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  1. Sounds like me in just about every game I play online. Some have entirely too much time on their hands
  2. You should have a free pack with a 85 ovr Reggie white and 5 tokens that take him to a 90 ovr. Gonna be a free one every week
  3. Same here. I was away for about 3-4 months handling some real life ****, came back it seems like it actually got worse around here. The new people try to hard for starters
  4. Sounds good but you know better lol
  5. 25 free legends when you link your twitch account to your Amazon prime account. Just got 90 ovr Reggie white
  6. Anyone who doesn't think hooper is a capable starting tight end is kidding no one but themselves. He's legit
  7. I don't know how he or their offensive line will perform in the regular season so that's too soon to call but I did say potential so there's that
  8. Giants. They have ALOT of potential to do some damage
  9. Why not. Tatf still talks about shanahan, the patriots, not being over the super bowl loss, etc....
  10. Those 4 picks won't mean **** once their right back in the super bowl. Now if you're talking 4 picks in the super bowl then you're only gonna force him to come back with a chip
  11. Why the **** would you want to see that ****