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  1. I don't post in this forum often, but this is a great topic. I didn't see this movie posted, but American Skin is a must watch.
  2. i was surprised how this caught on the way it did, but I got to admit some of it was funny.
  3. undertaker vs HHH Wrestlemaina 17, 27, and 28 Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair Wrestlemania 24 Undertaker vs Mankind king of the ring 1998
  4. There are bunch of great fights and Rounds, but which ones stick out to you the most. This is one of my favorite rounds in boxing....R.I.P Diego
  5. I can go with this. The thing with Mayweather is, when you watch him box it doesn't look like he's doing anything spectacular, the dude is an absolute tactician in the ring, almost masterful at times. I look at the fight he had against Canelo Alvarez, and made him look like an amateur in the ring. Andre Berto described how hard it was fighting him because whatever gameplan you have going in, he just takes you out of it. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/other-sports/news/andre-berto-floyd-mayweather-berto-vs-porter-showtime-boxing-analysis/uc25wujg4fzx1iqayo1w540bx "It was frustrating," Berto told Sporting News. "We trained tremendously hard for that fight. It was something new. It was something different and awkward. Because what I learned about myself was that I was able to handle that whole circus and atmosphere that came with fighting Floyd. I was in great shape, great spirits and very confident. But then it got frustrating because all the hard work I put in and you come and fight the best. Every round felt like (laughs) almost kind of feel like your cheated. Because if you’re not able to work like you want to. Not able to test your endurance, power and your reflexes against this guy. He just slows it all the way down. It gets frustrating because I worked hard every day, tirelessly. I sparred hundreds of rounds with all of these different sparring partners with all different styles. And then fight time came and it was nothing like that.
  6. I know it's hard to proclaim him with that status, but my question is, does he get consideration? His resume is impressive, but his knock is that he's not exciting, he runs more than fights, and he ducked opponents in their prime. My IMO, he was/is one of the most skilled boxers I've ever seen, and an argument can be made for G.O.A.T status, but I can understand if others don't feel that way. Would like to see other opinions abut his place in history and his legacy.
  7. I agree, also Roy got far with his athleticism and speed, as soon as he slowed a bit, his boxing skills couldn't carry him.
  8. Hated to see Roy go out like this, but it was a vicious KO nonetheless
  9. IMO Wilder can not beat Fury, wait let me clarify, as a puncher he has a chance, but from an overall boxing standpoint, he can't win. If Fury utilizes the same strategy he did in the second fight, keep Wilder fighting off his back foot, leaning on him, and keeping his back against the ropes, the result will be the same. As far As Joshua goes, I've never really been impressed with him, however, a match between he and Fury would be a decent match up, but I think Fury would win that one as well.
  10. Yep, as well as the MLB, NHL, and NBA. https://www.shacksystems.com/
  11. If you have a firestick, there's a program called Shack TV, for $20 a month (I wouldn't recommend doing more than a month at a time), you get live TV, PPV, Sunday Ticket, VOD, a constantly updated tv guide, it also have the ability to record shows for later viewing. All channels are in HD as well as the movies and shows. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and haven't had a single problem. Watched the GGG vs Canelo fight live in HD uninterrupted.
  12. For those that have firesticks w/kodi, recently the video addon Exodus (which is/was a very popular movie addon), the developer has stop updating it. If anyone is looking for an excellent replacement, there's a addo called Streamhub, it has movies going all the way back to the 40's, live TV, Live Sports, TV shows, and more. The quality of the content is HD for the most part. If those that have Kodi knows how to add new addons the url is https://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub
  13. Godfather 2, the beginning scene with Michael and the Senator. I don't have the clip right now, but that was a powerful scene and sets up the movie perfectly.
  14. J, I really hope you can catch this one on the big screen, but i also know you have responsibilities that may prevent that
  15. This movie was good as hell! That's the short version of my analysis Anyway, after seeing this movie, it just piss me off even more thinking about what BVS could have and should have been. Marvel has proven once again they know how to handle these comic book characters. At no point in this movie I felt bored or not engaged in the storyline, and even though this movie had a ton of characters, the directors did a great job of balancing the screen time while not having a feeling of anything being forced. Rarely do you see a comic book movie that can relay two conflicting messages while having the audience sympathetic to both. Action wise, HO-LEE-SHIT, some of the best action sequences in a comic book movie I've ever seen, and that airport scene, well lets just say the trailers gave nothing away, and was easily the best part of the film IMO. The action also felt necessary, meaning the scenes didn't feel tacked on, or forced. I hate to keep bringing up BVS, but this movie succeeded in not having many unneeded scenes, while the former felt like many scenes with no context were just thrown together. Oh, I almost forgot, Black Panther and Spiderman stole the show IMO, and I cannot wait until their solo films. This version of SM felt like the most genuine and in line with how the character was always envisioned (Toby and Andrew weren't bad though). Black Panther is the ******* man, and his scenes were cool as ****! My only gripe with the movie (and it's a small one), would be the villain. Marvel has never been great with there on screen villains, even though the marvel villains are some of the best in the comics. In this one, the main bad guy is more of a afterthought cause of all the other cool shit going on lol, but like I said, it's only a small complaint. Overall this movie was a home-run, and I'm probably going to go check it out again when the crowds die down, cause I could hardly catch everything the way the audience was going crazy in the theater I saw it at. I purposely left out a lot from this review because I didn't want to spoil anything, but just trust there will be some surprises. 9.5/10
  16. I wasn't overly fond of the Iron Man movies outside of the first one and I'm not saying that action is the end all be all of what makes a comic book movie great. I'm just saying, in a movie with 2 of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, and a title suggesting they will be beefing hard, i would expect, like I'm sure a lot did, more interactions between the two. Now, that doesn't mean every two minutes they had to be scrappin, but at least give me more then just the seven minute disagreement that we got. The Batman fight was excellent, but would have loved to see him do a little more in the hour and a half that preceeded it. You're right a lot of comic movies don't have wall to wall action, but the ones that are considered great usually have a decent story to bridge the gap to the action. This brings me back to Snyder, the story telling in this movie wasn't strong enough for there to be a lack of action as well imo. In actuality if this would have just been called Dawn of Justice, people probably wouldn't be as down on it as they are, again just my very humble opinion.
