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  1. Motivates the players more being under dogs seems like this team definitely embraces that role.
  2. Have you guys seen the “expert” picks this week everyone is picking against us even though the seacocks are extremely injured. Just like everyone picked against us last week we will beat them in primetime on MNF and show the world the Falcons are for real.
  3. He will get a starting no somewhere maybe the Browns he will not want to be a backup especially for Matt Ryan who is rarely injured.
  4. Definitely seems like it that’s when we hit out turning point last year on defense seems like he’s back to doing it.
  5. I seen him yelling out plays to the defense and putting up hand signals is he calling it again?
  6. They seemed to block beautifully on that last drive.
  7. Offense and defense!
  8. Man they’re looking good today!
  9. I feel like we should trade this dude to the browns.
  10. Falcons turn it around and look like last years team making this a statement game matty ice with 350 yards 4TDs no ints, freeman with 127 yards rushing 1TD Julio makes up for his drop and goes for 220 yards receiving 3TDs. Defense smacks dak all day like they did Rodgers earlier this year Beasley 2 sacks and a Forced fumble, Debo with a sack and an int, Poole with a sack and int and last, but not least Alford gets no penalties/team gets no dumb 15 yard penalties to erase big plays.
  11. Yea I thought about that too.
  12. Seems like consistent TE play has always helped out Matt Ryan Bring him home TD!
  13. Lmao I wish i was him I’d fire myself
  14. It is after 8 games 59.5 QBR this season 2015 was 69.6 QBR his worst QBR besides this year was 2009 and his QBR was 64.9.
  15. The dropped passes are really killing our offense clean it up and we can beat anyone.