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  1. I figured they could expose this secondary from the moment I rewatched their game against the Redskins. Keep attacking deep and don’t let up. That interception was some bs but it’s all good
  2. That’s all they know. Keep beating their ***** deep. This could easily be a 2 score lead right now
  3. They can NOT stop the ball. Scores easily 17-3 right now if Matt connects on the last drive. Keep the ball in the air and put the game out of reach
  4. If you take it as a jab then I guess so. Like I said, boy shut up and stop whining. You been on here all day and you avoided responding til now. The ***** dead so let it die. You missed out on your chance to argue about it
  5. Lol boy shut up and stop whining. You waited all day to respond. ***** been over
  6. It’s another reason why we shouldn’t take Quinn offseason talk serious at all lol
  7. Didn’t we discuss this the other day. I told you if he was inactive again tonight then i gotta believe it’s something behind the scenes. I’m gonna guess bad practice habits or simply not seen as being better than the guys ahead of him
  8. Yeah they showed him on the sidelines again with his helmet on and that hand was kinda behind his back but you could tell it was taped up.
  9. They just showed him. His right hand still has tape on it. The injury is his right hand isn’t it
  10. From the few throws I’ve actually looked at he looks pretty inaccurate. Granted, I haven’t really watched much of the game so that’s to be taken with a grain of salt
  11. Yeah his was the wheelchair one. Hendu was the girl with the military boyfriend.
  12. So what you’re saying is, and correct me if my conclusion is incorrect, you sir, want all the smoke?
  13. Nice
  14. Been wondering the same. Games on tv but I’m not really watching
  15. He may have a new name completely. I do remember that thread though. That was the first thread I remember to really go off the rails. 20+ pages iirc
  16. The responses he received that night **** sure had no scripts
  17. I tried searching for that user name and nothing came up. He probably changed it or had the mods delete his account completely. I think you’re right, his last avatar was Him in a darth Vader costume or something. Wasnt the boyfriend in a wheelchair or something and he still got friend zoned?
  18. The JBHENDU thread was deleted. Dude was friend zoned by a girl who had a military boyfriend. She broke his heart and he decided to come to the boards and let us know. Man why did he do that. It was over from there
  19. I’m almost certain his name was jbhendu but I can’t do a proper search from my phone
  20. If I could remember his name I would look for it. As bad as dude got roasted that night though I’m sure that thread is archived and completely out of sight.