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  1. Post Fix: "There's hardly any tape out there on Cody Prewitt, but he seems nasty too." Sorry, the forums website won't let me edit my post. I seem to be having quite some trouble with this forum for some reason...
  2. Provided that we don't lose any of our first three picks this year... Which apparently it looks like we will... I'd like to see it go: 1)Shane Ray 2)Cody Prewitt 3) Phillip Dorsett. I know Shane Ray's workout drill results were bad, but he's nasty on tape. There's hardly any tape out there but he seems nasty too. Phillip Dorsett has the speed. I haven't watched much tape on the prospects out there so this is just a hunch on what little I know at this point in time.
  3. Can someone tell me how many posts they see of mine in this thread? Including the original post. Also... Why the quote button and reply box at the bottom of the thread doesn't work? Why is it that when I skip spaces with the return key in my posts it doesn't show up in the actual post? Thanks.
  4. @ THAKRUNK1RETURNS Hey. I'm asking the questions here, you provide the answers. But, for sake of argument.... He's a hitter. Plus he's rocking the Troy Polamalu. (PS - Can anyone tell me why the quote button won't work for me? Thanks.)
  5. Well not anything. But I got a good feeling we land both. This is our year. I bet it.
  6. Well not anything. But I got a good feeling we land both. This is our year. I bet it.
  7. I am not a big fan of DeCoud but given the fact that we only have so much money this off season and so many holes it was a smart move given that it is the right price. He was cheap and the safety pool in both the draft and free agency suck this year so what are you gonna do? All of the safeties in fee agency this year aren't worth the money. They are not guaranteed to be consistent and not much of an upgrade over DeCoud given the money spike. Best thing to do for now. We could stab at a safety later in the draft for potential and depth. And I am sure it will be a focus next year earlier on.
  8. Not saying Garrard is as good as Ryan but those are actually comparable numbers if you take into consideration the surrounding team Garrard had over those years. Matt has had alot of talent around him. Ryan better step up, lol... Garrard is kinda underrated I guess if you were to go based off stats alone. We should pick him up, honesty. If the price is right that is...
  9. I honestly think Matt Ryan > Matt Schaub at this point. Eli Manning > Big Ben at this point. And if we are going off of their current state of play it should be: 3)Tom Brady 2)Aaron Rodgers 1)Drew Brees Off their career entirety: 3)Aaron Rodgers 2)Drew Brees 1)Tom Brady Drew Brees is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers, I don't give a **** about what the analysts say, lol. Aaron has been overrated and hyped by the analysts ever since the packers won the Super Bowl. Both the saints and the packers have been loaded with talent on offense but Brees has more of an impact on his team than the su
  10. I think most of us are talking about him coming here to be a backup in case of injury....
  11. He didn't play on a consistantly good/talented team for all of his career. I think he would be a good pickup for a backup. The koetter connection is a bonus. There's a lot of free agent QB's this year that are at least half decent so we would be okay picking any one of the better ones. I would say it would be wise to draft a fresh young QB because this years draft class looks to be loaded at QB, however we have too little draft picks and too many holes to fill. Drafting a young QB to set up for the future if anything were to ever go wrong with Ryan would be nice but not necessary. Likewise it
  12. The only times Turner ever really pops off big runs is when the O Line gives him a hole so big that you could fit 3 Michael Turners through at the same time. So truth is he doesn't create his own big plays because he hits the holes too slow and doesn't make any cut backs anymore. Hes always just kinda floating on through things waiting for blocks and doesnt create his own paths. This is why he is not cutting it anymore. I will say this about Turner though: he is definitely durable and not all that injury prone. For the amount of carries he has gotten over the years here he shows his consistenc
  13. Well I'd rather see us trade him so I agree with you. But if we were to restructure him and keep him as just a power back and pick up a new slasher back to be our premiere back then I'd be okay with keeping him. Those are two big if's though in such an offseason where we have so many other problems to solve. His trade value can only go down from here though.
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