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  1. Lol boy shut up and stop whining. You waited all day to respond. ***** been over
  2. It’s another reason why we shouldn’t take Quinn offseason talk serious at all lol
  3. Didn’t we discuss this the other day. I told you if he was inactive again tonight then i gotta believe it’s something behind the scenes. I’m gonna guess bad practice habits or simply not seen as being better than the guys ahead of him
  4. Yeah they showed him on the sidelines again with his helmet on and that hand was kinda behind his back but you could tell it was taped up.
  5. They just showed him. His right hand still has tape on it. The injury is his right hand isn’t it
  6. From the few throws I’ve actually looked at he looks pretty inaccurate. Granted, I haven’t really watched much of the game so that’s to be taken with a grain of salt
  7. Yeah his was the wheelchair one. Hendu was the girl with the military boyfriend.
  8. So what you’re saying is, and correct me if my conclusion is incorrect, you sir, want all the smoke?
  9. Nice
  10. Been wondering the same. Games on tv but I’m not really watching
  11. He may have a new name completely. I do remember that thread though. That was the first thread I remember to really go off the rails. 20+ pages iirc