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  1. Trump’s team is basically Jerry Lundegaard, furiously blunting pencils so they can provide illegible responses.
  2. The second part, challenging incumbents who don’t represent progress, is the most critical. Let the voters decide if they want more of the same, or not.
  3. I like this page of the thread because it perfectly encapsulates the Trump presidency. Stupidity mixed with unnecessary, unrepentant lying.
  4. Does he ... does he think people can save every penny they earn? Like, forgetting for a second thinking homeless people can up and pay for schooling, the person would not be a millionaire after 20 years unless they could manage to spend less than $20,000 a year total on taxes and living expenses.
  5. Trump intentionally, but slyly, got pollsters and the media and the DNC and George Soros (who Trump controls in the rare times Soros stops being the world’s foremost supervillain) to collude so that republicans would lose the house and several governorships and state legislatures BUT NOT the senate and therefore Trump would succeed in draining very targeted parts of the swamp and replace it in part with socialists BECAUSE REASONS YOU STUPID LIB!
  6. Been too long since we reposted this classic: Pure Football 40,779 posts Posted June 12, 2017 · Trump: *hits his own **** with a hammer* Opponents: What the ****? WFW: *shakes his head, chuckling* He played you guys like a fiddle. mdrake34, AF89, WOR and 7 others like this
  7. That's Bol Bol, Manute Bol's son. He might be a unicorn.
  8. That's 62% more Thanos sack than I was expecting to see today.
  9. File that one away for when some Trump supporter on here accuses one of us of having TDS. Because that is what it looks like.
  10. Don't you guys see? If women were capable of doing a good job, republicans would already be electing more of them and putting them in positions of power. It's not republicans' fault that there are so few qualified women and people of color.
  11. What a colossal piece of ****.
  12. This is the big **** toilet, not the balls-down-to-your-ankles toilet.