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  1. Right lol!! He my ninja though
  2. I love it when they get slick then get upset when I throw it back at them like they ain’t said it first lol
  3. Lol nah. Campbell has been the leader on the defense in Debo’s absence. I know Duke is a laughing stock but he’s had his good moments. It’s just the bad stand out because they usually lead to big plays
  4. Lol I ask to name better options and he’s still talking about what I said lol
  5. Thing is having him doesn’t even guarantee the defense plays any better. He provides a good spark but he’s not going to change it on his own
  6. They don’t have to like me. I’m like The Joker lol. Need a real and honest update from Quinn or any member from the training staff. Not just a he’s close update.
  7. Back on topic though, unless he’s running full speed come Monday, I wouldn’t expect for Debo to play against the Saints either.
  8. True. I’ll remember next time.
  9. My response was exactly what happened. Just a fan taking a team lightly and hoping the team didn’t do the same on Sunday like they did last week. I can talk about fans taking teams light all day long because that’s exactly what y’all do. Only an idiot would believe what they say has an impact on Sunday it would be so nice if people stopped attempting to point out things that I post in an attempt to make me out to be a bad guy. If you don’t like what I post just block me. I’m begging. The number has gotten down to 3 crybabies now though thank god.
  10. That’s a terrible assumption. I only act that way towards people who I know want to argue about absolutely nothing, as you attempted with your first reply.
  11. Show me where I even came close to insinuating that and I’ll entertain your ignorance
  12. Just another case of a fan taking opponents lightly. Hopefully the team doesn’t repeat that same line of thought this week
  13. I'd rather move on from him completely and get a pure pass rusher. I get the youth side and athletic side but that doesn't make you a good football player. Take Jerry Attaochu as an example, he was at the combine doing all these backflips and what not showing off his athletic ability but that hasn't translated onto the field. Granted he's been injured for a good majority of his career but he did have that 1 solid season in San Diego so I can't really say too much about his potential considering how much time he has missed. Beasley on the other hand, like you said he's always there but can't seem to finish. Surely Freeney was a major part of his 2016 success but where did that part of his game go?? Did he forget how to break free from the tackle? Did he forget how to knock the tackle off balance. It's like he's just playing patty cake sometimes then gets bullied by elite tackles. I want a guy who's gonna compete with the elites, not just show up against back ups. unfortunately, he's not even doing that. with the whole 5th year option thing, I don't even think a mini extension is a realistic option. I could be wrong though and would love to see him force me to eat crow. right now 2016 is looking like a complete fluke