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  1. I like Morris and he seems way better than Quinn but come on guys. Let the guy win a quality game and put a streak together putting crowing him the should be head coach. Just remember, Quinn put up 2 great games last year against saints and 49ers. Being consistent is the key
  2. yall are so insane lol. We just beat a 1-4 team? Hoorah to us I guess lmao
  3. Who in this thread is "drooling over these guys"? lmao
  4. I agree. It's just so **** hard to evaluate when you know the coaches are terrible
  5. I agree about Ryan. I have been one of his biggest supporters. But I just don't see us having a good team in the next 2-3 years. And after that, he's in the twilight of his career. If it weren't for cap issues, I'd be totally fine trading him
  6. For sure. Just wondering who is out there? I know Eric beniemy but it seems houston wants him as well and can't lie if I was him, I'd pick houston. What other head coache possibilities are out there? And what about OC and DC? We need those as well. And this is in the weeds but also conditioning coaches? I'm tired of being so injured every year and it can't just be coincidence
  7. This team is clearly very bad. The coaches are a big part of it but we also have too many starters that don't even deserve to be backups (Oliver my god). Our two "best" pieces are also getting old and their best years are clearly behind them (Julio, Ryan, Mack). Is there really any chance we can be competitive in the next few years at all? We're also so bad on the cap, I'm not really sure what we can do. I'm not a cap guru, but I'm pretty sure we can't get rid of Ryan's or Julio's contract. Ideally, only a few starters on this team should be starters next year but we can't really do much
  8. Yall crazy if you think the next head coach will make a difference. The falcons are losers. In the blood. Once matt ryan is gone, this season will be every season for the next 20 years until we luck up again
  9. Yep. Literally every single coach and player we can get rid of, we should. I cannot think of one person/player that deserves to be on an nfl team besides a few (grady jarret basically)
  10. I feel bad for matt ryan. Yeah he's been pretty **** this year but his coaches and oline and defense is so bad. But stat wise, this year might keep him out of the HOF unless he can come back and have a great year or two in the future
  11. Truly... who cares. I'm only watching the games at this point to figure out which 5-6 players we should keep on the team next year. Otherwise, I hope it's a true clean the house scenario. So few players deserve to start on an NFL team
  12. What would be the point? We've already shown we can't win with an mvp qb. Even if lawrence becomes an mvp qb, what changes? Nothing. Because we continue to address the o-line and defense as unimportant. Also if you think we have any chance to get number 1 pick, you're smoking crack
  13. We'll never be in the position to draft a top prospect out of college. Just how it is
  14. At this point you CANNOT reasonably blame the players. If every player that comes here or is drafted here is worse than predicted or previously played, it HAS TO BE on the coaches. Has to be.
  15. Lol. This is why we suck right here. 30 secs on the clock down by 18 and instead of trying to run another play we just let it run out. I don't remember any team doing that to us. I hate quinn so much.
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