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  1. And to think I'm over here spending my time as a non-elite white person. 😪 Should've attended more all-elite training camps as a kid I guess.
  2. Sick of seeing people act like racism was the cause of this death when it's clear that Arbery had started a jog of northern aggression.
  3. Using a "liberty machine" to *check notes* shoot people protesting state-sanctioned murder and oppression.
  4. Wall Street is entirely connected to main street, in that as long as it can siphon money from main street to send up to the wealthiest people in the world, it will do just fine.
  5. Imagine going through that weird anecdote just to avoid the question and conclude with that bootlick. He will soon enough, I'm sure.
  6. This ain’t no reenactment for me sir, this is real life!
  7. The confederacy was about heritage not racism, but the confederacy was all Democrats and they were the racist party, but the war wasn’t about racism, but those racist Dems started it, but it’s only about southern pride, except Republicans were the ones fighting for the non-racist side, but they started a war of aggression against non-racist racist Dems for heritage and racism and slavery wasn’t even the issue!
  8. Think less wordy and more caps and you might be on the right track.
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