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  1. My kids LOVE Bob Ross. Just brings joy into the house when we watch. They like to try to draw what he’s painting.
  2. Stay strong, brother. By vote 17, it barely even registers anymore, and the accumulation of soros checks really eases any lingering guilt.
  3. Just depends. Kind of like being in Atlanta, I'm mostly in a blue-ish island in a sea of red, and the majority of people I know here all hate him. Most people were so relieved to be rid of Scott, and DeSantis started out kind of reasonable for like 3 months, so it took awhile for that hate to build. But now, most are just grossed out by him. His COVID handling has really upset many people who were actually giving him a bit of a chance. But the people I generally talk to are obviously not representative. I also know tons of hyper-conservative lawyers, and they love him, love what he's done
  4. Sticking it to DeSantis is honestly one of the only reasons I'm excited to vote for Biden here. **** that guy.
  5. I'm heartbroken for that person, truly. Can't imagine anyone dealing with such an unbelievable challenge in their life.
  6. And somehow, him saying that he would work with those Republicans, and that they would somehow become reasonable again after Trump, makes him the more electable candidate. Even though that is patently absurd.
  7. Yeah, that Republican Congress was the ******* worst. Which is why I get tired of hearing him talk about the idea that Republicans will suddenly start working with him after Trump is gone, as if they did before. Which is why I get tired of hearing this idea that Trump is the problem instead of merely a problem. And why I hate the idea of him appointing Republicans like that to his ******* cabinet. So to hear him now blame that Congress, is a bit frustrating for me.
  8. Also doesn’t look good for a guy who keeps saying that Republicans will work with him once Trump is gone.
  9. First two episodes of Peaky Blinders been pretty enjoyable. Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill both excellent so far.
  10. My dad is relatively affectionate with me, I’m much more affectionate with my son, who is a cuddle monster. But, I’m also a big believer in letting the child decide how much physical affection they want. So my daughter, who is a little bit older, goes through phases. I always try to respect those times. We’ve never been the kind of parents to force her to hug relatives or anything. If she wants to and is comfortable with it, great, but if not, that’s fine too.
  11. I feel like this would be a more devastating attack if his opponent wasn’t vice president for the eight years prior.
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