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  1. Wish I could post this in the other thread.
  2. I always assumed my first ignore would be for something much cooler than this: Sponge: *makes comparison* me: that’s a bad comparison Sponge: I never compared anyone cap’t commie! me: um...yeah you did Sponge: on ignore you go.
  3. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Someone mentioned two specific people and said they would live to hear how they were the same. You responded to that with a comparison. Why wouldn’t anyone think that? Weird.
  4. Do you...do you not know what a comparison is? “same hate propaganda, different cause.”
  5. you literally compared them and then acted like you don't know one which is kinda the point. And yeah, I'm sorry if you get dog piled for saying some dumb "they the same" bs about one person who tries to help people and another who's entire thing is basically hating people. But thanks for the cool nickname anyway.
  6. It took forever to get my mom the vaccine up near where she lives in Cobb. We were waking up crazy early to call try and get them online before they ran out, calling everywhere, putting her on tons of waiting lists, etc. Eventually had to get her one in Gwinnet, which was a bit difficult for her given her condition, but glad she's gotten her first. Meanwhile, in parts of south Georgia so few people are getting them that some places are having trouble giving them away. It's to the point they're letting some of us folks from Florida come up an get them so long as we help care for an elderly
  7. How can you say they are the same then act like you don’t know about one of them? if you think they are remotely the same I would suggest you’re consuming some bs info about them.
  8. Even for trade jobs, there are frequently barriers to entry that make it difficult for people at the lowest income levels to suddenly switch to that. Some of those barriers are more subtle than others. And, it still doesn’t address the point that we have a number of industries that thrive because of paying poverty wages. If every single person that worked in those industries found jobs paying much higher wages, those businesses and industries with theoretically collapse. That’s the point. The system is built on under paying people, and no amount of good plumbing jobs and coding jobs will
  9. We got both of our kids real bows and arrows for Christmas (Why we were dumb enough to arm our young children is not the point of this conversation). From what little we have allowed them to see of the MCU, my daughter absolutely loves Hawkeye.
  10. I love the idea that there’s like this endless stream of $80k a year jobs if only more people would be willing to work hard enough for them. Sure, there are some that go unfilled. But our system is premised on underpaying people - it simply can’t accommodate everyone earning decent wages.
  11. bunch of blue maga chuds are attacking Jake Tapper - Jake ******* Tapper - for having the nerve to criticize Biden about this. Calling him a Russian asset and ****. ******* hilarious but also endlessly depressing.
  12. I don’t particularly care about Hawkeye nor do I particularly like Jeremy Renner, but he did have a pretty great joke on this point in Age of Ultron: “Okay, look. The city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense.”
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