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  1. Same thing as a pm
  2. He should be thankful
  3. I know
  4. I don’t even like to retweet a lot of things out of respect for the few people that I actually conversation with let alone would I put on here like a dumb ***
  5. So some dumb **** that he knew better than to post
  6. I don’t know what he posted but ban his ***
  7. Who the **** is going to pay him that kind of money?
  8. You do know that all you have to do is click on his YouTube profile and you can see the others don’t you
  9. 3? Shid that **** will fill up the front page
  10. I’ll be glad when he actually does something or isn’t a falcon anymore. He’s getting way too much attention for no real reason
  11. I know the feels. I ****** around and got the game pass deal $1 for 3 months. Downloaded 5 games I’ve been wanting to play then deleted because they were boring lol. I really wanna play more than madden and fortnite but I get bored so easily. I need to change the way I approach games
  12. It’s just copy and paste.