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  1. now that DB is set. I bet we sign Matt to a fat contract but structure it to leave space to sign Abe to a one year deal.
  2. Looks like the offense is sturggling tonight. 4 turn overs and only 13 points. That is not a good sign.
  3. Somebody is getting fired!! This is killing me.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on Vilma being back for the Saints and the impact it will have on Lofton's playing time? I know Vilma might be on the PUP list rehabing for a few games, but once he is back will he take over the starting job? I doubt Vilma or Lofton can play on the Outside, so no chance they are on the field at the same time unless they switch to a 3-4 front. Vilma seems like a expensive backup to Lofton and vis a versa.
  5. Ya lets get a guy who has 7.5 sacks in 4 years. Just resign Abe. At least he has some production left in him.
  6. Daddy's Home, My guess is you don't know much about history. To say that history is written by the victor, while true, is missing the point. During Sherman's march to the sea his army used a scorched earth policy of warfare wherein he wanted to not only reduce the Souths ability field an adequately supplied army, but he also wanted to break the will of the southern people so they would no longer want to put up a fight. He did this by burning everything in his path to ash. The entire city of Atlanta was burned to the ground. This includes but is not limited to: rail yards, ammuniti
  7. They would only be trading him to create cap space. So big name trades are out of the question. Ex osi from giants makes no since. They can't take on any more salary. It would take like a first and fourth to get the dude out of Philly. No gm in his right mind would out right cut him. The guy has to much value to the team. As for him playing in Atlanta. TD would have to work a deal where Philly pays 80% of his salary, which I don't see happening.
  8. If we traded "magic beans" to get an impact player like Julio I will be pumped.
  9. Lets just say that the lockout continues and we dont have football for a season how would this impact the Julio trade? Do we draft in the same spot that we did this year next year? Will there even be a draft next year? Will college palyers be able to just sign with the teams they want, or will draft eligable players for next years draft have to sit out of football for a year and then be a part of a super draft in two years? I like the thought of the superdraft idea cause you will have at least two rounds that contain 1st round talent. It will reduce the sting of the trade somewhat.
  10. Guess this conversation is over. Thanks Melt. The discussion assassin strikes again.
  11. Pretty sure P Manning is the least mobile QB in the NFL, and he would be taken top two if the NFL redrafted the league today. That mouth breather couldn't out run a granny with a walker. The difference is he is smart and gets the ball out quick. Because he can read a defense! As a QB why would you run when you have skill position players who can do that for you?
  12. All i am saying is he will find it hard to treed water in the NFL. In college he was heads ans shoulders a better player then anyone else. He was bigger, stronger and faster then 99% of the other players. A rough estimate of NFL players on most college teams 1-2, and on the big program schools maybe 5-6. In the NFL he isn't going to have the luxury of being able to out run every other player on the field. This is what he did in college. Run simple plays, with little mental strain, and if the play broke down break out of the pocket and run for it. Can he do this in the NFL? Sure he can, b
  13. Yes I know what a a number on a board means. Do you? Cam in the interview states that the play call he reads from the side line is a number on a board. For example: "34". That is it. The side line coach holds up the number 34 placed on a stick and then the offense runs play 34 on the field. Watch the interview on espn when you get a chance.
  14. Yep i am questioning the fact that Cam works hard at his notebook. Do you really think he watches a lot of game tape? Do you really think that he breaks down plays and diagrams them on a white board? Did you watch his interview with Gruden? Cam sat there and told Gruden that the playing calling at Auburn is a number on a board. I can understand running the spread in college, heck I even like it. It makes the games fast and tends to make the games have more TDs. But look at how Oklahoma ran it with Bradford. Multiple boards with symbols, numbers, and pictures. Not just a single number. Cam s
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