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  1. Cue alt-white nationalists starting a gofundme page.
  2. I mean, they apprehended someone they knew to be crazy violent and definitely a threat to life and managed to do so without killing him after confusing his phone or pack of gum or an actual gun for a gun. So, yeah.
  3. Equating him with "invaders" after using stats that aren't reflective of his policies is racist af.
  4. Holy ****. I’m guessing those stats are wrong, meaningless, or both, but ****, this is a racist post.
  5. Ed Helms **** near ruined The Office. God he sucks.
  6. C'mon drake, everyone knows that the only real racism is that black people have BET and we can't have WET.
  7. Cool thread, would read again.
  8. "Show me proof the sky is blue." "For the last time, just look up, you ****."
  9. Dear mods, Can we please ban all future uses of and . Thanks in advance. "I love you" /boner
  10. Invasion by the National Socialist Movement, eh? ******* leftists.
  11. "Dem Lawyers Squeeze Deez Nuts: Deez Nuts to Strike Back."
  12. I’m at a sushi bar enjoying a Founders All Day, about to eat a delicious Chirashi, and I still plan on leaving work at 3:00 to partake in festivities. Ain’t no one ruining **** for me.
  13. The Democrats should adopt a new motto: "Yes we suck generally and are way too slow on the uptake. But we're somehow still worlds better than Republicans!" Not really catchy, but at least it's accurate.
  14. Surely those banks will now stop ******* their customers over at every opportunity.