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  1. Lol you’re full of ****. GG. I know it’s time to get off this site for the night
  2. His contract has been in effect how many years now? He has lived up to his contract up until this season just like everyone else. If you’re specifically talking about this season then state this season. What you stated was a flat out lie.
  3. Well played
  4. That’s a bold face lie. You can easily say that for this season as no one has lived up to their contract but to say he hasn’t brought value is a straight up lie
  5. I thought Sanu said one thing he doesn’t do is drop the ball. Either way he’s been such an asset to the team. I’m anxious to see more of Gage in the passing game. Don’t let him near punt returns anymore though
  6. 8 likes to 23 dislikes at the moment. GG
  7. Blah blah blah. Missed calls happen weekly with every team. Refs aren’t the blame for that blowout that’s all that matters
  8. He got another scapegoat
  9. Looks like he’s looking for another scapegoat /purple
  10. I’m talking about the one where dude asked about losing the team. But you’re correct
  11. Is that how you really feel?
  12. Lol no one is even gonna hear the main question they asked
  13. There was no crowd. Lmao
  14. I saw the crowd several times
  15. The look on his face on the sidelines wasn’t looking positive for Quinn. I still say the bye week is when the move is made
  16. Poor Blank was down there looking like he was ready to cry a few minutes ago
  17. Sounds like someone just needed to vent for attention to me.
  18. Nah this ain’t no dream
  19. Blank was looking like he wanted to cry when they just showed him.
  20. Lol coming from you I know **** well what I would do lol. You’re a much bigger man than me
  21. Lmmfao dude literally has 3 tfl today and you’re talking about him not making plays behind the LOS.
  22. Man I needed that score from Hooper for my fantasy team. Good job
  23. I just don’t understand some people. Losing does **** to people man