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  1. Is this that dude that peeps here were going crazy over in PS
  2. Seeing no one will even deal for him considering the Falcons will still pay him(rumored) is very telling. I bet they're sitting back kicking themselves for not taking last years offer now
  3. Not saying it's factual but that's just how some guys are. Some in it for the money, some in it for the game. He's single with no kids as far as I know so the only family I can assume he wants to provide for in the moment is his mom and dad
  4. You don't have to be in it for the long haul if you're satisfied with over $20 mill
  5. Feisty??? I asked a question and you tip toed around it. If you can't answer it honestly just say it. The thread is about Beasley so yes, I want to focus on Beasley
  6. you know it's bad when the team offers to pay a portion of the remaining salary and no one wants him. fools should have taken the best offer last year
  7. You took the stance of defending him, you know you can't defend that type of poor effort so that's your way of avoiding that question.
  8. Lol I started a thread the other day with it
  9. How can you explain him standing around with his hands on his hips and not giving his all on a ton of plays this season. That type of effort is individual based.
  10. Zach Klein is 3 days late
  11. He should come out and admit it then everyone else will respect him for admitting it.
  12. You’re right, that same GM probably would have drafted him, but considering he said it was felt Atlanta over drafted, I’d guess that same GM wouldn’t have drafted him that high
  13. No coach should be afraid to cut bait with any player that isn’t performing
  14. In the real world that would have never happened. He should be happy Quinn is the only person on the planet that had faith in him. Well Quinn and the hard nosed homers
  15. That’s the thing though. A lot of people fell for that one year and thought that’s who he was. He’s always been the same guy he’s showing to be today. The only thing he had in 2016 was a veteran in his ear pushing him and showed him the way. If he truly had passion it would have stuck with him and there wouldn’t be a new thread started about him every 3 hours. He lacks passion for football man. It may be part mental but overall he lacks passion. If that’s not true then he needs to prove that theory that everyone except a few people realize wrong. I was honestly hoping he would prove us doubters wrong this year and shut us up but he doesn’t have what it takes to do that
  16. I’ll put it this way, if an injury ****s you up mentally and you’re an athlete, you shouldn’t have ever played sports in the first place knowing the risk. If you’re weak mentally period you shouldn’t be playing sports. It’s not like he tore his ACL or anything major
  17. Sad everyone and their grandma knows he doesn’t show that he loves the game. He’s one of those in it for the money type of guys
  18. I’m surprised so many people actually typed well thought out posts to respond
  19. Willing to bet that didn't play a factor in him being complete bunz
  20. You gotta be in love to fall out of love
  21. Gotta see how free agency shakes first.
  22. His most previous post explains his true intentions.
  23. At the current rate they can draft Jeudy with their own pick.