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  1. Don't get me wrong, when the game went off I just shrugged my shoulders and said oh well.. it's just the having to talk about it over and over again part that kept me upset. Probably didn't even last a full week though. My favorite thing is when people say "what happened to ya boys bruh". Why fans do that is beyond me as if we have any control over the outcome of a game. I'm just in it for the conversation
  2. I'm the real mvp
  3. You keep blowing my notifications up about it so I respond out of generosity
  4. I can't even lie. I was over it the next week. Heck once the comeback started I had already accepted what was about to likely happen. I was pissed a few days because it's all people wanted to talk about. After the talking stopped, I stopped thinking about it. I was also dealing with my own personal things so that also helped
  5. It was an embarrassing loss but you guys gotta find a way to get past it. I want to see the team win one before I die as bad as the next fan but the outcome and plays called was out of our control as fans. Gotta show more strength and get past it
  6. I did that days ago
  7. Read between the lines. I don't care. I don't judge people based on the internet. This none topic is dead
  8. If you really think I like kap then you're fooling yourself. And y'all really gonna blow my notifications up over this. It's not s good look
  9. You bumped this just to say that. This topic died 2 days ago
  10. You gotta look at everything tied into it. Mostly stats in these cases. And unfortunately for you guys who don't agree, statistically OBJ has been much better than green
  11. Nah his stat line speaks for itself. He's not overrated by any means. People can dislike the way he acts and things he does off the field but he's legit
  12. So someone correct me if I'm wrong and I'm probably dead wrong. They are releasing the Xbox one X for $500. The Xbox one S can be had for $199 brand new in some spots. Both support 4k. Now I'm not one for more power as I'm perfectly fine with what's out right now. From what I gather seeing the one s will display in the same resolution as the one X granted you have a 4k tv, the one X isn't worth it unless you care about how much it can handle
  13. I see I'm not the only late bloomer
  14. Exactly man. This thread says alot about a few people. It's funny though