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  1. Taco Charlton released by Cowboys any chance we take a look? I know we looked at him heavily during that draft.
  2. Also anyone else see Brian Poole blow the coverage on that 80 something yard TD by Beckham? Man that was bad.
  3. This game was not as bad as it seems we played like total dog poop and only allowed 28 points. Our offense will get on track next week and beat the Eagles bet on it!
  4. Gameday less than 24 hours away!
  5. 31-14 Falcons
  6. I’ve been doing these for years over a few different user names especially after the board change a few years back messed up my old account lol
  7. Let’s go out and whoop the Viqueens. Go Falcons!
  8. Danny Etling cleared waivers and was signed to our practice squad just now.
  9. Maybe Ollison to FB and Ortiz still cut
  10. No one else on the team can cost us games like a kicker when we need a kick to win or tie the game
  11. Well it’s pretty much a done deal at this point Quinn can’t risk this team’s season and his job on a kicker
  12. I made a thread during the Jets preseason game about Tachecchio not being the answer and I got flamed. Oh how the tables have turned...
  13. I’m hoping not I just seen it on Twitter if I remember correctly it was a falcons reporter.
  14. I seen somewhere that he can’t sign until September 12th (After week 1) because we cut him.