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  1. I believe year 2 he cracks 1000 yards with 8+ tubs. He hit that rookie wall hard this past season and I think Dirk will use him more effectively.
  2. I personally think he would flourish as a 3-4 rusher but it would have to be a TJ Watt situation where you have established hogs up front as well. I thought that leading up to the trade deadline as well and wasn't shocked to hear his name brought up but would be interesting to know what teams called.
  3. I wouldn't be against letting Shraeder go. I honestly never believed he was worth his contract but i'm like that with a lot of people so my opinion is irrelevant on contracts lol. If the rescind and attempt to lower Vic's rate and convert to a one year prove it deal, if he rejects does he become an URFA??
  4. Too much faith in the players and not the systems in place
  5. The downside to making further cap moves is breaking up productive core groups already in place. at the current moment, Sanu looks to be the last remaining that can be cut to save a lot of money and he's probably the 1 guy I don't want to lose at all. Julio may be the productive stat guy but Sanu is the general on offense IMO. That one would sting but on the backside I have trust in Gage
  6. I'll take your word for it as I don't know anything about him
  7. The problem with Alexander is he's coming off his rookie deal so you gotta think he's about to get his payday. IMO Campbell was good last year for the deck he was dealt last season, Foye definitely improved after getting more reps. I think Quinn feels comfortable with that trio. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Thomas Davis at all. He and Debo would excel in the pass game together while dropping Campbell down on the line. That goes back to what I said earlier, certain splash moves don't have to be made if you get creative and use guys right. I'm sure it isn't going to work out that way but it's an option. Doing a quick look at Donovan Smith, because I know nothing about him, he has 24 career penalties, I don't know if that's the guy I want to look at if I'm the GM. He would purely be for emergency purposes
  8. I'll put it this way, if he can he had and it still allows other positions to be upgraded outside of the draft, I have no issue. I wouldn't agree with Grady making $15-$16 mill a year but that's out of my control so it is what it is on that front. Then again it could very well get to a point where they decide to move on from Grady at that price and go with someone else at a cheaper rate. I don't know who's gonna be available so we have to look at every aspect before jumping too far as a fan. Rams sitting at $23 million right now according to OTC. They have more than enough to pay their current roster for another season at the least. It was a 2 year window from the jump How did the run game look before and after Debo came back. Take into consideration that for more than half the season Duke looked like pure trash and you were missing your better run defenders who will be back next year barring further injury
  9. McCoy isn’t the concern for getting huge money, Grady is. McCoy could very easily get 8 mill like Poe did. I’m not close to being a cap guy and not gonna try but you’re looking at potentially $24 million for 2 guys at one position. One thing to remember is that Grady and McCoy isn’t the equivalent of Suh and Donald
  10. It’s not even that. It’s poor coaching. There are guys already on the roster that allow you to be creative in ways that don’t require making splashes. Think about it, what’s the point in having situational pass rushers if your not going to use them in passing situations
  11. You have to be the most ignorant person on this site. Please point me in the direction to where you have said anything worth giving a real response too. Clearly you have an issue that needs to be resolved. My pm is wide open
  12. ok
  13. I agree with the bolded, thing is that doesn't have to be the combo to do so. Crawford and McClain were exactly what they were supposed to be, quality backups. Senat showed signs but hit that wall and didn't seem to bounce back. He's gonna have to improve against the run if he wants to be taken serious by Quinn or other teams. I'm all for getting the big name players but not at certain prices. Especially at DT, a position that you can kick guys like Takk on passing downs. There are ways to get around breaking the bank if you know how to use players
  14. ok
  15. Oh ****, I didn't know they had THAT much cap space. I take that comment back completely. Good ****
  16. I don't see how it gives them the best when Peterson is as overrated as they come. The past 3-4 years he has been abused by Elite WR's. I would respect him if he actually lived up to the hype and shut them down like he claims he can do
  17. Think about it, if Alford gets 2 holding calls per game against #2's, he would likely get 3-4 against Julio. IF Peterson stays, Alford will get a chance but wont cover him the whole game. If they cut or finally trade Peterson, Alford is doomed in that game
  18. IKR lol
  19. You’re not keeping Grady and signing McCoy unless you want over $20 mill at the position. Remember the Falcons ain’t th Rams
  20. Considering they tried to trade Peterson last season, I don’t think he’ll be a cardinal this upcoming season. Could be wrong
  21. Lol so it’s break time until the combine at the least
  22. Lol why was this thread bumped again. Y’all bumping a post that was completely forgotten about
  23. he had failures at the college level with zero professional experience
  24. I can’t really think of many. Bowles took over for a few weeks this past season but that’s all I remember