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  1. Bring him home TD he can do some damage with The ice man. What do you all think?
  2. Let’s go TD and DQ cheap prove it deal.
  3. Seems kind of odd he has no reported visits maybe he’s going to be resigned
  4. He can play the DQ swiss army knife role nickel lb too cover Tight ends and still have rico at fs on 3rd downs
  5. Bring him home TD!
  6. Hopefully we go after resigning poe if not sheldon richardson is an option. Others hopefully we look at tahir whitehead Justin pugh Jordan matthews eric decker Tyler eifert Marcus sherels kony ealy plenty of quality free agents left either as role players or starters let’s go TD and DQ
  7. Haven’t seen anything besides interested in ASJ and Dickson anyone else hear anything?
  8. Still better then him returning to the Taints definitely rather not see him twice a year.
  9. Good luck turbo https://mobile.twitter.com/ZachKleinWSB/status/973652499780468742?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  10. I think it’s just money that can’t be used on other players.
  11. Yea says if they don’t reach a deal by march 14th they will have 18m in dead cap space.
  12. Bean Rice and Cheese? Lmao oh wait that was a D
  13. Anyone is better than roberts. Wasn’t weems also our special teams captain when he was here? Even if he doesn’t come back as our return man maybe would help our special teams
  14. Cheap efficient return man bring him home TD! Or just special teams ace in general. Wasn’t he our special teams captain when he was here?