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  1. Just give up while you’re ahead. You’ve run out of material
  2. Last I paid any attention, I think the loser got like 30k and the winner got 50k. I haven’t checked in about 6 years though
  3. They signed a multi year deal in 2016 to have it in Orlando. By the time the players fly their families out for the trip and all the extra **** they buy, that little chump change they make from the game is meaningless
  4. They haven’t been in Hawaii for quite a few years now
  5. It’s Orlando
  6. I’ll have to read that on the computer at work. I been up since 1 this morning. That’s too much for my eyes on the phone lol
  7. Yep. I’m not the biggest freeman guy but I give props where they’re due. Yep. People can hate on NE all they want but them dudes know how to win. Just based on everything you hear former guys say, that’s a freakin family frfr. They ain’t gotta push all this brotherhood ********. It all starts with Brady
  8. Man Trent Brown was a flippin 7th round pick. There’s talent throughout the draft. Good coaches know how to use them. Good post
  9. I would do it until they stop it lol. You can mix in some crossers with the wr as well. Screw trying to be fancy with long drawn out routes.
  10. That’s why I said dink and dunk it
  11. No that’s just common sense
  12. Brown is another example of finding gems outside of the first round. Man was a 7th round pick and now one of the best tackles in the league. I'd take em
  13. It's one thing to be upset about the no call but to go through the extent that the Saints players and fans are going to, it's unwarranted. Like every team, no game ever gets determined by the officials in reality. In that point of the game it's ****ed if you do, ****ed if you don't as a ref. There are missed calls every week, there are blown calls every week but at the end of the day the teams have to hold themselves accountable for allowing themselves to be put in position to lose in the first place. Instead of pointing at the refs, why not open your eyes and ask yourself, "okay, what did we do wrong". I know I never played beyond high school and my opinion on that is irrelevant but while we would say ref this ref that, our coaches made it a point to show us where we screwed up as a unit. BTW, they aint restarting the game so they may as well get over it and try again next season like the other 29 teams that will be watching from home
  14. Trust me I get it. it's nothing new for me though. just another thing to make me laugh at the end of the day. there's a few who take this wayyy to serious. heck I was even called a saint fan the other night because I was trying to have a legit conversation about what happened lol. If you don't do what they do, it's a problem. F em lol
  15. yoooooo lol
  16. he's just mad.
  17. might go 187, never know lol
  18. Lol. Why can’t I ever get these calls
  19. too much to type. sorry about your disability
  20. The fantasy football and video games section is pretty much dead. How many of you guys play video games and keep up with new games coming out. If there is a good bit I'm wondering if we could just start putting news in here as long as everyone is grown about it meaning no spamming threads or bringing unnecessary negativity even though there are some that we don't like but others may. If some are on board maybe I can talk Monoxide into pinning a thread for games. I'll pay him no attention, that may convince him lol.
  21. Get some tissue or be a man and stop crying over nothing. You flipped humor into your own BS. Like I said, if you don't like it, block it. I don't post here to satisfy your hunger for Falcon talk.
  22. You aint even gotta be a techie these days, they got apps that makes everything simple lol