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  1. Please never give Brock the belt again
  2. This Firefly Funhouse **** is the dumbest **** I’ve ever seen
  3. That’s all you need. Easy peezy
  4. You don’t need a crowd. Just need a few people.
  5. Tape is all you need according to TATF
  6. Enjoying this 2 night set up. My dudes the street profits just put in work followed by my girl Bianca Belair coming out for the save at the end
  7. On paper it looks tough. Only thing that matters is how the team plays. Last time they went 13-3 they had a tough schedule.
  8. If Okudah or Simmons falls that far then you jump on them ASAP.
  9. Hey. That ignore button is powerful. Especially when people keep following you blowing up notis for no reason.
  10. Time to add you to the ignore list. You really dont have to follow me thread to thread being ignorant. See ya
  11. I liked BP and civil war
  12. I dont know anything about Rogue or Solo. Also, you may be new to this thread but I hate origins . Not saying Cap wasnt good but I just dislike origin movies in general