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  1. Nooooooooo. That’s Sammy Watkins
  2. **** yea. He still flashes now and then
  3. Problem is he’s gotten upset in the past several times for no reason at all and i ask him to give up but he never does so I guess he just sees me when he’s upset. I only made one post in this thread that didn’t take any shot at OP. My name should have never been brought up period lol. Talk about grabbing a payday. I ain’t even thought about that dude period. He should truly do the same.
  4. Figured this would be the response. You’re clearly a child in the dome looking for attention. Like I said pm open all day. Until then you’re on your own
  5. Why on earth are you mentioning me? I have absolutely nothing to do with anything extra going on in this thread
  6. That boy bad when healthy
  7. Smh. You prove my previous point. Like I said, you obviously have an issue with me. Still waiting on that pm. No point in you trying to draw attention to yourself with this constant stupidity
  8. Lol that’s about it
  9. I honestly don’t see how anyone can attempt to come up with a justifiable reason as to why that wasn’t a choke. A 25 point lead heading into the 4th quarter being blown is a complete choke job. You can’t justify it at all
  10. There's that too. I think the Giants were the only team to actually challenge them all season
  11. Yea. If Rodney Harrison doesn’t try to set his own playoff record, no way in **** Tyree makes that catch.
  12. I honestly don't understand why that Patriots team record is never mentioned, it's always just the catch. If you hadn't asked that question, I would have completely forgotten that Moss had his career best with Brady that year. I remember them playing the Titans that season in the snow and Moss was out there catching balls with ease
  13. Nah, Green was only gone for one game. As for that game, I honestly forgot all about that Patriots season because the only thing people ever talk about is the catch, not the Patriots record going in. Both the Patriots and Falcons had all time great seasons going into the super bowl but the Patriots only stood out because of one stat. Defense. Tom and Moss had a much more record setting season that Matt and Julio but you just don't blow a 25 point lead man, not in that game. I know you wont agree with that from using my NBA logic.
  14. Lol no one being sentimental. No one said it was an issue.
  15. Hey, who knows. No assumption is safe in the NFL
  16. They went into the series after breaking the all time best record for a regular season team. Losing that series in the fashion that they lost it discredited that entire seasons accomplishments imo.
  17. I honestly just ate one
  18. lol grab a payday and hush
  19. I agree Do you realize exactly how long that is and how old Matt Ryan will be by the time that window shuts their 2 year total is 20 points blown. maybe if they blow another lead this year they can take over. lol
  20. I get the joke but ima be honest, that 10 point lead to get to the super bowl doesn't come close to surpassing the 25 point lead blown in the super bowl. Sorry man
  21. It all depends on the run game. Hopefully they find a way to get it going again
  22. i'll take 6-10 gladly. Sanu gonna eat too barring any other event happening this offseason
  23. I think Senat will be ok, he better work on that conditioning though. If they don't even try for McCoy, I think they add someone else at a lower rate or take a DT with the first pick.