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  1. Go be a fan of a different team if you don’t like our Franchise QB 😷
  2. Why not still looked good with the Rams last year. Cheap one year deal.
  3. This draft was let’s just say unexpected. We literally drafted players no one else expected us to draft. Hopefully it turns out for us.
  4. The 3rd round pick that was supposed to be a starter for us then got traded for a back up safety, yeah that guy.
  5. Definitely my thinking hopefully not Duke Riley 2.0.
  6. Seriously though reminiscent of the Corey Peters pick. From what I see he’s a good coverage Linebacker. Hopefully he works out
  7. Trade down with the Pats for 23 and their 2 third rounders.
  8. Hopefully simmons would dominate in Our defense.
  9. Heard Cardinals were interested in Simmons, but Murray was fighting for his college teammate Lamb lets see if they make their QB happy.
  10. Hoping they make a dumb decision and take a receiver Rhule is an offensive guy lol
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