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  1. I think we package next years 1 pick and move up to take Simmons
  2. Pretty awesome and I think fairly spot on for anyone who follows game of thrones
  3. I hope you realize Harang and Garcia are both washed up garbage at this point in their careers. They were both meant to be nothing but bandaids until Minor,Santana and Floyd are ready to go. Unless Harang performs very well I seriously doubt he is still on the team come May.No point in complaining or comparing the two guys.
  4. I'm hearing Quizz is converting to our new 3-4 OLB
  5. Their rotation is still light years ahead of ours as currently slotted after the Beachy and Medlen injuries.
  6. I would definitely be interested only if the cubs stopped asking for the moon and we could keep Lucas Sims somehow...
  7. I think this is the year both he and Strasburg realize their potential. Harper hits 40 hrs and Strasburg wins 20 games. Gonna be a tough battle in the NL East...
  8. The Braves have agreed to terms with SS Andrelton Simmons on a seven-year contract. The deal runs through 2020.
  9. Awesome. Now I hope we lock up Simmons, Minor, and Heyward in that order. That would be perfect.
  10. I really would like to see the Hawks do well this season but at the same time the 2014 draft could go down as one of the best of all time.. I'm drooling at the thought of Andrew Wiggins in a Hawks Uni
  11. This is tough to watch with all the injuries
  12. Yeah this team won't scare but certainly won't be terrible aside from Lou Will, Elton Brand should be a solid backup. Easy 5-8 seed.
  13. Just saw Chip Carey in a northern Virginia mall grabbing a coffee (I go to school up here) but I was too starstruck to shake his hand lol. Anyway here is hoping for a Braves sweep today!!
  14. I say 12-4 Offense is insane and carries us throughout the season while the defense struggles with the pass rush and young corners.
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