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  1. I had tickets to this game already bought. But I have better things to do than waste my whole sunday just to go watch a bunch of losers
  2. You said you'd be surprised if we got higher than a 3rd for him. Implying a 3rd,4th,5th round pick would not be surprising.
  3. a THIRD??? who the **** would give us a 3rd for him? who would give us literally any pick? a 7th round pick would be a win. This dude is literally one of the worst players in the league
  4. Oh no he feels so bad:( guess that makes up for screwing us again. They let him go for a reason. Get his old bum *** out of here. I don't care that he used to be great. I don't brett favre to be our qb either
  5. how are so many people not picking up the sarcasm? really?
  6. YESSSSSS. Was so worried we would win this game for no reason. one game closer to no.1 pick. Or at least top 3
  7. Money is made on every single nfl game. There is a reason to fix every single one. Don't be naive
  8. the falcons suck. Are close to the worst team in the league. But the nfl is clearly rigged. Every game (not just ours) has super crazy calls that make no sense. And mike periera comes in and explains it with no video for the fans. "Oh yeah he was down, there's just no shot available to show it to yall, but we got it" Been this way for a while. Refs are just getting worse at hiding it. People are getting worse at caring
  9. Please to god fire dan quinn. I don't care if we beat the sorry *** cardnials. My blind grandma could see you should have challenged that. I hate dan quinn so much
  10. We can only hope the tank job is on. Who the **** really wants a repeat of last year? Never have a true shot of playoffs, win meaningless games, screw up your draft position and suck EVEN WORSE the next year. How ******** is that
  11. Ehh. John Elway did it. Matt ryan has 5 or more years less. We can do it with him but it needs to be started this year. 2 years of **** (after this year) and hope we can pull it off in matt's true twilight years
  12. Under .500 football is not even close. We are literally one of the worst teams right now. Maybe the dolphins and jets are worse. that's it
  13. Fire dan quinn now. Who cares. He's absolutely terrible. His defensive schemes are the worst I've seen in my entire life. Letting him stay poisons the whole team for more than just this year. We're allowing this idiot to teach our players things which will poison their minds
  14. If Arthur Blank can admit this team is in rebuild mode now, we have a shot again before matt ryan's career is over. If not, we're toast. That's about the sum of it
  15. Ehh. The pass rush is bad. The playcalling is even worse. It doesn't really matter if every single d lineman got there in a second. If the cb's line up 20 yards deep every play and play the softest coverage known to man, someone is open. Truly have no idea what dan quinn is doing. He's so stupid