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  1. Looks like we'll need to keep that @achilles return post copied to the clipboard for easy access.
  2. Fun with unrelated posts.
  3. Sorry bro, couldn't hear you over all these tasty grooves.
  4. It's not just the pick, it's the money attached to it, without which we'll have a much harder time signing the guys we want in the first round (or later). Given our international restrictions for the next couple years, we really have to nail some drafts. The QO system is ******* stupid, but it's there. Each day we get further into the season it makes less sense to give up the pick to sign him.
  5. Yeah, "Fake News Agency Confirms It Is Not Fake News" won't fly very far with chud-like creatures.
  6. I'm an alt of a memory, a spectre of a doppelganger, an apparition of a dream that occurred inside the mind of a fantasy.
  7. I really think Wario ruined the Mario Bros. series of games.
  8. God, just once couldn't that idiot be right?
  9. Agreed. People should just retain the same screen names for integrity and clarity.
  10. At this point, definitely don't give up the draft pick to get him. Way too much slot money attached to it, and given our restrictions on international signings, we have to really do well in our drafts. QO system sucks, is what I'm saying.
  11. Agreed. Obviously a modern civil war in America could be resolved quite quickly.
  12. Must...not....make...poorly timed...tasteless joke....
  13. Eh...he scored and assisted at basically unprecedented rates for a rookie, and did so against many playoff teams. You could tell the way teams respected him throughout the year, constantly doubling and trapping and doing anything to get the ball out of his hand. He struggled with some longer excellent defenders (as most players do), but scored well against plenty of others. His ball handling is out of this world, his floater is getting to be unstoppable, and I have no doubt his 3P% will come up (though he'll never get to rarefied air there). I'm fairly confident he'll easily be a 20+ pt scorer in this league, and probably a 10+ assist guy. And even if you continue to think Luka is the better player through their careers (which could certainly happen), I'm also confident you'll look back at some point and think "why the **** did I ever think it was smart to agree with Skip ******* Bayless." I mean, I'd just as easily worry about Luka being the go-to guy in playoff games ... don't think I want that guy on the foul line in a clutch situation.
  14. ****, Manfred might give them the Infinity Gauntlet for this **** they're pulling off.