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  1. Yea I remembered that after I posted it, but I mean guys like Turner, Roddy, and quite a few others that never caught on anywhere
  2. Lmao true that’s what i was thinking
  3. https://instagram.com/mottafy?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1nkxbpg91ugib always amazes me how most players cut by the falcons or let go in free agency almost never catch on anywhere else.
  4. Weird I made this same post last week about the Panties when everyone in here was being scared little ****** saying we were gonna lose...
  5. I don’t hear any noise in here now where you guys that were talking all that s*** at now?
  6. Matty F****** Ice!! That is all.
  7. Wherr are all the naysayers now?
  8. There’s one prediction correct wasn’t a smash, but was a sack!
  9. I can’t wait for all the crow you so called fans eat after we win the game sunday by at least 10 points. We haven’t started 0-2 since 2007 how about that stat.
  10. 31-10 Falcons Cam gets smashed by Brian Poole on a CB blitz.
  11. Why even be on the board or even a fan at that if you don’t believe in the team?
  12. We get on track Ryan has at least 300 yards and 3tds no ints, and our defense plays just as well as last week even without our two big losses. What’s your prediction?
  13. Lmfao how dumb can our fans be we lost two players great players, but this is A TEAM sport the super bowl window is still wide open.
  14. Ray Edwards
  15. True our last big splash move that actually worked out was good ol Tony G.