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  1. Lol. If rightwingers didn't have false equivalencies ...
  2. My CD rack only has like 23 open spaces left in it.
  3. You don't get to call yourself a social moderate if your fiscal conservatism leads to you to continually vote for people who are adamantly socially conservative as well. Basically, you're fiscally "**** everyone else" and that's it.
  4. Trump isn't a racist, he's just a huge Happy Gilmore fan.
  5. I mean, he's right. Before the 2016 GOP primary, they rarely said the quiet part out loud. But now, it's like all the ******* time. America mourns for the good ol' days of quiet, dignified, poorly hidden racism.
  6. Some real ******* ghouls in this thread. And America. And everywhere. ****.
  7. Yes to the first part and on the second, he won both because of and despite being Donald Trump and the elites had to simply adjust to him getting elected in one of the strangest elections ever in which he got almost three million less votes than the other person.
  8. Why would you think he started misspelling words and tweeting out crazy tweets about haters and stuff just to **** with liberals when he's literally done that kind of **** for years and years before politics? Again, I don't think he's too dumb to spell simple words. I think he feels the desperate compulsion to **** out tweets at all hours about any dumb ******* topic and sometimes his fat ******* fingers can't keep up with the odd narcissistic thoughts trying to escape his head.
  9. Like, do you really think he does/says/tweets this **** because some strategic advisors are telling him: "Ok, so first, stay up crazy late watching Fox News. In fact, watch Fox News 14 hours a day. Then, tweet off firestorms literally anytime someone says anything about you, liberals, the media, products, football, or celebrities. Get into twitter feuds with star athletes. and definitely speak in long, often incoherent sentences that inevitably return to glorifying you in some way." I mean, it's so much more probable that a bunch of ****** right-wingers saw the opportunity to exploit him to achieve their ends. Sometimes it works, because his inane tweeting and speaking covers for the **** they're trying to do through him. Sometimes it backfires because his inane tweeting and speaking exposes the **** they're trying to do through him.
  10. Edit: well ****, this is the wrong thread.
  11. Except I've not said "he's stupid therefore...," despite you trying to frame it like that. I've said he's acting exactly as he has for the past several decades, and that nothing about his behavior over the past several decades has suggested he has the kind of thoughtfulness you describe while everything about how he's acted the past several decades suggests that what he currently does is driven by narcissism and desperate need for attention. Likewise, all of the evidence and reporting on him shows he frequently ignores and undermines those "people who have spent their adult lives trying to figure out how to upend perceived liberal bias in the media" because again, he doesn't have the patience, subtlety, humility, or intellectual curiosity to consistently stick with some sort of thoughtful plan of attack. I just think it's reasonable to assume that when Trump says/does/tweets dumb ****, it's much more likely a result of the same tendencies that caused him to say/do/tweet stupid **** in the past than it is to assume it's because he's implementing a strategic plan. I mean, I'd love it if I could find that old @Psychic Gibbon post and edit it: Trump: *hits himself in the balls with a hammer* Owwww. Us: "what the ****" Serge, chuckling: "he's playing y'all like a fiddle."
  12. Like literally, you're giving him credit for things of which there is no evidence he is capable or willing to do, while ignoring his exact same behavior for the 20 years before he became president.
  13. Again, all I've said is that the easiest explanation for his behavior is that he's exactly as he's always been. You're suggesting a level of subtlety and thoughtfulness he's really never displayed. And in the process, you're assigning causation to him for the things that happen after he acts like he's always acted, but without showing a causal relationship (and when, in fact, he's acted just the opposite, e.g., shining light on and undermining his agenda through the exact same outbursts and fights that occasionally mask the agenda).. And, you keep giving this "dumber than dog****" response to me, when I literally just clarified, again, that I've only called him "not-so-bright," not as some drooling moron.
  14. First, I've been saying he's "not-too-bright" and the like, not that he's a "total dumb***." To the extent I've said something like the latter before, I assure you it was hyperbole. Second, it's not coincidence. He picks fights in very public ways because that's what he's always done. He's obsessive and impulsive, and craves attention and verification-of-his-genius above basically everything else.. And he fawns over dictators not as part of some scheme, but because he likes that they can do whatever the **** they want and sees himself similarly. And what I've just described also describes basically how he's always been and the people he's fawned over. What you're describing would be completely out of character for him, as if at age 70 he just became this other person whose compulsive narcissistic rants for attention are something more than that, more than what they've always been. Like I've said, the apparatus around him is basically exactly as you have described. But there is little evidence that he has ever been capable of the kind of systemic, subtle, thoughtful actions that you're attributing to him, yet you seem to think everyone else has it wrong about him. He's no more what you describe than he is what the right-ring describes (some crime fighting genius super man), he is exactly who he has always been. Just now he's doing it from the White House.