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  1. At this point the whole coaching staff needs to be cleared out TD too. Start from scratch it obviously isn’t working anymore.
  2. This team just shoots itself in the foot over and over.
  3. I think it was 53 yards, but it’s a cold weather game it was just short.
  4. At this point this crap is expected
  5. If he didn’t have the weakest oline in the league and could actually set his feet then he’d be fine see 2016 hit on plenty of deep passes fine.
  6. Which one fills a bigger need if they’re available when we pick?
  7. This is what happens when the defense can’t stop the run the other team controls the clock and the game. Absolutely no way to win if you can’t stop the run. The Ravens were getting 4-6 yards on every first down run.
  8. Fire Sark right after this sh** show. We fu***** blow. Offense was great under Shanny a joy to watch under Sark it’s horrible watching every game this year has been extremely sad.
  9. That’s what a timeout is for you don’t run that dumba** play.
  10. F*** no he won’t be here.
  11. Like what run right at them when they stacked the box like C’Mon man everyone amd their mama seen that one coming!?!?
  12. With all the spelling and grammar errors in that sentence this has to be a thirteen year old madden player.
  13. Get the f*ck off my board!
  14. Wouldn’t that be insane after the way we looked the last two weeks and how they have looked the last nine weeks.