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  1. I take full blame. It was lazy, derivative work on my part.
  2. "Bernie Bro": We shouldn't vote for Bloomberg because he's a racist, sexist, authoritarian oligarch, as demonstrated by his words and record. Very reasonable person: Stop slandering him. We need to come together to defeat DJT! "Bernie Bro": This is the primary, it's exactly the time to vet potential nominees and be frank about their records. And again, Bloomberg's words and record show him to be all those things. Very reasonable person: It's like you WANT Trump to be president again. Can't you just come together now? "Bernie Bro": Jesus these ******* people are idiots. Very reasonable person: AGH! Such toxic attacks from the BERNIE BROS! "Bernie Bro": *digs further into fatalistic smugness to ease the pain*
  3. Dreaming on potential is fun.
  4. Rising stars was two nights before. I’m sure Trae could’ve gone more than 15, and I have no idea why a coach would want one of his own players to play like 40+ minutes in an exhibition.
  5. Coach’s decision. Played his guy, Lowry, like 40 minutes while Trae, the starter, only played about 15. Presumably this was for “defense” late, which is hilarious because they got outscored 33-22 in the fourth. Like, you’re up 9 and only need 24 to win, and you have one of the most overwhelming offensive forces in the game on your team, and you don’t play him. Horse ****. I started rooting against Team Giannis at the end because of it. If you know you’re going to play Lowry the entire fourth, then Trae should’ve played more early. But no, even going into the fourth Lowry had almost doubled him up in minutes. FWIW, Trae had the game high in assists, with 10 in just over 15 minutes of play. Also FWIW, same **** happened to Luka, which was just as dumb.
  6. Trae already got three dimes to Giannis. From a 2021 recruiting perspective, it’s already been a rousing success.
  7. The **** song did chaka khan just sing?
  8. Was watching the beginning of that episode just a little while ago, guessing you’re finishing up the end now. His whole phone call breaks me every time.
  9. I honestly cannot fathom being in a car going 200 mph. My buddy once got his car up to 115 while I was in it, and I was terrified. I don’t think I’ve personally gone over 90, and that was too much for me. To be fair, I’m a gigantic wuss. What about yous guys? Fastest you’ve gone, either as driver or passenger?
  10. Got yer threads mixed up?
  11. Weird that they're hosting the Rising Stars challenge there tho.
  12. My sister-in-law and soon-to-be brother-in-law (so many hyphens!) are 11 years younger than me, into gaming, etc. They'd probably get it, but if I like sent it to my close friends text thread, there'd definitely be a lot of "wtf" type responses. Which is sad, because U.S. Senator from Colorado Michael Bennett is a great pay off.