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  1. Ok, I am really, really, really tired of hearing the "football experts" on TV tell the whole Country how Falcon fans feel about his return here tomorrow night. I am a huge Falcons fan, and have been my whole life, but they sure didnt ask my opinion. And here it is.... It really gets to me how the Falcons fan base still has so many Vick fans, instead of them being Falcon fans. So he played six years and never had back to back winning seasons. He did win 2 playoffs games, and I will say it was awesome he led us to a playoff win over the Packers, and the overtime run he had against the Vikings to
  2. Bout like me! Cant wait.... Semper Fi Devil! I was 0811, 4/14.Mike Bttry
  3. Of course they are there becuase they love football. But they also like seeing players show Patriotism too. Americans like seeing players with their hand over their hearts during the National Anthem, and carrying the American Flag out on the field with them before the game. I dont mind other Countries liking football, thats great. But football was born here in America, and Americans love football the most by far, and we love Patriotism. But I could care less if another Country gets offended when we show alot of Patriotism....we shoudl show Patriotism in everything we do, and not care who doesn
  4. Why not? LAst I checked, this is America....and the NFL is played here! 99% of viewers are American. I dont think too many people would get offended if the NFL let players do this everyweek and showed their love for America. And if someone did get offended, who cares? For everyone 1 person offended, the are millions who re proud to see it.
  5. Heck I think the players should be allowed to wear Patriotic stuff every week. We are Americans, so we should so our love for our COuntry all the time! Who cares if the gloves and shoes dont match the uniform...showing love for our Country is great...so I wish players co do this every week! Go USA and Falcons!!!!
  6. Who is this Vick guy you speak of? And where did you get that horrible photo from?
  7. Ya, he said we would have less then 10 wins, and the Panthers would have more than 5!!!! that made me "lol."
  8. Awesome read. Its funny that the Pat fans are mature, and the loser team's fans like the Aints, Panthers, Bengals, etc.....talk s*it to us.... GO FALCONS!
  9. well Owens did not look good Friday night.....so theres nothing wrong with some fans being worried about him this year...
  10. Me too. I play on NFL.com and I picked him with my very last pick. I have him Andre Johnson, and Dwayne Bowe.
  11. I totally agree with this...good call.
  12. this post sucks! T. Pryor is a couach killer, and has abosultely no class or character. How can a Falcons Fan even want him in Ga polluting our state?
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