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  1. He’s much much smarter than cam
  2. Broke down and bought a PlayStation VR on Newegg. Paid $199 for it. Thankfully I already have a camera. May invest in the move sticks if I feel a real need too
  3. http://www.nfl.com/videos/cincinnati-bengals/0ap3000000499657/Bengals-Sanu-kicks-60-yard-field-goal
  4. He actually can do it. Along with passing it as well so we could possibly see a fake
  5. Imgur upload.
  6. Let’s also give credit to their front office for acquiring actual wide receiver talent. People wrote Sammy off and no one though Robert woods college potential would have ever came into affect until now. It’s definitely not Goff alone because without those 2 additions I honestly don’t think he would have this same success
  7. I said some **** like that a few years back and got toasted.
  8. Until Atlanta can put together some consistent top notch football like they displayed last week on a week to week basis, I’m going to refrain from discussing them making the super bowl. Right now the concern is making the playoffs
  9. Don’t know about Coleman being in more wr sets but Gabriel at the least should eat
  10. As good as the rams have played this year, I can honestly see them or philly representing the nfc in the super bowl. The rams shocked the world and the nfc West this year
  11. He’s done for the year
  12. With Sherman and chancellor out they’re probably gonna have earl Thomas covering overtop to help out leaving others one on one. This SHOULD be the game he goes off logically but you never know