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  1. Jaeden Graham time
  2. Marcus Mariota 2.0
  3. Goldberg, Bill Goldberg WWF legend played for us pretty funny.
  4. I have a feeling Blank may get rid of TD and give Quinn one more season with a new GM. Anyone else think something along those lines?
  5. At this point I honestly feel like we would lose. What do you think?
  6. Definitely would help our running game and we can all get a kick out of it in all seriousness though he would help us...
  7. Trade Freeman, trade Trufant, cut or trade Sanu, trade Allen, let Beasley walk, cut Sambrailo, cut Carpenter, cut Brown. Then let the new coach preferably someone established like Jim Harbaugh or a qualified newcomer like Lincoln Riley rebuilt the team to their strengths.
  8. Jim F***ing Harbaugh... Hopefully he gets fired by Michigan and AB Signs him up knows how to start a fire under a teams a** and win some games.
  9. Pretty much only ay Michigan he did pretty well in the NFL.
  10. Yea I still have a little hope still watch the games start to finish no matter how frustrating it gets. At this point I’m just hoping maybe Matt Ryan can set a personal passing record or something to make the games worth watching.
  11. I kind of like the matchup for us seems like a winable game. Unless our Defense makes Goff look like the second coming of Kurt Warner
  12. Who would be our slot receiver then Gage. Rather keep him
  13. Anyone else see it differently? Rams L Seahawks L Saints L Panthers L Bucs W Saints L Panthers L Niners L Jags L Bucs L This is what it seems like with how we’ve played these last 4 weeks anyone disagree? What are your predictions?
  14. The offense always plays at a level good enough to win, but with the pop warner level defense we’ve seen the last few games we have no chance. Unless something drastically changes we have no shot.
  15. Because this team looks like a steaming pile of garbage... need something to look forward to like a high draft pick and a whole new front office/head coach.
  16. Jim Harbaugh! A great coach could definitely turn this around. He has that fire you love to see in a head coach and his players want to play for him. Hopefully Michigan fires him and Arthur comes a callin’ he was great with the niners.
  17. Did you not watch his 49ers tenure?
  18. Book it cuz that’s what he’s gonna need for this team to win on Sunday
  19. F*** no he is as vanilla as they come. We need fresh blood in and out fire everyone.
  20. Get him a f***ing offensive genius when he had one he was MVP of the league...
  21. He didn’t make it oh so close...
  22. Hahaha good one
  23. Yea f***ing right someone had to do it
  24. Falcons (1-4)Playoff percentage: 4.2%Change: DOWN 6.9%Next game: at CardinalsSuper Bowl chances: 0.07 Pretty high chance being we’re 1-4