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  1. thanks for the post. i forget about page 2 sometimes, but every time i read it i'm amused. page 2 + spurrier is a "super" win.
  2. i don't mind boring and dry. compared with wild, in-your-face speculation that anyone with a mic can do. i cannot bare to listen to many of the play-by-play or analysts. rather listen to a radio broadcast. typically better play-by-play and the analyst at least knows the teams which is rare for the national broadcasters. too bad i can't sync radio broadcast with tv broadcast. or can i?
  3. the little i've seen i like. mark maye strings the tired cliches together for analysis. at least meyer can talk about technique and strategy
  4. the q-tip chappelle show sesame street vd skit is an all-timer! and now...back to recruiting
  5. it's long way away and anything can happen, but it sounds solid when a trio is in it together. all for one!
  6. travin is from adel, cook county b/t tifton and valdoster. i was just responding to the pierce county reference where the 7 on 7 took place. blackshear, pierce county is near jesup, wayne county where i got grown
  7. cmr would never call someone out like that. it's totally unprofessional. if he wanted specific questions answered about specific investigations that was clearly not the appropriate venue.
  8. is shadrach a possible package deal with meshach and abednego?
  9. 100% agree, but this is the wrong thread. hah. 3 deep at rb with scholly players. if no season ending injuries occur and ic can modestly contribute then it's no problem
  10. hurray for good news. jacked to see long get out there and protect murray and smash some holes up for boo and ic. i really am looking forward to seeing boo, too. isnt boo gonna like richard samuel in size? hope he can get his pad level lower and break a tackle now and again. samuel had real trouble with vision and making guys miss.
  11. can't be any more premature in judgement than this if this is what was said. how about letting the guy play a season or at least a few games before suggesting his failure.
  12. knowshon ran for 1300+ in '07 and we were 11-2. crowell running for that means line depth and receiving corps stepped up big
  13. if this is the case then i blame hancock. this here is the offseason where nothing is happening and character, potential, and weight lifting skills is all we can talk about. maybe we actually see something on september 3rd. that's when it matters
  14. how about they forfeit the earnings from the sugar bowl? forfeiting wins is a weak a$ punishment after the sugar bowl. this is osu, sugar bowl and ncaa putting the money before following the rules. uga restricting the basketball team in '03 before the ncaa tourney had teeth to it.
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