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  1. OH my bad didnt know u were lookin for the times. Rookie mistake.
  2. Its all bout North Carolina this season. Basketball and Football. Carolina had there spring game today and they looked pretty **** good. The basketball team will get better to with Barnes comming in and they'll get more experience.
  3. Lookin for fellow falcon friends

  4. The Braves are goin all the way this year and if they dont make it to the world series theyll make it to the NLCS **** YEA!!!!!
  5. just means that we might get a better guy for the fact that teams will be trading to get the guys that are moving up and so on
  6. This is what i found. Home Opponents Baltimore Cincinnati Arizona San Francisco Tampa Bay Carolina New Orleans Green Bay Road Opponents Pittsburgh Cleveland Seattle St. Louis Tampa Bay Carolina New Orleans Philadelphia
  7. Nicholas is a good linebacker last season and hes gonna get even better with Peterson there to. He'll pick it up and i expect him to be better this season.
  8. **** yea that was a mistake for paying him that much money and now there paying for it. just one year and already giving him up.
  9. No not yet ha waiting till the draft to get our first round pick jersey.
  10. Hey Falcon Fans. Im Mike. This draft is gonna be good for us. The offense is good if we stay healthy. I think we need a pass rusher and a corner back, also Taylor Mays will be a good pick for the fact that hes a EXPLOSIVE hitter and if he converts to linebacker that guy will do damage!!!!!!
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