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  1. Ain't no receipt in the street lol
  2. Didn't see it but I'm pissed off. Over spent for the stupid thing now they're in Stock everywhere
  3. This don't concern video games but I would like to say **** those stupid *** hatchimals. Just stood in cold *** rain after driving an hour to toys r us only to get told they handed out tickets 10 minutes before I got there and that the ****** were sold out. Last thing I want to do is drop $150 on a stupid *** bird toy because it hatches from an egg but I guess I'm gonna have to do what I gotta do to make my daughter happy for Christmas
  4. Will be buying day 1
  5. I played the early rpg final fantasy games. Haven't played since
  6. I wanted to enjoy this season but after seeing the new dude was also inhuman I said **** it. 3 straight seasons of inhumans, Im burnt out. The flash is all I watch now
  7. Cool. Gonna have it downloading while I'm out today.
  8. Is sleeping dogs worth the storage space
  9. $69 on cyber Monday now I just gotta figure out how to use it so I can finally play gears. My daughter and wife killed all my default memory
  10. Originally it was gonna be a movie but they canceled those plans. Now it's gonna be a series
  11. When they moved to the 10 o clock timeslot I feared the same. With the inhumans show starting next year I'm gonna a assume their gonna keep going that route this season. We never even got graviton in full force yet their strong on inhumans. I'll be back when they move on
  12. Anyone still watching agents. Im kinda tired of the whole inhumans **** so stopped after the first episode. Having ghost rider didn't add much for me
  13. He could handle that **** cause he played more competitive online e than me. I mostly play horde if I'm playing online so of course my skill set isn't up to that level of insanity
  14. Last time I played on the 360 it was the one before hard-core or whatever the one before the hardest is. ME and my buddy tried playing on the hardest difficulty, that **** only lasted 10 minutes lol
  15. Not yet but thinking about getting it since it's 27 at Wal mart
  16. Gears of War 4,here I come
  17. Was gonna get it and gears 4 this week but some personal things popped up on me that I gotta focus on for the next few weeks. May just grab them both on black Friday. Hopefully all issues are resolved by then
  18. Yeah, owning titles forever is the thing for me. Don't have to worry about **** getting scratched up or anything
  19. Why is knomercy checking my profile out?  Didn't I say he was a stalker

  20. Cons: can't return for refund, have to pay full price no matter what Pros: can find games cheaper on ebay, can return for refund, can also redbox them before buying
  21. Gears 4 next week fellas
  22. Transformers: Devastation and the resident evil remake free for ps4 in October. I personally like Xbox ones freebies for next month
  23. Must have happened after the tuning update. @ them on twitter
  24. I'll watch this weekend