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  1. I’ll take Beasley over this dude every Sunday. The only reason I even bothered looking him up is because Skip and Shannon talk about him every day
  2. He’s absolute garbage.
  3. Feel good story and stuck on flashes that were shown in 2016. We fail to realize flashes don’t make you a great player. The support group kept calling him nasty and a monster. He isn’t and wasn’t that. If he was he’d been on a roster the past couple of years
  4. Was gonna ask the same thing but changed my mind. He made absolutely nothing out of his opportunities when he wasn’t injured.
  5. not having leonard is a huge blow for their defense I'll take it
  6. yeah if they really wanted to they can handcuff him until 2023 unless they rescind the 5th year option they've already exercised
  7. It's just like me attempting to point out how often he's bailed out. Like I said, I like the guy but my fanhood isn't going to blind me from the errors of his game. I'd much rather take Trufant for what he brings and accept his biggest flaw which has been his hands
  8. He's got a long time to wait cause they have complete control over his life in J-Ville
  9. Actually I don't complain about the Hurricanes. I point out the obvious, they haven't won anything in years so i'm used to seeing my teams lose. The point you're missing is that us saying we care about team accomplishments is strictly referring to the group. 1 guy putting up huge numbers alone doesn't lead to anything, see Calvin Johnson. You're saying exactly what we've said. Again, no one has to give a **** about Julio gaining 10,000 career yards. That stat means nothing to team accomplishments, that just adds to his hall of fame case. I understood what you were talking about all along. The problem is you don't take time to try to really get a grasp of what we were saying and have just go on rants thinking people don't actually already know what you're trying to preach End of the day, a group is a team. That group usually consists of 2-3 star players on offense and defense that stand out above the rest but the performances all add up, but in the end, they do not guarantee you a regular season victory, a Super Bowl or even a trip to the playoffs. You still have to show up and produce when it matters most. Last year vs Philly Julio had 10 catches for 169 yards with 0 touchdowns. Loss Last year vs Cincinatti Matt Ryan was 29-39 with 419 yard, 3 tds and 0 ints. Loss 2012 vs the Cardinals Matt Ryan was 28-46 with 301 yards, 0 tds and 5 ints. Win Group efforts, not certain individual efforts. Jacksonville has had a defense full of over achievers the past few years and only have 1 playoff appearance to show for it. I'm sure you get what I'm saying
  10. Ya know, I do find it hilarious how every time something happens with celebrities, everyone keeps their mouths closed until someone else says something. Then once it starts raining, it pours like a *****
  11. You care because you straight up said that we SHOULD care about stats. The bad part about your argument is that no one is disputing anything but yourself. No one has said anything against what you said. You made it to be that way. Now as for the bolded, it goes back to what I said, if stats guaranteed a Super Bowl, they would mean so much more. I can easily point to other monster individual seasons that lead to absolutely nothing but an L in the playoffs if I really wanted to and i'm sure you know i'm telling the truth. Now what you just did was flip your own narrative. You came right back to what those of us who disagree with you said. Have we not stated that we care about team accomplishments? Last I check a group of collective performances equates to what the team has done, not 1 player putting up numbers by himself. This thread is about Julio setting a record. Him approaching this record has led to no trophy. We can blame whatever we want about 2016 but in the end, it came down to the overall team performance, not that amazing catch Julio made on the sideline that should have iced the game. Instead of keeping the topic about Julio approaching this record you flipped the entire narrative
  12. If they don't have anything else going they certainly have an offensive line that I think even Jerry Jones would envy. Their solid at all 5 spots.
  13. I honestly think it would have been a 50/50 toss up. Sarks last 2 games literally came down to the players not executing and finishing plays. People can refuse to see that during Sarks tenure all they want but those 2 games certainly came down to that. Last years game and the playoffs came down to one play that wasn't made at the end of each game. Monday nights game literally could have seen the same exact outcome. That's just the NFL for ya.
  14. Man everyone doesn't care about stats. If you care, you care. You can't force that **** down anyone's throat and try to make us care. You can give all the examples that you want to give and it's not going to change that at all. As you said in this very post " I HAVE to see great individual effort from at least 4/5 guys". That's your approach. Everyone isn't going to share that approach. I know you don't like that but it's the truth.
  15. I honestly don't even think they care, just care about the name
  16. I'll buy it. Russell been my favorite QB since entering the league
  17. But we’re supposed to give a ****. Why tf should we give a **** when the player himself doesn’t.
  18. Ok I’ll leave
  19. I’ll take it