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  1. Wow calm down Super! Sorry for posting! Geez!
  2. We really missed Spoon today. You could tell the difference.
  3. I got +1s to give you all day. Keep it coming. Because Im a nice guy like that.
  4. That +1 is from me btw. Just because I can. Enjoy it.
  5. Need some powder on your butt too? LoL. Keep it coming. See how much I care.
  6. The Saints squeaked by today also, barely beating a horrible Panther team 16-14. I'll give the Falcons a mulligan today.
  7. I'll take the Win, but I wasnt happy at all how we got it. Against an inferior team like that.
  8. The 9ers used their LBs to fill all our gaps. They made it a point to stop Turner.
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