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  1. As bad as I want to, I'm too cheap to do it 😂
  2. Man I promise i will trade my yard for dirt any day of the week. I buy grass killer to take care of half of the backyard but with all of this rain we've gotten this summer, it's been a complete wash. I always tell my wife how I hear about men talk about they want a house with a yard this and that. Not me. I'll take a yard full of sand over grass.
  3. Once you hit a certain age, it feels like we sit back asking how did we do a lot of things lol. You don't know how often I contemplate paying someone to come cut my grass now. 45 minutes in the heat is death
  4. True words Find another movie that makes you happy. Problem solved
  5. Not sure if this is sarcasm or not but thanks
  6. It's not an issue for us at all. That's why there's the option to move threads. Those threads will get the same treatment as this one
  7. The Falcons will not even be considering this.
  8. They trust the scheme. They lost 7 games last season by less than a touchdown, mostly due to incompetent coaching, a blunder by Gurley and a goof of an onside return. I would think that the first thing they want to do before running out to sign players that no other team is signing is find out exactly what they're working with currently on roster then go from there.
  9. TBH, I've always appreciated players from overseas more than American born players. Americans are too flashy. International players seem to actually care about the game.
  10. Do we really have to go through this today? Over a player that isn't even on the freaking team.
  11. I used to be that guy that went above and beyond when I worked for that other group. Once a supervisor told me how they were plotting on me, I fell back and went into observation mode. Could tell you everything but it would be too much to type on the phone lol. All I can say is that I'm much happier now
  12. I see that all the time at our plant. The hardest, best workers that actually care always get the shaft. They tried their best to get me for years but they goofed up when they allowed me to talk to the corporate HR manager. Now they can't touch me since I work for another group but there's a couple who still try
  13. Which is why I always say what I say about employees impacting other employees when they want to pull off stunts just to stay out of work. But of course I always get push back here when I make those statements 🤷🏾‍♂️. I got no sympathy for anyone who gets fired for trying to cheat the system.
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