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  1. Not arguing he would or wouldn’t be an upgrade but for someone to say Collins only a thumper, well that’s simply not true at all.
  2. He's not gonna be a Falcon. I highly doubt anyone actually thinks that
  3. yeah those turnovers make you a complete player these days. Coverage and everything else don't mean much if you can force a turnover. I gotcha.
  4. I would trade every rb the falcons have for him
  5. Not true at all but like you said, we’ll agree to disagree
  6. Your bias just showed in a major way
  7. Who? Certainly not Neal
  8. I feel bad for Saquon. Not gonna taste success unless he leaves when his contracts up
  9. The fantasy football and video games section is pretty much dead. How many of you guys play video games and keep up with new games coming out. If there is a good bit I'm wondering if we could just start putting news in here as long as everyone is grown about it meaning no spamming threads or bringing unnecessary negativity even though there are some that we don't like but others may. If some are on board maybe I can talk Monoxide into pinning a thread for games. I'll pay him no attention, that may convince him lol.
  10. Reed. I think the Bryant choice is more of an emotional attachment thing that anything. The guy had to be replaced one day. Let Greek Ice take the same lumps as Bryant has
  11. I think he benefited greatly from having a bonafide veteran to help him. Problem with that was he didn’t get to have a bonafide veteran long at all. Which imo is a issue all over the defense as a whole. Irvin is cool but he can’t teach what Freeney taught. I won’t even get started on the lack of mentor ship at the other defensive positions lol
  12. He put the expectation on himself by saying he was a double digit sack guy after being drafted. He opened his mouth so we gotta hold him to it lol. I personally just don’t believe in him at all and will continue to think 2016 was a complete fluke until he proves otherwise
  13. Honestly that would be a better question to ask closer to free agency. No telling who hits the market by then
  14. He’s not worth the 5th year option and as inconsistent as he was last year he’s not even worth $7 mill you suggested. If you like him you like him. Nothing wrong with that
  15. Because he can be replaced.
  16. Irrelevant source but interesting rumor
  17. Palm to face
  18. If it gets worse I’ll just delete it before a mod locks it. It’s not that difficult to have a civil discussion
  19. If only Campbell chunky noodle soup was still a thing
  20. This is true Depends on the position. There’s only 1 position in the NFL with a short life span and it’s mostly due to injuries. Nothing else
  21. Which is something that NFL players don’t do at all. All they wanna do is chase the dollar. I don’t blame them but that’s just how it goes
  22. I think that they can but it would be a team like Boston or Philly that would be able to do it in the finals
  23. That only remains to be seen. Nothing is ever guaranteed which is why I said they do whatever they can, meaning joining this team or that team
  24. Maybe but when there's a hole in the system, you take advantage of it to where it benefits you the most. These guys today aren't overly concerned about what people think or feel, which I highly respect from them. They are doing whatever they can to get to the championship. Philly is another team that mostly built through the draft then made some key trades to help push them over the top.
  25. Players took pay cuts to make it happen. There’s a way around everything