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  1. A likely one term president who lost the popular election gets to appoint a third of the members of the highest court in the land to lifetime positions, confirmed by a Senate “majority” representing far less than half the population. The system works!
  2. By gum, I think i've done it! I think I've gotten my wife into Peaky Blinders enough that I'll actually be able to finish the series in a reasonable amount of time. She watched the first episode of season 2 with me last night, and I think it hooked her just enough to get her interested in watching more. That's all I need, just the one, little, hook.
  3. I, for one, have been DYING to hear about Hunter Biden from the "global warming theory is junk science" guy. Couldn't make up my mind on the situation until I had. Now that I have, I think it is DISGUSTING and OUTRAGEOUS that Hunter has not brought enough crack with him to share with the whole group. Even my kindergartener knows that lesson! Given the emergence of these odious videos, hopefully the Biden/Harris team will finally take seriously my Crack & Whores 4 All (CW4A) initiative that I have been emailing them about every day for several months.
  4. Listen man, I may technically be "old" and will soon probably be "decrepit," but I'm young at heart just like my favorite matinee idol Paul Newman who, as you well know, once shared the screen with the great Burl Ives. Now Burl was a great big man, you see, but with a heart of gold. And he, well it was him and the other one ... Jester? Pemwhich? The point is they had class in those pictures, class and pizazz. You don't get that with the talkies these days. Give me Sarah Bernhardt who, with but a flick of the wrist, which was the motion we used to hail a buggy and carriage at the time. Those ca
  5. Look, I needed those Biden signs and those fences weren't going to knock themselves down.
  6. Hopefully you've learned your lesson and, assuming reincarnation is real, you'll make better decisions before being born next time.
  7. You say that now, but how are you going to feel when Riley Cooper comes to your town and then to the front of your driveway and then from a fairly safe distance gestures with one of his fingers in a way we have decided, as a society, is insulting? Not so cavalier about wide receiver symbolic violence now, are we?
  8. I watched Natural Born Killers while tripping absolute balls on acid. It was incredible (though it led to the only negative hallucinogenic experience i ever had, when a buddy lost his **** entirely after it was over).
  9. The Biden is now canon. "RELEASE THE BIDEN!" "Dear god, he's just ... well, he's just slowly licking ice cream. Now he's rubbing that girl's shoulders. Ew, put it back."
  10. Something something you mean leftists/liberals turn off anyone from potentially adopting your ideology something something
  11. There are actual human people who think this kind of **** is important and/or true. Remarkable.
  12. My kids LOVE Bob Ross. Just brings joy into the house when we watch. They like to try to draw what he’s painting.
  13. Stay strong, brother. By vote 17, it barely even registers anymore, and the accumulation of soros checks really eases any lingering guilt.
  14. Just depends. Kind of like being in Atlanta, I'm mostly in a blue-ish island in a sea of red, and the majority of people I know here all hate him. Most people were so relieved to be rid of Scott, and DeSantis started out kind of reasonable for like 3 months, so it took awhile for that hate to build. But now, most are just grossed out by him. His COVID handling has really upset many people who were actually giving him a bit of a chance. But the people I generally talk to are obviously not representative. I also know tons of hyper-conservative lawyers, and they love him, love what he's done
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