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  1. this post alone makes me keep my smart *** comment to myself. great post
  2. And they could use help at wr
  3. If anyone on that list gets him, I hope it’s the Patriots
  4. Well incarcerated bob has a pretty decent following. I’ll stay open minded on this one
  5. Dayummmmmm
  6. I was fortunate that week. My opponent had him on the bench but started watson
  7. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/doctor-strange-multiverse-madnesss-villains-revealed/?fbclid=IwAR3USwSThH3e2q4zgODJWyxznExnahaDnA28lIpgLDmIouBlWubZPMpo7r4
  8. Completely agree. I've always downplayed the picks because I know it isn't what he does but you're exactly right when you say it's only a turnover if the defense recovers. Honestly I've never even looked at a FF in that light.
  9. That’s the thing with Neal. Say you play out the 5th year option and he stays healthy, it’s possible he wants what Collins got or somewhere in the area. That’s where you have to make the toughest decision. I know everyone keeps saying such and such came back after this and that injury but fail to mention that no two players are alike.
  10. I agree on all 3. Honestly after Neal was injured this season I was kinda hoping they’d do their due diligence on every SS available via draft or FA and rescind his 5th year option and move on. I like him but never been in love with him. I’m more of an offensive guy over defense so I won’t pretend to know how each of the 3 fits and where they excel.
  11. I'm not going to pretend I have a clue about half of what I just read. But what would you do with Neal, Allen and Trufant
  12. I agree
  13. He's probably the smartest here when it comes to breaking down plays but he's on the same level as most of us when it comes to judging players, sometimes he's right, sometimes he's wrong and that's not a knock on him so I hope he doesn't take that the wrong way.
  14. If the Chiefs don't learn how to beat man press, they aren't going anywhere at all this year except back to the drawing board. They're defense isn't going to win them any games.