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  1. But hey, “stats win championships fool”. not my words btw
  2. I didn’t say it wasn’t said. I said I want to hear it from blank himself. Blank wouldn’t just tell him that behind closed doors knowing it would be made public. Has never came across as that type
  3. Yeah. I mean at this point Mortenson is saying the exact thing most of us are thinking. Gotta hear it out of Blanks mouth
  4. The bye week is my prediction too but where is the direct quote from Blank?
  5. It’s ok. At least you didn’t say real fans must attend games and stay seated all game
  6. The only thing that would boost the crowd Sunday is being able to see a 150% healthy Todd Gurley
  7. That’s what YouTube and All 22 is for. Technology has came a long way since the 80’s
  8. Do you think they keep Neal for the long haul or let him finish this deal then let him walk.
  9. You have no clue how peaceful my day was yesterday not watching them lol
  10. That’s kinda hard to answer without knowing who the coach will be.
  11. Don’t have to worry about that when you simply don’t watch it at all
  12. I questioned why people were picking the 49ers to win the West before the season. I knew they improved that defense but was mostly questioning what they did on offense to improve because I hadn't seen it yet. To this point they still haven't proven anything except they can run the ball pretty good. They're offense is good enough to win them games as long as their defense keeps playing the way they're playing. That defense and their defensive mindset is legit.
  13. Hey man, all I do is take it on the chin and sit back and laugh at it then smile once reality strikes and they're sitting back looking pretty silly themselves. Quick to attempt to point out how wrong you are but fail to realize how wrong they are at the same time. In the end it's just one big *** game of hindsight that only the ones that wont let go cling on to and wont look at the present and what really happens. But like you said, it's annoying as **** trying to have discussions with peeps try to play captain save a hoe for some of these players. That's why I only take a few serious anymore.
  14. I agree. Everytime someone mentions 2016 I say the same exact thing. That ship sailed after the super bowl was over. time to move on
  15. At least they have toughness on their side.
  16. I said 2-14 the other day with Quinn possibly getting the axe after week 8. I’ll be nice now and him some sympathy. 3-13
  17. Poor guy. He only wanted Vic to love him or hate him. In return the whole team hates him. But it’s all his fault. He preached Brotherhood and it’s showing they are their brothers keeper.
  18. Well at least it wasn’t the blow out that was predicted.
  19. I’ll take it. I was told I don’t know football. Then things like this always happen. Gotta love it lol. Sad that it actually has to happen this way though
  20. Maybe now people will stop living in 2016 and realize dudes garbage.