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  1. 2. The league can now do something about calls like the one that almost cost the Packers Sunday. A league source told me Sunday night the official who trails the kick returner out of the end zone until he gets to about the 40-yard line is the head linesman. Which means head linesman Phil McKinnely, a 10-year vet, is the one who blew the call and didn't see the Darren Sproles fumble. Officials who botch calls like that one are routinely graded down, and the NFL beginning in 2013 will have the right to bench underachieving officials and replace them with some of the 21 development officials on the taxi squad of sorts the NFL will form next offseason. "We'll be able to have some full-time officials, and we'll be able to build a bench to improve our officiating,'' said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. "We believe this will make officiating better in the long term." Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/09/30/week-4/index.html#ixzz284sFHSpH http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/09/30/week-4/1.html
  2. I concur, but the safe bet would be to trade the whole roster for kevin durant and build from there
  3. Ive been reading these boards for years and just because I dont post everyday on here or have thousands of posts doesn't mean I know any less about sports than you do.
  4. That's and interesting thought and I know that the NFL rules says you cant do that during the lockout, but how would the NFL prove it... I dont think there is any way they could. It would be risky for the teams though, like if they drafted someone with the intent of trading him for a player once the lockout is over, just look at what happened to Sergio Kindle last year a deal that "never took place" would in fact never take place... I hope my thoughts were understandable.
  5. Sorry I offended you, I wont ever post on here again since you told me so...
  6. Next time you see a thread titled "Around The ATL" just dont click on it and we wont have to listen to your b****ing...
  7. Teague < Rose Johnson > Bogans Williams < Deng Smith < Boozer Horford = Noah Crawford > Korver The match-ups look pretty good from here for the Hawks but its just the fact of how much each player dominates their individual match-ups over the course of the series. Josh Smith might not like to hear this but he is going to have to play hard, Johnson NEEDS to dominate Bogans and Crawford has to perform like he did against Orlando. We know Rose and Deng are going to get theirs in this series but we just need to limit Deng to around 14-15 points a night and Rose to about 20 points and 5 assists. If we can do this then I like our odds.
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