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  1. Please stop believing everything you read on twitter and Facebook
  2. I'm still waiting for the ps5 version. I'm digital so I get to miss the sales. I downloaded Mortal Kombat 10 over the weekend. Deleted it the same day. Let's just say I'm not as savvy as I was as a teenager
  3. I guarantee you black twitter will find a way to turn that into A Bad *****
  4. Real talk. About 4-5 years ago, these Arabs kept calling my phone. One day while at work I swear they called 5 times. The last time I was in the office talking to a manager and I said watch this. I picked up the phone and said "didn't I tell y'all mutha fuc" He cut me off and said "**** you you **** sucker son of a ***** *****" That **** was hilarious but hurtful at the same dam time 😂
  5. It pisses me off because we use 880 numbers at my job and they have them in the hospital so when I see those digits, I think it's important. Bloody whores
  6. I had to think about it before proceeding
  7. **** it. I'm really considering extending the warranty on my vehicle. Also considering linking up with my long lost cousins in Nigeria who will give me $50,000,000,000
  8. Pretty much agree. If the plan is to truly draft one of the top Quarterbacks, they can easily trade back a few spots and grab someone like Lance. If they don't truss themselves with the number 4 slot then trade down and get more.
  9. There's a PS Direct queue but I wouldn't even waste my time
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