  17. Like I mentioned, this movie will probably be more appreciated as more movies fill in the blanks, so that's why I'm not totally dismissing the whole film. I just feel Snyder could have trimmed the fat sort of speak and still accomplish his storytelling goal. As far as the animated films, I only mentioned them because for comic book movies, live or animated, you don't need over complication or empty scenes to have A satisfying full story. And again, I didn't hate the movie, but I still give it a solid 6/10
  18. I hear you, and i agree, there's no perfect movies, but with the source material he had/has at his disposal i just feel he could have made the story better overall without the unnecessary parts. Like i said it wasn't completely horrible, but it could have been a whole lot better especially with these characters IMO. The animated movies do a much better job of telling complete stories, get you invested in all the characters, provide action throughout the course of the movie, and accomplish all of this in a shorter length of time. Don't get me wrong Bro, I'm not expecting Shakespeare, just a simple movie with two of the best comic characters ever kicking each others ***** for longer than 7mins in a **** near 3hr movie that's all.
  19. It wasn't a terrible movie, it was more convoluted and sullen than anything else when it didn't really have to be. Some scenes were totally unnecessary and made no sense other than being mostly filler. For example, Clark hiking up a mountain and running into Ghost Dad, that scene added nothing to the film and really made no sense in the grand scheme of things (an alien god needs layers of cold protection like he's afraid to catch pneumonia or frost bite.....Really? ) that's just one example and they're a few more like that, those kind of things took away from the overall experience. Visually it looked great, and i think as a set up movie it may be more appreciated in the future after more films tell more of the stories.
  20. I think the real problem I had with the movie was the overall direction and tone. Snyder was just to all over the map with the direction of the movie, and the tone was too overly serious. I understand what he was trying to pull off cause I'm familiar with all of the source material, but casual fans will be like WTF at most of the content. The visuals were great, that is never an issue with a Snyder directed film, but how do you have a movie as long as this one, but still have problems relaying the whole message?
  21. Exactly, it seemed like the actors were forbidden to smile during the filming. I understand trying to keep things grounded (even for a movie with comic book characters), but ****, I felt like drinking after the amount of depression the movie gave off lol. I'm sure most of us in here can see the bigger picture they're trying to get at, and maybe after a few more movies, we'll be able to look back at this one with better a perspective, but as it stands now B vs S wasn't a complete swing and a miss, more like a swing and foul ball strike.
  22. Unfortunately the critics got it right IMO, as set up movies go it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't all that good either. Affleck convinced me as Bats/ Wayne, just wasn't enough Batman a$$kicking to go around. Wonder Woman was good, and her intro the fray was nicely done. Now as far as Superman goes, well, he was just meh thru the whole thing. The whole movie overall felt like it wanted to say something but couldn't find the right words, even though the movie was Godfather long, it felt like just a bunch of scenes tossed together. For a movie that features 2 of the most iconic Super heroes ever, they didn't showcase neither one hardly at all, I mean, there was so much buildup to the action, I almost forgot I was watching a comic book movie. Snyder pulled from a bunch of different comic storylines, but if you're a person unfamiliar with them, this movie will be hard to understand what they're trying to get to. At this point ZS shouldn't be the one directing JL, cause even their brief intros didn't inspire a huge anticipation of their next appearance. Like I said earlier the movie wasn't overly terrible, but it could've been so much better than it was, and that's the reason why I'm disappointed with the final product. Shit, this is Batman vs Superman it shouldn't have been that difficult to crank out a great movie. Anyway it pains me to give this movie a negative overall review cause I went in wanting to like this movie despite the critics, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess lol...............5/10
  23. Man, I'm hoping the critics got this one wrong, I really am. Suicide Squad better be great for WB, DC, and the fans sake
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