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  1. Yep, as well as the MLB, NHL, and NBA.
  2. If you have a firestick, there's a program called Shack TV, for $20 a month (I wouldn't recommend doing more than a month at a time), you get live TV, PPV, Sunday Ticket, VOD, a constantly updated tv guide, it also have the ability to record shows for later viewing. All channels are in HD as well as the movies and shows. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and haven't had a single problem. Watched the GGG vs Canelo fight live in HD uninterrupted.
  3. J, I really hope you can catch this one on the big screen, but i also know you have responsibilities that may prevent that
  4. This movie was good as hell! That's the short version of my analysis Anyway, after seeing this movie, it just piss me off even more thinking about what BVS could have and should have been. Marvel has proven once again they know how to handle these comic book characters. At no point in this movie I felt bored or not engaged in the storyline, and even though this movie had a ton of characters, the directors did a great job of balancing the screen time while not having a feeling of anything being forced. Rarely do you see a comic book movie that can relay two conflicting messages while having the audience sympathetic to both. Action wise, HO-LEE-SHIT, some of the best action sequences in a comic book movie I've ever seen, and that airport scene, well lets just say the trailers gave nothing away, and was easily the best part of the film IMO. The action also felt necessary, meaning the scenes didn't feel tacked on, or forced. I hate to keep bringing up BVS, but this movie succeeded in not having many unneeded scenes, while the former felt like many scenes with no context were just thrown together. Oh, I almost forgot, Black Panther and Spiderman stole the show IMO, and I cannot wait until their solo films. This version of SM felt like the most genuine and in line with how the character was always envisioned (Toby and Andrew weren't bad though). Black Panther is the ******* man, and his scenes were cool as ****! My only gripe with the movie (and it's a small one), would be the villain. Marvel has never been great with there on screen villains, even though the marvel villains are some of the best in the comics. In this one, the main bad guy is more of a afterthought cause of all the other cool shit going on lol, but like I said, it's only a small complaint. Overall this movie was a home-run, and I'm probably going to go check it out again when the crowds die down, cause I could hardly catch everything the way the audience was going crazy in the theater I saw it at. I purposely left out a lot from this review because I didn't want to spoil anything, but just trust there will be some surprises. 9.5/10
  5. Only 17secs but hey it's something!
  6. I hear ya, but it just seems like black widow is too obvious the choice to be the traitor.
  7. I'm sure everyone assumes BW is the double agent, but in actuality it's probably Spiderman.
  8. Could have called this Avengers 2.1 :Minus Hulk, but add Spiderman, Black panther, and Ant Man lol
  10. Meh, I didn't mind it too much since I was in the middle of finishing the rest of the side missions anyway, just thought it was kinda funny. But yes, anyone still playing thru should collect as you go along when you see them as you're in the cities.
  11. Just 100% completed the game and you have to get every riddle on the whole map before a boos fight. It sucks cause you think you're done, then boom they hit you with that nugget.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of the Need for Speed series, but if I were this part would bother me: "If EA’s servers experience problems then even players with a good Internet connection can be cut off from both multiplayer and single player, and if the servers are abandoned (which they often are once a title has been out for a long time) the game will effectively be dead."
  13. You seem to know your comic history, so let me ask, can the Infinity Wars movies be effective without the X-Men?
  14. Yeah, it seems kinda odd this would be the route they would take considering they successfully negotiated the Spiderman deal. X-Men and FF are essential parts of these upcoming movies, and now is not the time to be dropping them.