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  1. it's pretty crazy. he's only ten blocks from the 3d precinct. past few nights he's been listening to flash bangs and fire works, now it's apparently mainly silence and choppers.
  2. Apparently they also have a stash of stolen cars they're using. He's not sure they're all right-wing, but apparently a ton definitely are. Professional rioters he calls them.
  3. So my buddy who lives in downtown Minneapolis is out with his neighborhood patrolling. Basically, nazis and/or those boogaloo boys have been stashing water bottles of gasoline around neighborhoods so they can drive around and get them quickly. So him and the neighborhood are basically out there looking for it, scaring off dudes (always solo white dudes) coming into the neighborhoods. Crazy.
  4. Yeah, but only NY mayors have that authentic New York water flavor so ...
  5. Straight out of the terrorist playbook. Diabolical.
  6. Pretty sure Mike Pence would consider that assault.
  7. Thanks all. This is primarily focused on local issues, and organized by a community action committee. Think it should be free of right wing agitators and the like, but I’m watching out.
  8. Heading to what I hope and expect to be a peaceful protest.
  9. Go to twitter or other social media, you’ll find plenty.
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