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  1. 2: Kevin Zeitler - OG - Wisconsin 3: Robert Turbin - RB - Utah State 5: Akiem Hicks - NT - Canada 6: Joe Long - OT - Wayne State 7: Dale Moss - WR - South Dakota State DEPTH CHART: QB: Ryan, Redmen HB: Turner, Rodgers, Snelling, Turbin FB: Mughelli WR: White, Moss WR: Jones, Douglas, Meier TE: Gonzalez, Palmer, UFA RT: Clabo, Reynolds RG: Zeitler, Manuwai C: McClure, Hawley LG: Blalock LT: Svitek, Long RE: Abraham, Sidbury DT: Peters, Walker DT: Babinueax, Hicks, Jerry LE: Edwards, Bierman, Matthews ROLB: Weatherspoon, Adtkins MLB: Tatupu, Dent LOLB: Nicholas, UFA CB: Grimes, Owens, Walls CB S
  2. TRADE Brent Grimes -- VIKINGS 2nd Round Pick (#36). The Viks are in dire need of a corner; they will be prepared to trade out of the 2nd for starting-callibre CB. Franks/Owens/Walls will need to step up; one of these guys will come through. DRAFT 2: David Wilson - RB - VA TECH Being ranked as the second-best RB in the draft. Very fast and powerful; projected as an ideal feature back. Inspirational in the locker room. Puts in ample effort every play. True "Falcons" player. Turner is slowing down and struggles to maintain the rushing attack against better opponents, Snelling is 29 this season, Q
  3. 2: Kelechi Osemele - G 3: Alameda Ta'amu - DT/NT 5: Vick Ballard - RB 6: Jordan White - WR 7: Blake Gideon - FS Thoughts? DEPTH CHART QB: Ryan, Redmen RB: Turner, Snelling, Rodgers, Ballard FB: Mughelli WR: White, White WR: Jones, Douglas, Meier TE: Gonzalez, Palmer, UFA RT: Clabo, Reynolds RG: Osemele, Manuwai C: Hawley, Vet FA LG: Blalock, Johnson LT: Svitek, Baker --- RE: Abraham, Sidbury DT: Peters, Walker DT: Babinueax, Ta'amu, Jerry LE: Edwards, Bierman, Matthews ROLB: Weatherspoon, Woods MLB: Tatupu, Dent LOLB: Nicholas, Adtkins CB: Grimes, Walls CB: Robinson, Franks, Owens SS: Moore, S
  4. FREE AGENCY Re-sign Brent Grimes Curtis Lofton Todd McClure Thomas DeCoud Kroy Bierman Vance Walker Kelvin Hayden James Sanders Mike Peterson Michael Palmer Antone Smith Joe Zelenka Let Go John Abraham Harry Douglas Jason Snelling Eric Weems Cut Ovie Mughelli Sam Baker Sign Carl Nicks - G - Saints (Go all-out) Hines Ward - WR - Steelers David Garrad - QB - Jaguars DRAFT 2: Vinny Curry - DE - Marshall 3: Doug Martin - RB - Boise State 5: T.Y. Hilton - WR - Florida International 6: Cody Johnson - FB - Texas 7: Joe Long - OT - Wayne State DEPTH CHART QB: Ryan, Garrad RB: Turner, Rodgers, Martin
  5. Sid has been waiting for a while now. Is it his time?
  6. OC: Clemets DC: Spags FA Let go.. John Abraham Brent Grimes Jason Snelling Kroy Bierman Chris Redmen Kelvin Hayden James Sanders Re-sign.. Curtis Lofton Thomas DeCoud Todd McClure Eric Weems Harry Douglas Sign.. Ben Grubbs - G - Ravens Cortland Finnegan - CB - Titans Draft 2: Vinny Curry - DE - Marshall 3: Doug Martin - RB - Boise State 3 (comp): Andrew Datko - T - Florida State 5: Michael Egnew - TE - Missouri 6: Kellen Moore - QB - Boise State 7: Malik Jackson - DE - Tenessee Depth-Chart QB: Ryan, Moore RB: Turner, Quizz, Martin, UFA FB: Mughelli WR: White, Meier WR: Jones, Douglas, Weems TE
  7. First and foremost, we replace Murlarkey with a fresh and creative OC. BVG stays. His defensive unit is still quite young and should be allowed to gel and develop (continuity matters!) -- they played well this season. It's the offense which struggled to keep up, despite the plethora of weapons Murlarkey was blessed with. FREE AGENCY Ben Grubbs - G - BAL -Bolster the O-Line. Probably cheaper than Nicks. BenJarvus Green-Ellis - RB - NE -Turner can't carry a game on his shoulders alone. Green-Ellis gives him a true partner in crime and adds a much-needed extra layer to our running attack. With S
  8. Fire Murlarkey. Sign Carl Nicks (G). Pick up Chris Polk (RB) first in the draft to split carries with Turner (therefore giving our running game a much-needed extra layer) and eventually replace him when his contract expires, also pick up a decent Tackle, plus anything to fill-in the gaps since I find that innevitable that we will lose a major FA or two (We can't keep the whole gang in Lofton, Grimes, Abe, DeCoud etc) We can't shuffle around things too drastically, continuity makes a great team. Just look at Philly and their 'Dream Team'. We only need to make a few altercations and, for the m
  9. Personally, I feel that a new, creative O-coordinator is the overwhelming need. Our defense was an improved unit this year. In the wild-card game, it was the Os fault that we couldn't keep up; our D held its own. BVG should stay and our defensive unit should continue to gel and develop. Offense is the issue. We honestly need a new coordinator, there's no way around it. Who's out there?
  10. Considering the plethora of free agents we have to re-sign next year, it's a possibility that Decoud may be let go. Would James Sanders be able to adequately fill-in at Free Safety?
  11. - It will be a tough game, but we can certainly beat Green Bay. Anything can happen in the NFL. I watched Carolina push them a few weeks back. - 2-2 isn't bad at all. If you look the state of the Eagles or Vikings (for example), you'll realize one is actually fortunate to be a Falcons fan right now. - Julio Jones is shaping up to be an utter BEAST. The kid is 22 and he's bloody DOMINATING out there. Imagine when he hits his prime. Just enjoy the football and don't be consumed by pessimism. Now I don't know the habits of you Yanks, but down here in Australia we NEVER write our team off. Seeing
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