  1. waddup trying to get rid of me i'm not going anywhere
  2. What's up with all this akeem dent love, maybe because he is uga player or because he is a good st player and that's why he can take c.lofton. I just don't get the logic on these boards sometimes.
  3. We had 2 blowout games this year the other six were pretty exciting but ay it's your money you do whatever you want
  4. Yes I am and the games weren't exciting wtf who cares if the games are exciting as long as the falcons are winning I'm good
  5. Arizona cardinals lost in the superbowl so you just geta trip to the Superbowl
  6. So you telling me we have a 10% of him being right. That works for me
  7. wow really i can go to the aints forum and find a lot of threads of the aints going all the way
  8. but green bay has JIM BROWN in the backfield did you account for that :P
  9. 4 years season ticket holder is that good enough thank you
  10. i think that's the best time we can get

  12. i agree bad play calling try play action on the one yard line you have gonzalez
  13. i said it and i dont care what everybody thinks we still going to the big game watch
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