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  1. Didn’t know we even had him around and not to mention he is only 24 and now an Offensive coordinator for Lane Kiffin at FAU. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/22132194/florida-atlantic-coach-lane-kiffin-hires-charlie-weis-jr-offensive-coordinator
  2. Why would we trade one of the corner stones of our defense he’s our enforcer.
  3. Oh well would have made it so a FG ties it there.
  4. Would have even been better off just running a pitch play with Coleman better chance than that crap.
  5. If you can’t catch it just swat it down
  6. Sarkisian yea we know
  7. Let the seahawks have that scrub Sarkisian f*** him!!!!
  8. Let’s go we got this!!!
  9. Let’s gooooooo!!!!!!
  10. Let’s get this TD infront of your hometown and win this f***ing thing then tell them to get the f*** of your field let’s go Matty ice magic time!