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  1. #1. Definitely Ryan, before 08 I'd say Deion or Vick, looking at his 01-05 production only. #2. Jamaal Anderson, lousy production for being picked so high. tied with Bruce Pickens #3. Michael Turner #4. Darryl Talley #5. Tony Martin, huge impact on our 98 season #6. Giving Indy our 1st round picks in 94 and 95 for Jeff George #7 Tuggle #8 Pass here as well #9 Andre Rison, still had plenty left #10. Primetime, never should have let him walk.
  2. This coming from a team that we are 4-0 against over the last 5-6 years (home and on the road). Last time we played them on thier field Turner ran rough shod, Ryan and White lit them up and we took them down 45-10. Our offense has improved since then with Tony G and Julio, Douglas is back, our defense is better and the 49ers are 2-9 in road playoff games, 5-8 in NFCCG and haven't won a road playoff game since 1999. It is totally understandable why they believe this game is already over and they are just going to walk in the Georgia dome and just kick our @$$ up and down the field. They and thi
  3. That bullet train you speak of is about to get seriously derailed!! I hope he tries to run all over and gets his clock cleaned by Willy Mo, Spoon and Dunta. He'll think twice about it when he's on the sideline like RG III was when we played him.
  4. Are you referring to the little tikes plastic hammer that the 49ers D brought against the Rams X2, The Vikings, The Seahawks and the Cardinals? If so, bring it on, but we'd prefer that the 49ers show up so there are no excuses downplaying our impending victory for 2 weeks.
  5. Not sure how old you are, but Jim Harbaugh had playoff experience with the Bears and in Indy from 95-97, including the 95 AFCCG in Pittsburgh where they nearly won on the last play, his hail mary touched the ground. I think they would have given Dallas a much better game that year than Neil "The Duck" O'Donnell did with the Steelers.
  6. Well he did beat up on the Redskins injury plagued defense, so clearly that means he is going to run all over us. At least that's what the media and the internet are saying , and the media and the internet NEVER EVER tell lies or post wrong information because, well that would just not be very nice.
  7. I love the preview article on NFL.com. Sherman's stats for the year are stated in the article, and then it says, " He recorded no stats in the wildcard game vs. the Redskins". And Roddy White , Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Harry Douglas, along with Turner, Jacquizz and Snelling are not going to do better against this defense? The last time I checked, our offensive talent is world's above the Redskins, and they were winning into the 4th quarter with RG III barely able to stand. Washington's defense has had major injuries as well this year and they were able to hold the Teabags offense to jac
  8. Everytime I see something else on NFL.com or ESPN or NFL Network about why the Seahawks will win, I get angrier inside and it just fuels the fire. I cannot wait for Sunday at this point. I am so glad we have the early game at least. ( 8am here in Hawaii, I may not be able to sleep past 5). I am so sick of all the crotch hugging Seattle Teabag lovers ( aka, the experts) predicting them to win now it's making me physically ill to think about that team. I actually saw a Seahawks fan on NFL.com state today, that the "Falcons live in a cupcake division"! Really?? New Orleans and Tampa Bay, even Car
  9. If Lynch tries to go "BEAST MODE", Our defense needs to counter with 11 guys in "FEAST MODE" all day!!....Problem solved. Since it will be a 10am game for the Seahawks, you might say our defense will be having Lynch for breakfast......"SKITTLES, The Breakfast of Champions"!! ( As a tribute to the Falcons hosting thier first ever NFCCG and on the way to thier first Super Bowl trophy.
  10. You also forgot having the best record, or tied for the best record in the NFL starting with week 1 and then finishing with the best record in the NFL. But yeah, we suck.
  11. Actually, the Broncos won thier division last year and played Pittsburgh in Denver, and then got throttled by the Patriots. But yes, you are correct in saying Seattle is similar to them in playing the wild card against a gimpy team and then going to play a well rested division winner, with the talent on offense to be a juggernaut. I think theFalcons are going to come out and make a huge statement against this team. The Seahawks don't know what they are coming into imo.
  12. We just need to score, and score and score again every chance we get. Take thier heart and thier will and psychologically force them to realize well before the game is over they have no chance of winning this game. Even though RG III got hurt, the Redskins biggest mistake was letting them hang around too long and giving them a chance and hope for a comeback. Gang tackle Lynch!! Everytime he has the ball there should be 11 guys ( a "LYNCHMOB") if you will, pounding him into the turf until they hear a whistle. Get a big lead by producing on offense , spread thier defense out and tee off on Wilso
  13. Those 1980 unis would be sick... Same as 89 when Deion came in right? Exccept I think the 80 facemask was gray and by 89 it was black IIRC. The red gray black unis were really nice, very old school and classic. Kinda like the Pats 85 unis they wear a couple of times a year. Although I wouldn't mind the 90-95 or 98 style home unis again, but then the 66 throwbacks would be gone. I really like those now.
  14. Announce that they will be wearing the Red Jersey/Black pants combo for the Seahawks game and for the expected NFCCG and the Super Bowl. We are 0-2 using the white/white combo @ Arizona and @ the Giants. 0-1 @ home vs. GB in the red/white combo. This teams got swagger, the red/black combo looks sharp and intimidating. Let's start our coming out party with a bang in the playoffs wearing a fresh look we haven't used in the 2nd season yet and usher in a new era of Falcons Championship football. Red/Black Uni's all the way to the Superdome!!!!! Jay, Pat, mods..... someone get this to the team and
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