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  1. This year is already starting on a downward path to not being so great. Appreciate life while ya still have it

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    2. Charles Wright

      Charles Wright

      Yeah you know, no one can tell you how you feel. Especially if they haven't been there. But they mean well, so forgive and walk on. Pain is a part of life for sure but heartbreak is way beyond the pale.

    3. ya_boi_j


      Thanks for the words. The day started off rough(obvious since I made this status update) but once my mind stopped scrambling things started getting smooth again. I sat there at my desk for about 2 hours just thinking and thinking. Then i came back to reality and realized it was just his time and in a better place. 

    4. Ezekiel 25:17

      Ezekiel 25:17

      @Andrews_31 Man, when my Mom past I know EXACTLY how you were feeling! The doctor tried to comfort me and can within an inch of an @ss whoopin, since I still think he was part of the reason she isn't here! 

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