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  1. Im not crying YOU’RE the one who’s crying!
  2. I was so ******* proud when I got my JD, like I'd actually accomplished something challenging and worthwhile. smh *insert onion tweet about any ******* moron getting into law school*
  3. Will this be before or after the 3,000 marines storm Langley and if before, will Obama be released from Guantanamo to testify against Hillary?
  4. I haven't seen The Lighthouse yet, but I'm pretty sure "Boo. Boo. Wha'cha gonna do" is going to become a staple for me in screwing with my kids.
  5. The most DEVASTATING part of his retorts to you is that he calls you Numb Nut. Not Numb Nuts. Just one nut. You don't even get the full pair. Just demoralizing in every way, shape, and form. I'm here for you if you need support in what I can only imagine is a very trying time for you.
  6. Also, need to specifically point out that this is exactly why the publication itself deserves criticism for the op eds it decides to run. Many people can't tell the difference, and when op eds undermine facts and reality and present what are essentially talking points from the nation's 1%, the publication itself should be called out for bull****ting the public.
  7. The publication still has responsibility for the op eds it runs. That they are op eds does not mean the publication writ large should be free from criticism for deciding to run them. I hope I don't need to come up with any number of outrageous hypotheticals to make that point.
  8. I am also curious to know if the dangers of dumping on op eds in publications only extends to publications that one finds reputable. Like, is it dangerous to dump up on op eds in Breitbart? The Washington Times? The Federalist? What about on networks like Fox News or OAN? What is the alternative when one reads on op ed he finds stupid or offensive or even dangerous? To sit back and thoughtfully stroke one’s beard and say, “Fine point, good chap, thank you for contributing to the discourse”?
  9. I read the tweet, and the implication I got was that the person had read a bad article on WaPo that made what the tweeter considered a stupid argument. PG added literally nothing to that in his post. I think you're reading into something that's not there. But even if the implication is what you think - that WaPo sucks because they ran this opinion column - that is still far from what you were originally concerned about, i.e. that WaPo should not run articles by conservative authors. The former is entirely valid - if a publication is running articles (even op-eds) that espouse ideas that a reader finds bad, stupid, or offensive, then the reader and others have the right to think that publication sucks and may want to choose not to read it, or to alert others about the fact that it sucks.
  10. I’m Confused about the point you’re trying to make. Neither the tweeter nor PG said WaPo shouldn’t publish articles by conservatives. The tweeter just pointed out that they published what he felt was a dumb and bad article. If you’re a newspaper, you maybe should expect that people who disagree with your articles will publicly say so.
  11. Riiiiiiiight. That’s why they did it. *wink*
  12. I love all of you. Except @mdrake34. He knows what he did.
  13. Ah. Well, that at least makes more sense.
  14. Is exactly what Erdogan is asking right now. So let me get this straight: Some third party writes a book that I guess is unfavorable to Turkey, and he gets to come to the White House, and that's supposed to be a taste of what Trump can do to destroy Turkey's economy? "God help me, next I'll invite those people who gave Turkey a bad rating on Yelp. YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!"
  15. No. Nope. That can't be real. I don't believe it. I won't. No no no. Nope.