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  1. Yeah, that's the sad part. Edit: I mean, obviously Saban is Saban, but he didn't have experience doing it either, until he did it.
  2. This is true. It is sad, though, that I can't expect my program - considered one of the best in the country - to find a way to maximize the talents of the top-recruit in the country.
  3. I for one am glad we don't have a dynamic duel threat QB who can make things happen when plays break down. I mean, where would you even find such a player?
  4. I was really more responding to this (which I failed to quote). Again, not trying to convince you of anything, and even with the courts I'd have a very, very hard time voting for Biden at this point. Hope it doesn't come to that.
  5. I respect the not voting for the lesser of two evils thing. Just pointing out (and what you obviously already know, so not for you specifically) that the president's ability to appoint federal judges at all levels is hugely impactful moving forward. SCOTUS is just part of the problem, not the end all be all.
  6. I like the part where Elizabeth Warren's response of "Marry a woman then........if you can find one" means that "They [whoever "they" are] want basic Christian doctrine stamped out, eradicated, eliminated."
  7. Republicans: "We demand our politicians and judges adhere to the text of the CONSTITUTION!" Trump: "No one has heard of Emoluments before." Republicans:
  8. You'd take the ******* Big Chicken over a Falcon's championship? I may have to petition the mods for temporary mod power so I can perma-ban you.
  9. Who wants to go halfsies with me on Trump Tower St. Louis?
  10. True true. I guess “Authoritarian Commucapitalist China” just doesn’t ring the same bell. Also, holy ****, App won and I don’t have to wear a Saints Jersey. Praise be to Eru Ilúvatar.
  11. Fair point but also, why it always gotta be “communist” China? Keep reading it and that side of the propaganda is also disturbing.
  12. It’s an option year, right?
  13. The ****? He didn’t run out a ball of the wall, and they’re pissed? Hit him twice? Meanwhile their dude is blowing kisses and they’re all hooting and hollering up 10+ runs. **** that team. Even more pissed no one came out to defend him after the HBP today.
  14. App’s gonna lose this game. My cousin from Louisiana, who is a huge Saints/LSU fan and went to UL, texted me about the game and now we have a bet. I have to post a pic of me in a Saints jersey on FB if App loses. So it’s kind of a forgone conclusion.
  15. Nah. It's baseball, random **** happens. This team was good enough to win 97 games, it was good enough to be a contender. It just so happens they're an Atlanta team, so that was never in the cards. Ha. Cards.