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  1. Yeah man, I remember that game. He practically ran through the whole team, including our very own Carlton Williamson #27
  2. Sorry dude, I'm just feeling their confidence. Mannnn I'm pumped!!.
  3. It has to start somewhere and time. Why not us? Why not our FALCONS? It happened for the supposedly Aint's and it happened for the Bucs. Again I say: Why not us?
  4. I think we will beat the Bucs and Saints twice, and split with Panthers. The difference is whoever have the better record against other NFC teams.
  5. This team has a great future if we can keep it going in the direction it's going now.
  6. I believe we keep 6. Weems is the odd man out. Actually, Mckissic looks better than Sanu b/c he brings more to the table.
  7. I would have to say goodbye to Nick and/or Weems. Mckissic is a stud.
  8. I think some will boo and some will chear, and some are still wondering if he dropped dime on the added noise. With that said, he will be booed. Hopefully we drop 45 on him.
  9. Wheeler will be re-energized coming back home. Can't wait for him to catch up to speed with this defense. Very good signing, just watch and see.
  10. I think they are setting it up nicely. Somewhere down the road Roddy will get his catches. Just hope he keep doing what he's doing and stay in team mode.
  11. That's just stupid. Stay at home or get someone to drive for you.
  12. It's gonna still be tight because of their defense, we have to score some points. They have to execute their offense and don't make any mistakes what so ever.
  13. Sorry bout that Drunkofffalcohol, didn't mean to offend you dude, I just see something positive. But just in case he did win COTY, how would you feel bout that? Just curious.
  14. Quinn - Coach of the year Julio - MVP Defensive Rookie of the Year - Beasley Rookie RB of the year - Coleman Alright Coleman might be a stretch but if he was healthy, he could have a shot.
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