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  1. Uh uh. Let them stay
  2. Said he was complaining of chest pains and went to the hospital, was released Friday. Died this morning
  3. Whatever hospital released him, they better get ready for a big *** lawsuit
  4. Just posting a nice Julio video. The Julio who no one would ever talk about. No harm
  5. Yeah I gotta agree with this
  6. Ya don’t say. Man I sure didn’t see that one coming. No reports at all
  7. Really do. I was reading the comment section on that video and thought about how the tools on this site instantly turned on him
  8. I hope they keep that same energy. Don’t jump back on the boat
  9. Why couldn’t he be like other superstars and get a top notch agent
  10. I was cussin at the tv so bad lol
  11. That one play in the super bowl................talk about a pisser offer