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  1. Losing a mid to late round pick isn't going to hurt them at all considering what they've already gotten so far. Right now they have 3 first rounders and 2 second rounders. They have the Titans 4th rounder and Steelers 5th rounder. Trading away their own 4th rounder wouldn't harm a single thing that they're doing if they chose to go that route
  2. Probably after people are actually fired. No point in doing it prematurely only for us to be shocked and people aren’t fired
  3. The fantasy football and video games section is pretty much dead. How many of you guys play video games and keep up with new games coming out. If there is a good bit I'm wondering if we could just start putting news in here as long as everyone is grown about it meaning no spamming threads or bringing unnecessary negativity even though there are some that we don't like but others may. If some are on board maybe I can talk Monoxide into pinning a thread for games. I'll pay him no attention, that may convince him lol.
  4. Yep. See the edited post. I wasn’t detailed before you replied.
  5. Here’s where I’m selling so you can get an idea of why I came up with that price. I’ve sold and bought here several times. Of course, I wouldn’t be against less but no less than $100 I glanced at eBay, most are going from $125 on up. I should have been clear, I have everything, not only the game pad https://swappa.com/gaming/nintendo-wii-u
  6. @SpongeDad question/advice since you do it more than me. I’m going to sell the Wii U. I have the Gamepad and a Luigi wand. I can’t seem to find the attachment controller that connects with the wand. I have Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bro’s U and the Mario game+Luigi game that came with it. System shows signs of wear but everything else is like new. Well the games are brand new. Visualizing what you’ve read, what would you consider a good price. Personally I was thinking $150 due to it coming with Mario Kart and Super Smash Bro’s. **** the Gamepad itself is worth more than $79 alone lol
  7. Birthday Happy
  8. I loved the old school ken Griffey jr game. I downloaded MLB the Show 19 just for the **** of it but didn't know what that retro mode was. I'm gonna play that when I get home
  9. Only issue I have with him is all that goes up in smoke when they actually play good defenses and unfortunately he's only played 3 legit defenses in UGA, LSU and Clemson. In those 4 games combined he is 71-125 for a 57% completion percentage with 920 yards with 8 td's to 6 int's. Honestly I think the lack of actual competition doesn't help him and he's overrated as crap. But I know there are some that are crazy about him
  10. You really think Tua is worth that?
  11. Thanks my good man. That little one...……...don't let that smile fool ya...………...she's evvviiilllll
  12. See post below Eggsaccly my point
  13. Cardinals have a horrible offensive line and secondary as bad as the Falcons. On paper this is the game Atlanta lights it up and gets to the QB. History proves reality never follows the rules with the Falcons.
  14. This is so true
  15. Yes we will. I love Freddy. He’s the best part of attending the game.
  16. If anyone tries to get rid of Freddy we riot.
  17. Lol caught you slipping then.
  18. Lol yup. I know you
  19. You said you didn’t want me being the smartest person on here. I’m one of the dumbest. I take pride in that
  20. Lmao you’re giving me your account number and routing number, I’m hacking your **** buddy. Send away
  21. I told her you would be coming to see her tomorrow and that I don’t know your name or who you are and she’s asking a million questions lol. I told her once she sees you she would probably recognize you
  22. You right, I’m gonna send some money from your account to my account lol