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  1. Hard to tell considering they don’t really have as many issues on that side of town.
  2. The original tweet the falcons made talking about spreading love today had the reply of the day. That long *** message to the Colts though. Sheesh get a room
  3. Won't know unless he gets more chances. Justin Hardy is just a camp hype player who will likely never get any meaningful snaps with any team. Need more than just good hands. Gage has room and time to develop. Hardy's time is up
  4. Let Gage develop and fill that role when the time comes
  5. I've only been able to play like 3 games. every time ive tried to log in since I get an error message yet I can go to twitch and see everyone and their mom playing it
  6. I have no issue with that at all man. Others will but it is what it is. I like more than one team as well.
  7. Tatf said he was the best pass rusher from last season so this has to be a good sign
  8. Don’t think it hurt nearly as much as people made it seem
  9. I think there are a few positions that can be replaced easily, RB has always been one of them
  10. yeah the O-line was the issue. I still don't understand how people were trying to justify them after ONE game where they actually played okay but that's neither here nor there. O-Line was garbage in both areas
  11. Remember we were arguing up and down the street about how good he was or wasn't when him and Gurley came out lol
  12. You a Jags fan??
  13. Thought it would have been Jacksonville.
  14. yeah you said he was on a 1 year deal in a sense that he was a free agent signed to a one year deal. Thought I was trippin
  15. I see that too. Too add I think they like Gage a lot as well. If it wasn't for that thought, I wouldn't even think about them parting ways with Sanu. Sanu is a heck of a player and leader for the team
  16. I'm a Miami Hurricane fan lol. I keep up with most of my guys. I don't really like comparisons but if I had to make a comparison i'd say hes more like Sproles or Kamara, better than Coleman(mostly because he's gotten more chances to show what he can do)
  17. I can tell you exactly what he brings that Ito doesn't give, Duke can line up in the slot and kill if given the chance. They aren't using him right in Cleveland at all.
  18. yeah I'd take him in a heartbeat but then you will lose either Campbell or Jones when their time comes. Man I hate contracts these days. It's so hard to keep teams together with QB's and WR's getting paid the money they make
  19. Alexander is gonna get PAID. He would solidify the LB group though.
  20. He battled with injuries early on in Cincy. Still wanted him back then based on size alone. He would be a good piece in the rotation. Side note, screw what the board wants. We've been proven wrong time and time again lol
  21. Hopefully until they hang up the cleats but it’s set up to have Sanu gone first