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  1. The league year has started, they are not and CAN not be over the cap. The league would not aprove any signings or trades that would put us over the cap.
  2. While you are worried about Brees how's this for value: Brees has 6 playoff wins, a super bowl title and a super bowl Mvp. Matt Ryan has a 1-4 playoff record, and has been paid nearly $100 million dollars.
  3. With Larry Fitz, Calvin having huge cap numbers for 2015 the franchise tag for a wr will be about 16 million. Julio at that number plus Matt Ryan would be about 40 million total for just 2 players. As a Saints fan I say franchise him. What's the worst that can happen?
  4. So danight walks in a psychiatrist office wearing nothing but Saran wrap. Psychiatrist says, I can clearly see your nuts.
  5. I owned a house in Saint Bernard Parish. I know that smell. Thanks for your help.
  6. Ok, Saints fan here but as someone who lost everything he owned in Katrina I want to come and speak my peace. Luckily, I was in a hotel room 200 miles away when Katrina hit. In the 6 weeks after I wasn't allowed back because of the standing water, dead bodies, and lack of anything that could provide shelter for a human. When I was allowed back my house, my neighborhood, my city was all completely destroyed. In that time I had moved to a new state, got a new job, and restarted a whole new life. The only thing I evacuated with was my girlfriend who is now my wife, our pets, my Saints seaso
  7. Except it didn't cost the Saints multiple picks to get him.
  8. Graham had 16 touchdowns last year. That is the same as Roddy, Julio, Douglas, Jackson, Jaquizz, Drew Davis, Tuillolo, and Darius Johnson combined. You paid TG 10 million last year for half the touchdowns of Graham. You know Graham's salary last year? $500k. The reason the Saints can do this is because they have drafted well. They have several superstars that are highly paid but having one of the best defensive lines in the league at about 3 million total cap spent (Cam Jordan, Akeem Hicks, John Jenkins and Broderick Bunkley). That allows us to splurge elsewhere. I honestly hope the
  9. I love these threads. Falcon fans say next year the Saints are in cap ****, yada, yada, yada. Remember just a few months ago? The Saints were 14 million over the salary cap and many people here were saying the Saints were going to gut their team. The Saints cut Will Smith (who never played a down in 2013) and Roman Harper (whose replacement was a 1st round pick last year) and Lance Moore who had all of 30 receptions last year. Then they signed Jairus Byrd to a 56 million dollar deal, Champ Bailey, Eric Lorig, Jimmy Graham, Zach Strief, and an entire draft class and have 5 million left u
  10. Navarro Bowman out at least half the year and coming off multiple torn knee ligaments, Aldon Smith could and should be suspended at any minute, lost 2 of there top 3 cbs from last year and lost there starting safety to Cleveland. And after giving Keapernick 126 million they won't be able to stack the defensive side of the ball like they have had the last few years.
  11. Would you like to make an avatar bet on the Saints defense being better than the Falcons? I'd say the 3 most important categories on a defense is yards, points allowed, and turnovers. I'll bet the Saints are better in two of those three.
  12. The Saints don't want anything to do with that clown. And as for your Katrina cap policies do your research...Loomis is just the man.
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