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  1. Generally, the first part is not how it works.
  2. It's not what you think. It's called My Mustache: A Lifelong Love Story, and it will mostly be in iambic pentameter.
  3. 6 penalties to 1. If you care about such things.
  4. Dude went to the wrong bench. How the **** did he clear the concussion protocol?
  5. Why would anyone feel threatened by you and your ilk?
  6. The best part of that was when he said "I'm not vain." Classic.
  7. With laws that "rule of law" conservatives would seemingly want to comply?
  8. Think I'm implementing a new criteria for candidates based on the ol' "who you'd rather have a beer with" test, but more in line with my values. For those that watched the debates, who would you most like to (1) smoke some weed and chill with, (2) eat some mushrooms and go camping with, and (3) drop some acid and get weird with? Thanks in advance.
  9. Well I guess conservative christians were right ... gays are not to be trusted.
  10. It's interesting that if you type "god" followed by a space and then "****," the board still edits "god." GOD IS A BAD WORD!
  11. Pretty ******** accurate.
  12. Um ... I'm not sure you know what a "threat" is.
  13. Nah. By 2040, our forced gender conversion camps, SJW subconscious training protocols, and art installations made entirely from confiscated assault rifles will have rendered the entire populace too passive and ineffectual to leave anything. Also, everyone will have excellent healthcare.
  14. Ugh. I immediately retract that last post and will accept whatever punishment this board deems proper.