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  1. Falcons looking fantastic!

  2. Shore up the D a bit and if we can stay healthy - BIG TINGS!

  3. Off season mode....

  4. Looks like the coordinators are in place. Time to get to work fellas!

  5. Upset at the loss. Hoping we hire the right coordinators to get it done. Time to put up or shut up.

  6. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and GOOOOO FALCONS!!!

  7. Pushin' to the playoffs!

  8. Looking forward to that Detroit / New Orleans game in a few weeks.

  9. Blown away by Julio's performance yesterday. No disrespect to anyone who has ever played the receiver position for the Falcons, but he sure looks like he will be the best ever for the Falcons (when it's all said and done).

    1. The Don™

      The Don™

      Still early, but I got that same feeling. This may be pushing it, but I think he may have a chance to be one of the best ever.

    2. O-TownFalcon


      Dang... just saw this. I think as long as he stays healthy he's got a VERY HIGH CEILING!

  10. Have we figured out how to NOT shoot ourselves in the foot? If so, we're going to be dangerous!!

  11. bring on Carolina and bring on a W

  12. I'm getting that victory vibe for the Green Bay game!

  13. Looking forward to going to the GB game on Sunday! I predict our Falcons hand them their first loss of the season. Sweet Revenge!

  14. Heading out to Tampa for the game Sunday. Gonna be reppin the ATL!