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  1. Yeah trying to discredit BB is a little silly and only fitting to the narrative being pushed.
  2. While correct, you have to take into account that the Rams tied the game up with 1:30 left on the clock. Brady led the march downfield for Vinateri to kick the game winning field goal. I'm not into stats so that stands out more than the 145. Just me though as I'm more of a moments guy. That's why whenever people completely discredit Tom, I can't completely agree. Still need the QB to do his job when it matters. Same as Mahomes when they beat the 49ers.
  3. Now I'm not going to diminish what Brady has done himself but definitely gotta give credit to the defenses, especially in those early days.
  4. I have to do the same. Half now, half later. Now the key lime pie, that's a no go for me lol
  5. I usually pre order so it's ready to grab and go. One day I had to watch her make it. She took 3 of those Bed Rock Stoneage sized bronchosaurus tenders and cut it up and stuffed it in the bread. My first thought was "there's no way I can eat all of this"
  6. Yup. Same as Kroger. Can't go wrong with saving money lol
  7. That's pretty good. I think I average 500 points a month. I use the gift card method You get 4x the points for gift cards so sometimes I'll buy a gift card just to get 100 points lol
  8. Main Reason I shop at Kroger is the fuel points lol. I think they're the only store that sales Blue Crabs too. Publix is good but they can tax your head off lol
  9. To my knowledge rib tips are the(what I call) spare ribs on spare ribs, just cut up. At least that's how it was explained to me. If you overcook them, you can definitely ruin them. I cooked mine the same as I do pork chops in the air fryer and they were perfect. The only riblets I've ever had have been Beef but they're delicious as well.
  10. YESSSS!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store when I found them lol
  11. Tried one time. Not sure what I did wrong but they didn't turn out to good. The blueberry ones with the sugar crystals on top just soothe my soul..........and my 5 year olds too
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