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  1. Why are you even here then? Just come back in a few years. I wouldn't even watch or care about the falcons if I thought the upcoming few seasons were gonna be completely pointless
  2. Yes it's the AFC division that we played 2 years ago to so teams in opposing conferences don't play each other twice in a row. So in 2022, we'll play against the AFC West same seeded team. Money purposes. Having byes at different team increases viewership since most of us are football fans and will watch a game on sunday even if the falcons aren't playing that week. They lose that little extra bit of viewership if all the teams have a bye at the same time,
  3. I'm a trade down guy and i feel great actually lmao
  4. Quinn doesn't really count. How is a demotion a representation of our defense?
  5. Wish I could've been a fan for this game. I was still a kid who only watched the game when I was around my dad or grandpa. But the chicago game that year blew my mind. I knew the basic rules of football and when I saw 12 secs left and you're losing, I thought no absolute way the falcons could score, I truly didn't think it was possible. Absolutely rocked me that they were able to win that game and turned me into a lifelong fan sadly
  6. At this point, after doing my research into candidates, if it's not him or smith I'd pretty disappointed. And in the fact that he might bring over their o-line coach as oc and it's a steal. That o-line is playing f'ing lights out this year. AND this dude called all the plays in the red zone? Everyone knows the packers broke the record for red zone td percentage this year right??
  7. There is literally (not an exaggeration) one coach that should be left on this team. Every single coach we have is severely underperforming and/or tainted by Quinn's dumb***. Please to god can we just start over
  8. Wins should be the ultimate equal ground? Did they play in a different era but they competitors play in the current era? No? Wins are about how good you were against your competition at the time right?
  9. Feel bad for the dudes convinced we'll pick a qb in the first pick. I give that about 5% chance of happening. The new GM and Head coach will be trying to prove they can win. Drafting someone with a top 5 pick who will ride the bench is not how you go about doing that
  10. All I want in a new head coach. THIS IS ALL I WANT. Is halftime adjustments. That's it. Something we haven't had in a very very very long time. Doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't adjust to the other team, you will lose 9/10
  11. Yeah this game is over. Can't believe some people think Morris even deserves an interview. He's not better than Quinn in any way
  12. My first question to a new head coach and DC would be, what's your plan on 3rd on long. If they mention anything about dropping back 8 guys, I immediately behead them and keep looking.
  13. lmao man.... aj terrell looks about as lost as I've ever seen a cb look. What the **** is happening to him lmao. I was never high on him and haven't been but people kept saying he's been looking great. This is great? This ain't even bad. This is past bad. This is awful
  14. Quinn and Koetter are just two sides of the same ****ty coin. One on defense, one on offense. Uninspired, stupid, repetitive, refusing to change, refusing to adjust.
  15. I mostly held my tongue since he was "winning". But some people just can't fathom that beating losing teams just makes you the best loser. Time for Koetter to earn his paycheck by being less creative than a 10 year old with madden
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHHAH. Just to remind most of you, you all had SERIOUS discussions on whether or not to keep morris as head coach. HAHAHHA oh god I can't imagine being that stupid.
  17. Hahahaha. Yall really want to keep the fool *** coaches who still are putting de's on wr's. SMH
  18. How bout if you know your screen plays don't work, stop running them.
  19. He didn't. You saw that idiotic screen play on 2nd down right? Koetter has to run at least one screen play that doesn't work every 3 plays. So we usually only have 2 plays to get a first down.
  20. Another thing I'm hoping for. 2 of 3 games for hill is against us. Hoping we can make him look great (we are) so the saints feel comfortable rolling with him. He's dog doo doo
  21. This game is gonna suck to get blown out by the saints again but at least it will shut up people who want morris back. Hopefully. Beating ****ty teams with our talent is not an accomplishment
  22. Dan Quinn was really bad and a bottom 3 head coach in the league. I am glad he was fired and he deserved it for sure. That said, Koetter makes him look like a football god. This dude's offense looks like it was built by someone who has no idea what football is or just doesn't care. He has no idea what the strengths and weaknesses of his own team is. He's an absolute baffoon and I cannot understand how keeping him on the team is anything but a negative
  23. No one can ever be considered exposed when our OC is the absolute worst in the league by far. I would've trust this dude with 2016 cowboys o-line, tom brady, julio, jerry rice and calvin johnson. I'd name a rb but we all know that wouldn't matter.
  24. It's extremely simple. NEVER pay top money for rb's and wr's. People have come around on the rb train lately but I think it will be awhile before the majority realize wr's are not much better in terms of cost benefit. Think about how much better this team would be if we used all of Julio's money on defensive players or o-line (Assume we have a competent coach because I know right now it wouldn't matter one bit if we had the steelers talent). This team proves time and time again we DONT need high profile wr's. Every time injuries happen, young guys come in and prove their worth. No, they are not Julio. But the money we are paying him are not worth what we're getting back.
  25. Glad to know we invested so much into O-line. Definitely paying off. Ryan is getting almost a whole second out there
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