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  1. Sponge putting me on ignore is cancel culture. Hope to get on Fox to share the tragic story of how I got cancelled by a PC SJW lib.
  2. Again, just to be clear, the entire Republican Party is comprised of ghouls
  3. Agatha mentioned she could help Wanda, which might be used to turn her into an uneasy ally at some point, a bit like in the comics. Loved the Blade Runner Easter egg. Also not sure Fake Pietro is definitively just a schmo. His resolution was too weird.
  4. Also worth point out that for millions of Americans, getting the “economy” going doesn’t mean ****. They will still be living in poverty condition. Getting (finally) a $1400 check will barely dent the thousands they now owe in back rent/medical debt/etc., and won’t go to those people feeling relief. I don’t want to downplay what it might mean to many to have stores open and getting to work more regularly, but that’s more about defeating the virus. That won’t heal that so so many of those people will be working for despicable wages, teetering on the edge of disaster every week. It’s a
  5. Opportunities for big, fundamental changes are rare. A once-a-century pandemic and accompanying economic crisis, along with one party taking control of all three branches of government after the other ran roughshod over every norm imaginable...this is one of those rare opportunities. Sure, they might raise minimum wage later. But who knows when, and it’ll almost certainly be smaller and not enough to meaningfully combat economic inequality in this country. Maybe they’ll relieve some debt, but not enough to shift the economic futures of a generation. And in the long and short term, t
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