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  1. Is there any originality at all around here
  2. best thread all week.
  3. What you folks got plans to buy during the holiday sales
  4. You’re not. Just some take it to heart entirely too much
  5. You better hope they don’t blow another lead like last week and lose then. The super bowl collapse definitely won’t die then
  6. Man as soon as you press the spin it automatically triggered my player to dive and miss and I wasn’t even hitting the tackle button. Something else I noticed was I was losing control over my players for a few plays. I know 2 plays in a row I user lurked your passes and when I tried for the interception my player turned on one and just stopped running on the other. When I pointed it out to my wife she said she noticed it but thought it was something I was doing wrong
  7. That **** spin move and juke move so broken. My goodness
  8. Man that glitch *** spin move in the **** game. They need to fix that ****
  9. Earlier today I had a game winning drive for the ages against @blkbigdog35 his controller or headset may be out of commission for a few weeks
  10. Matthews has 27 career penalties. I already know Alford is in the 30’s so I’m not gonna bother looking him up
  11. I don’t know that exact stat so I wouldn’t know. I see most outside plays go right but my eyes ain’t the best so what do I know
  12. I have never seen good consistent run blocking from him. In fact run plays are where the bulk of his penalties come. The worst part is he gets penalties when it hurts the most.
  13. Pretty sure it doesn’t but hey, you’re open to assume whatever you wanna assume