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  1. Mike Cox was a goon
  2. That doesn't mean Crabtree isn't better than him. This type of post why people can't have a legit debate about who the top 3 in the league are with you guys
  3. Been a fan since his Hurricane days(of course). I highly doubt he gets another huge payday so it wouldn't hurt to give him a call. He hasn't played a full 16 since his rookie year
  4. Tha fuq did this turn into. Is this what I miss daily
  5. Oh ****. I’m late
  6. Thought you were about to announce you lost your virginity. This is a close second to that
  7. Just generally speaking. Every single time someone leaves a team and says something about the former team, the word salty seems to come up.
  8. Why is it that whenever someone speaks out after leaving a team they’re salty. It’s not like they can truly speak their minds while on the team.
  9. IMO the slogan was never anything special. The organization overuses it and it floods over to the fans over using it. If it was unique, it would probably be special and mean much more. But it’s widespread mainly across 2 sports so it honestly doesn’t mean much imo.
  10. Most likely
  11. I think you’re the one sounding stupid trying to prove it was cause of his talent. And you keep quoting me. Clearly I was done in this thread yesterday