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  1. I’d say “**** no” but it’s become pretty clear I’m not representative of the majority of white people.
  2. Not kind of you to impugn the good doctors Diamond and Silk. This is their area of expertise.
  3. Pretty depressed right now. Like, more than the baseline "the world is falling apart" level.
  4. At the very least, we are missing some deaths where they just haven’t tested for it after death for various reasons. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some intentional shenanigans going on as well.
  5. hard disagree. Gonna start that **** right now. I have a weird feeling my state is gonna get busted for underreporting.
  6. They'll impeach him again, but it won't be for profiting off this, which might actually anger people. Instead it will be for, like, telling the hot prime minister of New Zealand that he'll offer them a great trade deal if she sends nudes or something. Fox News and WFW will boast for months about how virile he is. Tom Cotton will be executed when Trump consolidates power before starting his third, final, life-long term as President Emperor.
  7. The bolded is partially true, but it does not account for the way that successful propagandists and the like (e.g., right-wing media over the past 30 years) subtly and then later more overtly manipulate people into changing their narratives to fit prescribed ones. Or to put it another way, people seem to have very broad worldviews, which the propagandists use to push narratives that align in some way with those worldviews. The people may not believe a specific narrative at first (e.g., Obama is a kenyan muslim, climate change is a hoax), but it may confirm a broader worldview (fear of the other and loss of white supremacy, big government is bad) such that if they see and hear the narrative enough times, it becomes canon.
  8. anyone have that tweet that was something like: "there's a theory of electoral turnout i hadn't considered which is that if a candidate is promising to do things to help young people their parents and grandparents will turn out to kill them" or something?
  9. Wife never really developed into anything, thankfully. Son still has the cough, and it's deepening, and as of last night he was still feverish, which has us concerned obviously. The preventative antibiotics don't seem to be doing anything, so it's probably viral. We made a follow up doctor's appointment for today, but he seems in better spirits this morning and hasn't shown the fever yet, so we might reschedule for tomorrow. Honestly, would rather not take him anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary.
  10. With each passing day, the SpongeBob/Dr. Manhattan meme becomes more reflective of my worldview.
  11. She added "lie down" yesterday. We still have to work so she flat masters both of them, but she's picking them up super quick. Also, she hasn't had an indoor accident in two days. Not counting my chickens yet, but this is a great start. The puppy chewing/biting has commenced, though.
  12. Lol. Biden will nominate someone endorsed by the Federalist Society as an olive branch to republicans.
  13. Other than the never-ending fear and stress, and inability to concentrate and work effectively, not too bad. My daughter rode her bike by herself for the first time this past week, we're fostering a great puppy, and we are insanely fortunate and privileged enough to have relatively stable jobs and an awesome house/backyard in which to be quarantined.
  14. The thing is, my wife has never been a dog person, and we had three cats. I'd been pushing for a dog for awhile but it just wasn't going to happen over the past few years. But in the last year, two of the cats died, and our kids have gotten a bit older. Now with staying at home and all, my wife gave the go ahead. It's working out so far, but mostly through luck. We weren't set on a puppy and were considering dogs from her age up to a 10-year old. But when we finally pulled the trigger, she was the one we were sort of stuck on. And, because my wife isn't a dog person, she had to be the one to go to the shelter to make sure she was ok with the puppy (obviously weren't taking the whole family there). Which meant she had to carry the puppy out when the puppy was too scared to move, and she had to comfort the puppy on the 30-minute ride home, and basically by the end of the first night she had already formed a bond with the dog, letting her snuggle on the couch, which I never thought I'd see. Not sure it will stick, but it's a good start. We've also lucked out in that the puppy (already about 30 pounds at four or so months old) is really chill for such a young lab. Loves to sit at your feet or snuggle. I expect that to change as she gets more and more comfortable, but she's not yet the never-stopping biting machine I was expecting. Doing well with leash walking and seems like she'll handle training well (she's got "sit" in her repertoire now). Yeah, we haven't really introduced the puppy to the cat yet, mainly because we're keeping her in only one part of the house/outside until we get her potty trained (except for nightly snuggle sessions on the couch where she can't roam). And like yours, our cat is older and already set in her dog-hating ways, so we'll just have to see. The cat basically spends the whole day by the back door watching the puppy outside and hissing and scratching at the glass whenever the puppy gets too close. For now, the puppy shows no ill will towards the cat or any inclination to chase or harass the cat. She's mostly just scared of the cat at the moment.
  15. We just started fostering a shelter puppy, about 4 months old. Will almost certainly adopt. Still have to deal with aggravating puppy phase, but we get a bit more impact on how she’ll end up with cats, kids, etc., and still rescuing a dog that is super grateful.
  16. Maybe I spoke too soon. Been polling pretty well lately.
  17. Got yer threads mixed up?