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  1. Nah I doubt it. He’s doing nothing more than telling the truth about the offense. Personally, just going off of most interviews he’s had over the years, Julio only talks about his performance and the rest of his offensive guys. I’ve rarely ever heard him even throw a mention to the defense, even if they did something that stands out.
  2. I think you’re reaching a little bit with that title and guess. If I recall, Roddy said the same or something extremely close. I think it’s just more faith in the offense than taking shots at the defense. And he’s correct, with the talent at the playmaker positions, there’s absolutely no reason why the offense isn’t scoring more points.
  3. It’s pathetic man. Far too much talent to allow **** coaching to hold them back. I refuse to blow those hours of life watching them. Only way I’ll make time to watch them again this season is if they hit the bye week at 4-4. Other than that it will be a browsing of channels stop or checking the score from my phone. Thought about finding cheap tickets for a late season rival game but they aren’t even worth paying someone on stubhub. My now deceased god mom once told me falcons stands for fans always left counting on next season and I’ll be dam if what she said didn’t turn out to be true.
  4. Nah. keep driving. Being nosey only leads to another accident. No sense in putting yourself through unnecessary pain.
  5. But you make no mention on how the falcons aren’t taking advantage of the schedule. Based on the circumstances of the teams they’ve face so far, they should be 4-1. But they haven’t taken advantage of the schedule to start the season. The teams you named can be what you’ve said and at they’re absolute worse yet you’ve seen for yourself numerous times that it means nothing when they play the falcons. Either the falcons struggle to win or lose in a close game. Each fan has their own approach but let’s not forget the falcons are not playing the best football
  6. That’s the homer in you talking my man.
  7. Well, glad Ive already dedicated that 4:00 to 8:00 window to something else.
  8. How's it sad?? They aren't providing anything worth losing quality time elsewhere. Figured each has a choice of how to spend their free time. Sorry for not being glued to mediocrity. Plus I rarely ever go out of my way to look up news concerning the Falcons. Just randomly see articles from time to time
  9. Oh ok. I'm not keeping up with any news regarding the Falcons so I didn't know Honestly, I stopped paying attention to the game then completely stopped watching before the 4th quarter
  10. No. Up to them to prove the doubt wrong
  11. What happened to the dude from last week? I thought he did a decent job
  12. So 2 hours out of their day is an issue? Seriously??
  13. Dam yall be crying about nothing
  14. That was quite the scroll on my phone lol
  15. They’ve tried together. They’ve failed together. That bonding.
  16. I bet the ones that have a problem with this were in the same group crying about bonding at non mandatory minicamps. Bonding is bonding, right?
  17. ****. Joker is what 2, 2.5 hours at the most. You telling me that short time in the evening actually took away time in the film room?
  18. Yeah that’s ***** made. I have no problem with him as a player but making up **** to make an already hated player get more hate is pure ***** made
  19. But he’s the leader of the team. He’s definitely part of the problem
  20. He’s just a scapegoat that can’t be fired
  21. Depends on how many interceptions he throws