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  1. Ha ha. I gave you a +1 because you made me LOL. I knew I was going to take some ####.
  2. I have memories as a kid, while watching him on MNF, my whole family screaming in amazement as he was just trucking people.
  3. I think also because his career was shortened by injury. If he played a full career, his numbers would look good. But yeah, when I was a kid, he was my favorite falcon, he was a beast.
  4. I look at it differently. Once the falcons were eliminated from contention, then I don't need to root against the saints anymore. I look at them as like a competitive brother. I want to beat him. But in the SB, I will root for them. If they win the SB, it just makes the NFC south look better an have more prestige. And how can you not root for the Saints in the SB. My whole life it just seemed almost impossible that an organization as inept and cursed as the saints could ever win the Lombardi. I was so happy for them when the won. And it doesn't mean I love the falcons any less. Let me give another example. I am an alumni of UGA. I love the Dawgs. But I don't root against Florida in the title game either. Although I despise their dominance over us, I would rather they win it all then some Pac 10 team or whatever. I am and SEC guy all the way. I realize I am in the minority on this, but I just don't see it the same way you do. That is all.
  5. I have to say that all these "hate on the saints" threads annoy me big time. I am a huge falcons fan since the seventies, but why would I hate on the saints for winning SB. Saints were locked in the basement for decades just like the falcons. The thought of the saints winning the SB was ludicrous. It actually brought tears to my eyes when they won it last year. The saints were alway treated like a joke and there they were with the Lombardi in their hands. All these bump if you hate the taints threads are a little immature to me. OK now I feel better that I have that off my chest, feel free to flame away at me.
  6. It looks like I am in the minority on this one. I am not on Haynesworth's side, but I just can see that he holds all the leverage. When the team gave him that monster contract, they put him in the drivers seat, and they can blame themselves for that. Shanahan has handled this situation very poorly, IMO. He thinks he can flex on AH and show he is in control. He may embarass AH in the short term, but Albert is going to get all that money no matter what they try to do to him, and he is going to win in the long term. He holds alot of cards he can play: He can fake an injury, he can be a complete cancer in the locker room, etc. Shanahan needs to just smile and swallow hard, because playing hardball is not going to work with him.
  7. "even if what the article describes is true, it's written with such bile and invective that the point becomes hidden behind the author's own prejudice over the situation." Well written. Right on.
  8. The only thing I disagreed with is Moore unseating Decoud at FS. If he unseats anyone it will be Coleman at SS. Other than that I thought it was good analysis. I think Kroy Bierman is going to light it up this year with the sacks. He doesn't have the size to play every down but for pash rush he just has that tenacity and intensity like a Pat Kerney of David Pollack at UGA.
  9. Charles Dimry was the name I was trying to remember. Wasn't he the guy opposite Deion that got torched every week? I remember every time we played San Fran, Jerry Rice would have a 200 yard 3 touchdown game against us working on old Charles Dimry.
  10. Pat Yasinskas always gets asked about him during his chats and he just hints at some kind of mental illness/depression type issue that no one is allowed to reveal or speak directly about. I wish him the best as well.
  11. His ratings are not in lockstep with the others and he really has no problem speaking his mind. He seems to have a better grasp on the player's intangibles also. I dont think Matt Ryan has been posted yet, has it? Thanks.
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