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  1. 🙇🏽‍♂️ I wouldn’t be able to do it. Man just smelling that sauce will have a grown man crying lol
  2. I wouldn’t be able to eat one. Me and donuts don’t play well together
  3. I tried nuclear once. It was good but it made me shed one lol. Now insane on the other hand. Never again lol. One lick of that and it’s over
  4. Tongue torch is the best Zaxbys wing sauce. Perfect amount of heat and good for dipping fries and the toast
  5. I honestly think there are some people who honestly have no clue about anything in regards to football. Just want to spark conversation by saying something off the wall knowing it will get attention
  6. Again, you’re crying about something said after the draft. I ask again, what has he said during the season? You can’t come up with anything. You’re legit complaining about nothing at all
  7. Exactly my point. Make sense when you complain. The guy hasn’t said a single word and anyone who doesn’t know any better would take your word for it.
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