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  1. That’s why I don’t do the whole player comparison bs.
  2. Yeah I'm finding it mighty funny that so many people online keep ringing on Harris specifically yet not acknowledging the BS coming from 45 and those like him
  3. I actually have sigs turned off and most times i'm on my phone so nah, I don't see sigs at all. I just looked at one of JDave's posts on the computer. That's not a sig lol. And no I never noticed it.
  4. Since they want the kids to desperately play, have they made a push to throw them a few thousand per game yet?
  5. Let's go. Some of my investments are in there. Time to go high risk for a while
  6. People are simply returning to work. Tried to explain over and over again that the bulk of that unemployment number were people out of work do to their jobs closing, not because they lost a job. A lot did but certainly not close to the number that was reported. Anyone with common sense knew that
  7. LOL. These schools make more than enough money off of these players to pay every student athlete a few thousand each week and still be good https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrissmith/2019/09/12/college-football-most-valuable-clemson-texas-am/#4473eb95a2e7
  8. I say pay them if they want them to play that desperately. Those speaking out need to demand payment. No one listened when they started talking about money but they're listening when it comes to them wanting to play. Why isn't the broad that told LeBron to shut up and dribble telling these kids to shut up? Ah nevermind, I know why
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