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  1. Hopefully until they hang up the cleats but it’s set up to have Sanu gone first
  2. As much as I like Duke, this is a horrible suggestion
  3. Wanted Margus Hunt when he came out. Dude is a freakin giant. I’ll take him, Fowler, Graham, Davis and/or saffold
  4. **** nah you don't, especially not a real one
  5. Bow Wow had a similar incident. TMZ showed the elevator video of him in the girls face and grabbing her arm, they didn't show the aftermath. There's a difference between his situation and Hunt's situation..........Bow Wow was messing with a black chick
  6. My condolences to your freedom for a phone
  7. But they allow y’all to watch tv? And assuming you started this thread while in the break room. Doesnt make much sense but alrighty then.
  8. IDK, most times they allow people walk who have earned their pay day. I'd be more concerned about their offensive linemen than their defensive players up front
  9. Well one things for sure, it would satisfy several posters around here. If that happened every falcons fan in America would be pissed at how he produces with Tom vs Matt barring any type of season ending injury
  10. Youporn doesn’t do it for me
  11. I mean I’d watch porn if I have good service but you know, that’s just me
  12. You couldn't just watch youtube videos on your phone??
  13. All of the big names. Rapoport, schefter, etc. if you want direct updates follow the falcons official twitter feed and turn notifications on. Twitter is where most of the info used in threads come from
  14. newb it does that sometimes. Especially when you switch off WiFi. Just clear your cache and restart and that should fix it btw, you aren’t going to get any legit news for at least the next 2 weeks that you won’t find on twitter so you didn’t miss much
  15. Oh my ****
  16. Jaylon Marshall is ok
  17. Read and react
  18. Good thing she’s kept watching. That’s the right call
  19. If they ***** about 1 or 2 threads they don’t need to be here
  20. **** that would have been a great throw and catch. Then again that looks like a touchdown
  21. **** I went to sleep. The quarters should have been 10 minutes
  22. Football period brings me joy Legends threads ain’t hurting the site.
  23. Dannnnggg you gotta have awareness. Marshall got some good speed
  24. Lol just like watching a Falcons game. Drive to the red zone, kick a field goal