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  1. Not close to that but we have the same situation with Covid cases. They try to brush **** under the rug but when we find out all **** breaks loose. I'll never forget a few months ago, they sent the girl home that works right outside of my door and brought a cleaning crew in as if we wouldn't find out. What they do is call people who have been in contact to HR and tell them to keep it on the hush. Bruh this is a 98% black employed plant. We aint keeping that on the hush lol
  2. That gotta be overseas. People ain't doing that **** over here
  3. My first post would have been golden had the title been Gave Jacksob
  4. I didn't even notice until now 🤣
  5. This has potential to slaughter Have Hiv Sop Dap
  6. Now that'll hurt. We don't have an Applebee's here anymore
  7. I used to wear these everywhere like they were a pair of Air Max 95's Vonmay - VONMAY Men's Moccasin Slippers Fuzzy House Shoes Fluffy Fur Home Warm Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor - Walmart.com - Walmart.com
  8. All that dam crying in Spider Man 3 killed the entire Trio Andrew was solid. Tom just fits the part. I may be bias because of his age and I prefer these characters to actually be on the younger side IRL
  9. The grand benefits of working 40-44 hours a week. I get to qualify for a lot of stuff that my co workers don't and I'm okay with that. The last huge doctor/hospital bill that I had, I only paid $20 and my slate was clean 😎
  10. Phil better not buy that limited edition Switch for $1400
  11. dang. the disk version was up for quite some time too. Next time
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