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  1. If you're gonna view my profile, leave a comment. Mods and members :owned:

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    2. PokerSteve


      Got no clue what these status updates are or what they're for, but I want to officially report in! Or status updated, or something like that....


    3. Doug M

      Doug M

      You're dreaming. Nevermind, then, I'm off ya.

    4. ya_boi_j
  2. Why is knomercy checking my profile out?  Didn't I say he was a stalker

  3. You all know why I'm here

  4. Screw this. I'm going to sleep

  5. Listening to Future's debut cd Pluto

  6. Now I understand why people make fun of Falcon fans

  7. Wifey is making me go to Wal-Mart. I'm outta here

  8. This is starting to get boring

  9. I'm sleepy and a little tipsy. I guess I'll go to bed

  10. Finally someone stepped up and put Drake in his place. Thank you Luda. You killed 2 birds with 1 stone

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    2. ya_boi_j


      Pull up the song "Bada Boom" on youtube. He's referring to when Drake said something about Luda stealing his flow and something Big Sean said a year ago

    3. Statick


      I pulled it up. Man. Luda went OFF. He's spoke nothing but truth on that one. Drake and dude better leave this one alone, but you know they won't.

    4. ya_boi_j


      They are trying to downplay it like they didn't say anything. I'm a Drake fan but he is starting to act a little to cocky for me. Not really to high on Big Sean though.

  11. Busta, Luda and Blind Fury just ripped tha cypher

  12. Talkin bout baby money, I got yo baby money

  13. Listening to Tha Carter 4.

  14. My daughter just gave me the prettiest puppy face ever. God I'm gonna hate it when she gets older.

  15. Listening to Watch The Throne

    1. B^rooklyn


      Everyone iS .

    2. ya_boi_j


      Gotta Have It is my joint

    3. GEORGIAfan




  16. Anybody else gonna watch Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension tomorrow??

  17. People on this site and the minus button. SMH

  18. I've been at my current job for 2 years and already got promoted to senior operator. I wonder why all those clowns keep hating on me lol



      Congrats....Now where do you work?...So I can take your job :)

    2. ya_boi_j


      No way Jose lol

  19. I ate some peaches with a little ice cream this morning. Guess I wont be going anywhere today.

    1. Summerbunny
    2. Lou_Dog


      moving to the ocuntry gonna eat me alot of peaches. moving to the country gonna eat me alot of peaches.

  20. Someone is getting a little cocky around here

  21. I believe that whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you.....STRANGER

  22. Cant sleep. Had to put a family member in check for disrespecting my house

  23. Listening to the new Lil Wayne mixtape. Sorry For The Wait

  24. Ready for NCAA 12 to arrive Tuesday. To bad I can't play until Friday or Saturday :(

  25. A storm came through and ruined the west side of my town. Tore a very large piece of siding off of the mill I work at. Knocked down several trees, large and small. I am thankful no one was injured.