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  1. Yes he was
  2. 6th round, like Antonio Brown
  3. would much rather click on this thread than one about trading Neal for a first and sign a free safety to replace him
  4. they won't have a choice if they can't squeeze him into the cap. someone's gonna have to go in Carolina and they may lose 2-3 key starters
  5. Sark is the furthest thing from being the main issue the offense struggled this year. From player errors to key players not practicing together all season, it was a mess from the start. there were only a few options to end the game the other night and either way philly had a good chance of sniffing it out. they already knew a run wasn't coming because their defensive line was gonna win that battle.
  6. Do not want any part of Graham, mostly because he will get paid off of his name. He's not the same threat as he was in the pass happy new Orleans offense. Could that change, never know but I personally don't think he's worth a big deal
  7. Only 26 years old and one of the best in the league. **** yeah
  8. I mean if the only thing you care about is the money then no, it's not bad. But when you're a competitor, it's a completely different state of mind. Pretty much any player riding the bench on the roster makes better money than we ever will but I'm strictly talking about the competitive nature of it
  9. I know I’m just speaking in general. You are the star in high school and pee wee league then you think to yourself that one day you’re going to be in the pro bowl. Next thing you know you’re riding the bench in the nfl or don’t make a team at all
  10. i'd hate to live out my lifelong dream of being a starter in a professional sport only to have to sit around for 7-8 years without and still not have a guaranteed shot at starting when the man in front of me retires because someone else who's better came along
  11. you haven' been here long huh
  12. Only a complete moron actually believed sark was going to get fired
  13. Look at the amount of overthrows, underthrows and drops, even from julio, sark cannot did that. Look at the pressures and hits. Sark cannot fix that. It was a completely different offense. All that small change mumbo jumbo was just that.