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  1. Oh **** thats stuff is trippy.
  2. LOL thats whats up the hat looks cool. its the good luck hat hahaha. Work um Smith. Superbowl in the FUTURE!!!!!!
  3. Have u all seen the Freddie Falcon video on the website. Thats sum cool stuff.
  4. Wasnt pointen anyone out on that comment. dont get the wrong ideas.
  5. Dont matter how big he is. HES A TRUCK!!!!! hes got Norwood for speed and anyways look what Jerome Bettis did. He was BIG but he still was one of the best running backs. Turners **** good for his size and hes line was hurt most of the season. YOU cant blame this on Michael "The Burner" Turner
  6. They better go. i know its just precautionary but now they have people to replace them if needed like Jonathan Babineaux could be replaced by Peria Jerry for the fact that Jerry is young and now he's stronger with the season off last year with the injury. So this could be good and bad in my opinion.
  7. The Texans will probly make the playoffs. They are a good team so if they make it they will be feared. The Falcons will make it all the way thou.
  8. Man Bradfords gonna have a good season. but not as good as Matts in his Rookie Year. He won the ROTY. and he had a good team behind him. Bradfords got Jackson. Im not doggin on the Rams but i just dont see it.
  9. Top 10 aint bad. its the low numbers that get me.
  10. I think they beat them 2-0. the saints aint got what it takes to pull of a win. there to cocky now.
  11. I agree. He is a tremendous player with a even bigger personality. He will be the voice and moral of the huddle on the defense soon. It just killed me that we didnt get a good pass rusher to help out Abraham. Corey Peters will be a good DT but he has to develop.
  12. **** Yea!!!!!! the fans need to put back on the bags. they aint gonna be good again. Cocky ********
  13. Falcons have a better chance. For the fact that the Hawks wont make it with the tough playoff road and the Braves are in a slump. Even thou i have the Braves making the World Series i dont think they can pull it off.
  14. BigFella92


    The braves better pick up there stuff. last night they couldnt get a run. i know its against halladay but phillies are in the division and they gotta woop them. theyll do it just puttin this out there to see what u all got for me. lol
  15. What the ****. Freeman over Ryan. That aint no comp. Ryan all the way!!!!!
  16. This Season Is Gonna Be The Season Of The Atlanta Falcons.

  17. OH YEA!!!!!! cant wait for this one in PRIMETIME!!!!. also the monday night game against the AINTS. its gonna be a tough but do able season let me hear the FANS!!!!!!
  18. What the ****!!!!!! that makes no sense.
  19. I love it. if only dreams came true. (not sayin it wont) lol
  20. I agree with you. Jerry got hurt and that means that hes prone to get hurt again. (TRAGIC) Thats why i believe that the Falcons will take Brandon Graham at the number 19 pick
  21. yea i feel you. im a falcon fan all the way but i gotta say.... ITS ALL BOUT THE CHARGERS CHEERLEADERS. They are the hotties of the NFL. lol
  22. hey guys calm down. its good to talk **** to each other but **** . u all are bout to slug it out . thats pretty cool though that we are good like that on the saints like that lol.
  23. Yea cant wait. wit me living in Corpus Christi Texas around all the crazy Cowboy fans. i got something to look forward to. Hope they show the games here. Monday and Sunday night.....
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