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  1. Would you be interested in making me an offer on this collection?
  2. Here are some items that I have that I collected while I was a statistician for the Falcons during the early 90's (the last couple of years in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the first few years in the Georgia Dome): A complete package of the first Falcons game in the Georgia Dome (Aug.23,1992 vs. Philadelphia), including the commemorative ticket and pin, the NFL GameDay magazine for that day, the complete pre-game and post-game press information/game reports, and my press/parking passes. 1995 30th Anniversary Kickoff weekend commemorative card encased in plastic (as paper weight) 1998 Fact Book 4 brand new in plastic 1991 Atlanta Falcons NFL Pro Set football cards (with top card showing Tim Green, Bill Fralic, Darion Conner and Steve Broussard) 1991 Pre-game press game card autographed by Wayne Newton, Evander Holyfield and Hammer. This was the last year in Atlanta Fulton County stadium when Jerry Glanville was coach and this was a game where he had invited all three of these celebrities to see the game from the press box. This shows Brett Favre as a Rookie on our roster, as well as it being Deion Sanders' third year on the team.