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  1. Where’s Sean Harlow?
  2. Ridley already in th the Falcons weight room working and excited to be here (per his instagram story) that’s great another hard worker in th building. https://www.instagram.com/justdoit_cb3
  3. Redzone redzone redzone he’s still a TD machine in the redzone why not on a vet minimum deal?
  5. Definitely seems like what we needed I’ve had the feeling we’d draft an offense weapon all offseason. Extremely surprised Ridley was still there!
  6. Take our offense to the next level again.
  7. Seriously!?!? Why isn’t DQ all over this?
  8. Let’s get more fire power on offense then draft Defensive tackle and guard 2nd/3rd round we need a game breaking TE for sure Hooper is serviceable, but not great. Another playmaking WR would definitely help the offense too. Defense is already in great shape Grady can play almost every snap and we can rotate a second/third round rookie DT with a cheap veteran free agent for the other spot.
  9. F*** yea no more watching weak teams on thanksgiving
  10. Probably a cheap low risk flyer think we have any interest in the former 3rd round pick that can play center or guard?
  11. Never really paid attention when he was on the Cards does he return kick and punts?
  12. F*** yea he sucked!
  13. Bring him home TD he can do some damage with The ice man. What do you all think?
  14. Let’s go TD and DQ cheap prove it deal.
  15. Seems kind of odd he has no reported visits maybe he’s going to be resigned