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  1. Hunter is going to be a better, more valuable overall player than Simmons starting this season (health permitting). Book it.
  2. Thinking about the very polite Dodgers fan who was sitting near us on Saturday. After the Dodgers took the lead, he turned to the guy next to him and said, "respectfully, I had the Dodgers in 4." My blue friend wasn't around in the 9th inning. Sad.
  3. my family was **** near killed this weekend when a cop was chasing someone at ridiculously high speeds down an exit ramp. Missed us by about half an inch, going about 70 mph.
  4. wonder why it's so hard to get nuanced messaging about cops out to the public. Guess we'll never know
  5. That's my thought. He's really been getting into watching baseball with me and likes to talk about it (been trying with my daughter but she's just not interested yet...i'll get her eventually). But it's why I'm hoping for just a handful of exciting plays by the Braves. If they get shut out 2-0 or something, he'll likely remember it and all. But if like Freddie hits a homer or someone hits an RBI double, that place will explode and the atmosphere will absolutely capture him.
  6. he will never know the sadness i feel not ever being invited to his lakehouse.
  7. well bros, taking my 5 year old to the game tonight. need an exciting game because it'll go way past his bedtime and I don't want it turning into a disaster.
  8. if the dodgers win, i actually get to go to game 1 in Atlanta on Saturday. So I guess I'm rooting for them? Ugh...icky.
  9. Megan Fox: you smell like brisket Machine Gun Kelly: I am brisket *making out commences*
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