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  1. Heading out for a two week vacation tomorrow.
  2. Trump: "More like Mediocre Britain. I'm a word genius."
  3. No go zones are in Europe. Where else is in Europe? France. Toast immigrants. No toast zones French toast. Freedom toast. Really makes you think.
  4. Lol. This isn't some guy who got busted selling drugs making a plea deal so he and overworked prosecutors can avoid yet another trial. Mueller and crew have one job, and they definitely would have gone full tilt unless they were getting something back in return. Doesn't mean they would have been successful, but these folks aren't playing around, and they're not just trying to get home by 5 to watch the game.
  5. Obama was the definition of divisive. Half black and half white? MAKE UP YOUR MIND OBAMA!
  6. I don't think it's that his learning curve is fast necessarily, although everything I've read, seen, or heard of or about him suggests he's a very heady player. I think it's more that he's a 19 year old who is supremely talented but lacking in experience and size. SL is probably a pretty decent example of how his first season will go as he gains strength and maturity: nights looking terrible and nights looking like an absolute star, but mostly nights in between.
  7. We just upgraded to a thatch roof!
  8. I'll never forget that time when Obama gave his first State of the Union address and gave his now famous speech:
  9. You guys, racism was totally fixed until Obama came along.
  10. Taking a small break from abusing women.
  11. Eli Manning has two super bowls. That's enough fugly to counteract a hundred handsome QBs.
  12. Assisted or scored on 16 of the final 20 points. Not too worried about the floaters and layups. I saw him make enough gorgeous floaters in college, with either hand, to know he can make them. Just like in college, he needs to get way more consistent with them, and really hit the weight room after Vegas. But with some more strength and experience, I think he'll vastly improve there. The most important thing is he is showing he can get to the rim in the first instance, with good burst, crossovers, and an assortment of hesitation moves. Kid's passing is so good. I was pretty convinced on draft day that we got the best passer in the draft, despite all the talk about Doncic being a transcendent passer. Still feel that way. But, I wasn't too worried after a couple bad SL games, and I'm not going to get too excited about a couple good performances either. Still think he's got a huge ceiling, but also a very low floor, and he'll need to show the work ethic to max out his potential. If he can take anything from Steph, it shouldn't be the in-game stuff, it should be the relentless practice to hone his skills.