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  1. If Thomas does not get Rex he will be gone! Mr. Blank please get Rex, he is our only Hope! Atlanta deserves a man coach not a puppet for td to play with! Lets get serious and get our city a RING! Rise Up!! right?
  2. With our offense he could take us to the bowl!! what do you want some oc from denver? really? td would be scared of him though. td is a wimp and wants somebody he can bully!I have been a falc fan for life and i am 48 I Want a RING before i die and he is the best choice by far!!
  3. He is our best option if we want to win now!!
  4. God I Hope Not!!!!! we don't need puppets we need a real man like Rex. of course td is probably scared of a real man who is honest and has swagger!!!
  5. After throwing up all day I have come to the conclusion that like so many others we need Rex! he has the swagger and knowledge. We don't need any oc's from denver or college crap! we have tried that. We need a N.F.L coach not a puppet for td.
  6. false hope then and false hope now. I am a Falcon fan for life but it is heartbreaking to go through all the "what if's" again. this should be our year and we are not taking advantage of it. I hope we win the division i don't care what the record is but i feel we are going to find a way to screw it up.
  7. sounds crazy, but might work? rex has never had a matt ryan to work with. defense would be fixed for sure!
  8. at least this is not the jeff george,wade wilson, or graziani day's
  9. sorry, we don't play dallas untill 2015 but maybe detroit next year? i just remember how great it was to watch the falcs on turkey day. remember vick with the trophy?
  10. I live in upstate newyork, so i can't wait to go to the bills game, we should crush them! maybe the san fran game would be a good monday nighter?
  11. I thought van halen was supposed to do it?
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